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Template:PlayerEnhancedIr0n__ is a player who has been periodically active on EarthMC since around 2017 during the Classic Era. Ir0n has had a wide variety of roles and took part in several governments throughout her time in Classic, then Nova, and now Aurora. Though living in many places around the world, their primary focus has been in the North American continent, particularly the US region, and are currently serving as a member of the Cascadia House of Representatives.

Terra Aurora

Through the COVID-19 pandemic in the real world, Ir0n had remained inactive and gone from EMC. It wasn't until the creation of the newer Terra Aurora server that Ir0n returned. By this point, the face of Nova had changed beyond recognition to what it was in 2019 and it was essentially a start from scratch. Ir0n then temporarily joined the city of New Orleans just long enough to vote in the Presidential election for the US mega nation elections. This was just long enough to gather resources and found the city of Round Rock. Ir0n eventually joined the Republic of Texas lead by North_Paso. Ir0n was a member of the nation for a few months where she built up Round Rock and participated in Texan politics within the Texan Senate and Presidential cabinets. After Texas had essentially died of inactivity, Ir0n relocated to Cascadia and made the town Hazelton. This is currently where Ir0n resides. She has since been elected to the Cascadian House of Representatives from the Great North region. And as of April 15th 2023, she is running for President of Cascadia in their 9th Presidential election.

Political History (Aurora)

  • Mayor of Round Rock (?)
  • Texas Senator from Bexar region (?)
  • Mayor of Hazelton (?)
  • Cascadian Representative from Great North (?)

Town History (Aurora)

  • New Orleans (United_States)
  • Round Rock (Texas)
  • Hazelton (Cascadia)


  • North_Paso
  • CruxPurpura
  • Milgorn123
  • SayerQT

Terra Nova

Ir0n (better known as QueerIr0n136 during this server's time) joined the new Terra Nova server in early access on October 28, 2018. Shortly after, Ir0n joined their friend, TypicalFernie, in Washington DC to gather resources. Ir0n then left to establish the town of Philadelphia and also became one of the founding fathers of the 1st United States of TerraNova and the first Vice President. Ir0n would later go on to be elected the second President of the United States along with their Vice President SafariAri. After about a month of presidency Ir0n stepped down and passed off the presidency to the VP and moved to Russia where they established the town of Sarov. There, Ir0n declared themselves the Tsar after forming the nation Tsarist_Russia. After a good 1-2 months Ir0n sold the nation off and moved to Dublin for a few days and then bought the city of Liverpool in Britain. Ir0n then went inactive for a few months but returned at the beginning of the summer months where she sold Liverpool back to a British citizen and moved to Newark. Ir0n got back into North American politics and re-established the city of Philadelphia and joined the union between New York City and Newark, renaming it the Tri-State Area. After taking part in a 2nd and 3rd United States attempt and being the 2nd town to join Virginia, Ir0n then sold the city off again to a citizen and moved to Michigan to found the village of Charlevoix 1-2 months after they decided to get away from New York and Virginia altogether, since the politics started to become unfavourable to them. After later leaving Charlevoix, Ir0n moved to Houston for around a week to gain enough money for their own town. Once they raised 64 gold, they settled the small village of Round Rock. Unfortunately throughout September, October and November, Ir0n went inactive and disappeared off the face of Terra Nova and Round Rock fell along with her. 3 months later around the end of November of 2019, Ir0n became active on discord and then became a Map Creator on TNN on December 1st. The next day they joined the server again finally and joined the town Formidable in New York, in order to eventually join Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Ir0n shortly later decided to "officially quit" EMC.

Political History (Nova)

  • Founds Philadelphia - Oct 2018
  • Helps found United States - Oct 2018
  • Becomes 1st Vice President of United States - Oct 2018
  • Joins Washington D.C. - Dec 2018
  • Becomes 2nd President of United States - Jan 2019
  • Steps down from Presidency in United States - Jan 2019
  • Founds Sarov - Feb 2019
  • Founds Tsarist Russia, becoming Tsar of Russia - Feb 2019
  • Sells Tsarist Russia - April 2019
  • Buys Liverpool, becoming mayor of Liverpool - April 2019
  • Sells Liverpool - June 2019
  • Re-founds Philadelphia - June 2019
  • Sells Philadelphia - Aug 2019
  • Mayor of Charlevoix - Aug 2019
  • Sells Charlevoix - Sept 2019
  • Mayor of Round Rock - Sept 2019
  • Founds Texan Political Party, The Constitutionalist Party - Sept 2019
  • Becomes Councillor of Philadelphia - Dec 5, 2019

Town History (Nova)

  • Washington DC - [Oct 28-29, 2018]
  • Philadelphia - [Oct 29, 2018-Jan 1, 2019]
  • Sarov - [Feb, 2019-March, 2019]
  • Dublin - [March, 2019]
  • Liverpool - [March, 2019-May, 2019]
  • Newark - [May, 2019-July, 2019]
  • Charlevoix - [July, 2019-Aug, 2019]
  • Houston - [Aug, 2019]
  • Round Rock - [Aug, 2019-Sept, 2019]
  • Formidable - [Dec 2 - Dec 5, 2019]
  • Ohio - [post-aurora]
  • Berlin - [post-aurora]


  • warrior_coop
  • TypicalFernie
  • Lucas2011
  • Bigred914
  • ohTig
  • OrangeJuiceMoose
  • Seranil
    2019-08-13 (3).png


Ir0n (named Ir0nMan136 at the time, and then later QueerIr0n136 during Avalon) first joined EMC back in the original server during the Classic Era. During this time, Ir0n largely swore allegiance to Seaterrica, a strict communist mega nation, and it's leader MLGTerra. During this time Ir0n ruled over a small commune in Oregon State. Despite being one of the most influential and largest nations in Classic, Seaterrica eventually collapsed following MLGTerra's decent into madness. After which, Ir0n migrated further north to Alaska. This is when Ir0n brought on a group of friends to establish a new commune, Avalon. While it wasn't inherently communist, every player did provide for one another in a close knit community. The town, and later nation, fell into the hands of Ir0n after the former ruler, SillyPossibility, stopped playing. Until the end of Classic Ir0n had a dictatorial grasp over much of Alaska through the relatively large city of Avalon.

Nation History (Classic)

  • Seaterrica ~2017
  • (Empire of) Avalon ~2017

Town History (Classic)

  • (Actual name Unkown) Seaterrican Oregon ~2017
  • Avalon ~2017


  • warrior_coop
  • MLGTerra
  • SillyPossibility
  • 0something0
  • BigRed914
  • OrangeJuiceMoose
  • joaqweri
  • Grayonic123
  • Shadow33967
  • smdooley
  • Drew1492
  • Lee0723
  • TypicalFernie
  • SafariAri
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