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The Honorable
Personal Information
Spawndate July 8, 2022
Place of spawn
Citizenship Republic of Cascadia
Gender Female
Alias(es) Corgo
Residence Corgo's Pass, Cascadia
Town Rank Mayor
Political party
Other affiliations
Language(s) English
Religion(s) Agnostic
Discord empresscorgo

EmpressCorgo (spawned July 8, 2022) is a Cascadian politician, F1 racer and femcel who served as Secretary of the Interior from February 19th to July 16th, the 10th President of Cascadia from August 12 to November 19, 2023, the 10th and 15th Vice President of Cascadia from July 16 to August 12 and from November 19 to December 17, 2023, the 9th Treasurer of Cascadia from December 17, 2023 to May 20, 2024; and has since served as an Advisor to the President. During her career in public service, she has served in the Legislature on two occasions, and was the longest-serving president in Cascadian history.

Early Life and Interior Department

She began in the nation of Spain(then known in game as Spanish Kingdom) as a resident of the town of Burgos sometime around early to mid November 2022. In a couple weeks, she had already started searching for a location to start a town so she could build a mountain based ice track. She eventually picked the location of what would later become the town of Corgo's Pass, which she founded on November 27th, 2022, and where she has remained since. Soon she would develop an interest in roads and would start building infrastructure for the Interior Department.

She built the far eastern part of Highway 94 in January 2023 connecting Cascadia with the then Midwestern Union. She then built Highway 92 in early February 2023 which connected the Cascadian Frontier to Hermosillo, Mexico(then Sonora). Milgorn123 noticed Corgo's talent in Infrastructure and added her to his cabinet as Secretary of the Interior for the February Elections. Milgorn won that election, which gave Corgo the job.

During her time as Secretary of the Interior, Corgo built an icerail meant to link Cascadia's and the then Midwestern Union in March. While the Cascadian portion was fully built in a couple weeks, the MWU one was not, leading to the icerail becoming a dead end. However the rail would later be used as a connection to the USA icerail system. She built icerails connecting the towns of Silverthrone, Burns, Corgo's Pass, Port Mcneill, Sullivan Bay, and IOCO, alongside a connection to Aylywyn's icerail that spans from Ireland to Japan. She personally made major contributions to the Seattle Project, building a hospital and a majority of the Columbia Center.

Entry Into Cascadian Politics

She first ran for representative in the May elections, winning but ultimately not making meaningful contributions during her one month tenure. She was put in Bachinuni's Cabinet as his running mate for the July elections, which Bachinuni won. This was around the time she first started forming political beliefs on how the nation should be run, and was a big advocate for improved the then stagnated economy. From this point on, Corgo would be a big player in Cascadian Politics.


Bachinuni's Resignation(August 12th, 2023)

Bachinuni went inactive quickly after he was elected, causing not much to get done. This came to a head in August when an attempt to buy the Rocky Mountain Federation failed miserably, with the nation being stolen by RealLIMPOPO, the then Secretary of Defense, who was tasked with holding the nation. Because most of the nation's funds(4.5K Gold) were used in the purchase(alongside donations from over a dozen people), it left the country broke. Seeing the need for active leadership, Bachinuni resigned and passed the torch down to Corgo. This is the only time in history that a President had resigned.

August Election and Early Presidency(August 12th, 2023 - September 17th, 2023)

Immediately, Corgo had a lot of work to do, particularly on the stolen Rocky Mountain Federation, now Rocky Mountain Brotherhood owned by RealLIMPOPO. A line of dialogue was opened between Cascadia and Limpopo, and negotiations began. Milgorn123 was the main negotiator, however things simply never got anywhere. Eventually TylenolEC of Laurentia reached out to Corgo herself and asked if she would like to negotiate with Limpopo herself, with Laurentia as a mediator and behind Milgorn's back. This led to the Treaty of Walterston being signed, which meant that Limpopo would give those who donated towards the botched RMF purchase their money back, at a rate of 50 gold per week. This was a very controversial treaty, particularly since it was signed without approval from Milgorn, the Secretary of State, however much of the anger was targeted towards TylenolEC, and he was run off the server. Limpopo would later call off the treaty, however it had achieved it's goal of paying off donators, as everyone who wanted their money back got it except for one person.

Corgo would run for the presidency in the August Elections. Ten Candidates originally ran, although eight ever made it to the ballot, which is the highest number of candidates in any Cascadian Election. It was a very active and pivotal election, and lots of dialogue over how the country should be led from that point onward occurred. The August Election had surprising yet positive results. It was seen at the time that WrestlingWithGod would act as a contender against Corgo, however a relatively obscure candidate of the name PhantomXYZ would take a plurality of the first preference vote, however due to runoff voting, EmpressCorgo would jump up and win the elections. This was because the emerging political faction known as Osoyoos had collectively put their vote behind him, as none of them had been in the nation long enough to run for president.

Cascadia was almost completely broke after the RMF steal, sitting at a low of 169 gold(nice). However, these financial issues were partially alleviated by many donations from Cascadian citizens, and within a week the bank reached 1600G. It was decided that in order to increase revenue and create a more stable economy, the national store needed to be overhauled. A new national store under the capitol was designed by Setrus, Milgorn123, and Ravioli983, and construction was started and mostly done by EmpressCorgo herself. Corgo set a couple goals for the Cascadian economy by the end of her tenure, such as better store revenue, saving up gold, and reintroducing Cascruit, which had been repealed under Bachinuni's Administration.

Late Presidency and Instability(September 17th, 2023 - November 19th, 2023)

As the September Elections approached, it was clear that three candidates were fighting for the presidency. There was the Corgo Administration, often referred to as the "Establishment", with EmpressCorgo as their Candidate, the Frontier with WrestlingWithGod as their candidate, and Osoyoos, with Flatvent_One as their candidate. Osoyoos was the newest faction, and while it's ideals had not fully developed by this time, they were clearly influenced greatly by the ideas of nationalism(though not towards Cascadia as a whole), imperialism and collectivism. The election itself was tense, but respectful. It had gone similarly to the August elections, with Flatvent receiving a plurality of the first preference votes. As with the August elections, voters tended to put EmpressCorgo at second or third preference, causing her to win the election in final preference. The aftermath of the election was intense, sparking an era of an unstable, toxic, and divided Cascadia. The flames of toxicity were mainly between the Frontier and Osoyoos factions, who had already been tense before. It was provoked by Osoyoos accusing the Frontier of not honoring an agreement they had made for both factions' respective voters to vote for each other's candidate in the elections. The Frontier denied such agreement ever occuring, and no proof of said agreement has since surfaced. This led to near civil war levels of back and forth between the two factions. EmpressCorgo at the time would try to get both groups to make up to no avail, she also had sympathies for the Frontier side of the debate.

Meanwhile, Corgo resumed her improvement of the country, passing the Emergency Bank Partition Act on September 22nd, which defined that the first 1000 gold of the national bank was not to be touched except with a three fourth's house vote. She also finally completed construction of and opened the new national store in early October, bringing extra revenue into the nation. She also completed the goal of reenacting Cascruit on October 17th.

The drama between Frontier and Osoyoos only got worse, and eventually the Corgo Administration supported the Frontier side of the debate fully due to Osoyoos' toxicity. EmpressCorgo fired Flatvent_One from his position as Secretary of Local Affairs on October 5th, which officially communicated to the Osoyan side that the Corgo Administration did not condone their actions. It should also be mentioned that Osoyoos had a history of excessive toxicity, as they had also gotten into hot water with the southern neighbor of Jefferson, reasons unknown. Osoyoos would call for war with Jefferson due to their drama, however the other two factions held back such action because they were friendly with Jefferson. The October Elections came closer and closer, and the political atmosphere within Cascadia became more and more tense. By this time, the Corgo Administration had fully aligned itself with the Frontier as to them the Osoyan faction did not have good intentions for Cascadia. Everything came to a head on October 22nd, when the voting had ended and the results were to be read out. First preference vote had Flatvent_One at 48.8%, EmpressCorgo at 30%, Beamz30(Frontier Candidate) at 17.5%, and YoOscar(An Osoyoos aligned candidate) at 3.7%. Second preference had Oscar eliminated, now Flatvent is at 50%, Corgo at 37.5%, and Beamz at 12.5%. Then the third and final preference vote was revealed, with Beamz eliminated. Corgo and Flatvent were tied, 50/50. This was because by now voters were so polarized that all Frontier voters put Corgo in their second preference. After the final preference vote was revealed and it was announced that the presidential election would come down to a house vote, the entire Osoyoos Faction had an outburst in the national voice chat, attempted to murder over a dozen people at a "speech", and seceded from Cascadia. They packed up their things and would move overseas to become the nation of Chad, and much later on would sell the nation and retire to Germany. They later claimed that they were planning to leave anyway and that, if they won, they were going to rob the national bank.

The Osoyoos faction leaving, while necessary for the continued stability of Cascadia, had a big hit on the nation's population. Cascadia lost about one third of it's active population, and would dip from 280 residents to just under 180. The Frontier of this era decided to go inactive and quit, with exceptions such as Akeboun and WrestlingWithGod. The Frontier later gained a new political leader, a player known as Raptormm4. Corgo's last term was marked by a huge decline and not much happening, however there was political unity within the nation. Also, the nation of Jefferson started the process of joining Cascadia due to a receding leadership and Osoyoos now out of the picture. EmpressCorgo left a legacy as being one of the most important presidents in Cascadian history, keeping the nation together(mostly) through some of it's hardest times, and coming out of it with a Cascadia set to become stronger and more unified than it ever has been before. Her economic philosophy developed during this time, and it kept the nation from going bankrupt during her presidency, alongside helping her later on as Treasurer. The Establishment and Frontier had never been on the best of terms, however that changed with the Osoyoos situation and the Corgo administration siding with the Frontier. And up until the Corgo administration sided with the Frontier, Corgo acted as a peaceful moderate which actually is part of how she got elected those three times in the way that she did.


New Year's Recession(December 17th, 2023 - March 14th, 2024)

The Cascadian Treasury at it's lowest point during the New Year's Recession on March 14th, 2024. Note that Corgo's 200 gold donation was made that same night.

With the election of Setrus on December 17, 2023, Corgo became the 9th Treasurer of Cascadia. Coupled with low revenue and high spending under the Setrus Administration, Cascadia fell into a deep economic depression. She took a break in February to recoup, and on March 14, 2023, the national bank hit it's lowest point in the recession at 2043 gold on March 14, 2024, which was just 43 gold above the emergency partition at the time, set at 2000 gold. After this scare, spending would be halted for a bit so the bank could recover. Over the next two weeks, the bank would grow around 400 gold, mainly due to a 200 gold donation by EmpressCorgo herself.

The New Year's Recession is called a recession because the Treasury never dipped below 2000 gold, the emergency partition level at the time(which would require a 3/4th's house vote to take from). For a large, usually prolonged decrease in the bank to be considered a depression, it would either need to dip below the emergency partition level, or if it was before the Bank Emergency Partition Act was signed, dip to a critical level where the nation would've gone bankrupt within a month of minimum spending levels.

Emerald Miracle(March 26th, 2024 - May 20th, 2024)

On March 26th, as the Treasury was still recovering from the New Year's Recession, Corgo decided that she would start a campaign to massively improve Cascadia's economic position, this was achieved with a combination of gold mining, collecting loan payments from Cascadia's ally, the Republic of Havaiki, and aggressively promoting the national store. In the two weeks after this, the Treasury jumped from 2383 gold to 5000 gold, doubling the treasury. While revenue after this period was much lower, Cascadia kept it's balance and hasn't dipped below 4500 gold since, in fact it has grown even more since then under RawrYoutube's administration. EmpressCorgo retired from her position as Treasurer on May 20th, 2024, citing exhaustion as her main reasoning. EmpressCorgo has left a legacy of giving the Cascadian economy the stability and bones to grow into a financial juggernaut in the future.

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