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Vinland Flag.png
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Union of Laurentia
Towny Name
/n list
Formed July 15, 2023
National Anthem
Population around 97
Chunks 1560
Towns 23
Capital City New Amsterdam
Largest City Fort Aurelian
Oldest City
Discord [[1]]
Government Information
Political System Unitary constitutional presidential republic
Chief Governor Jazzy_Chicken
Auxiliary Governor MasterEWild
Executive Executive Council
Legislature Legislative Council
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

Laurentia, officially the Union of Laurentia, is a sovereign republic located mostly along the northern Quebec Coast (Nunavik) with territory in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. It is bordered primarily by Canada and Quebec, but also by Torngat and newfoundland. Its population is around 97, its capital is New Amsterdam. It is a unitary constitutional republic, headed by a directly elected Chief Governor, his Executive Council (Cabinet), a Auxiliary Governor who acts as the Vice Governor and takes over if the Chief Governor is impeached, resigns, or is otherwise unable to serve and the country's parliament, the Legislative Council. It is a member state of the Organization of Free Nations and the Free North American Organization.



The nation itself was founded on September 18, 2022. It was later sold to TylenolEC by Manoia and they left the Canadian Meganation on July 15th of 2023. Tylenol had previously served many positions in Cascadia including president but wanted a nation of his own. Tylenol continued to expand the nation and it quickly grew.

Early History

The nation itself was originally founded September 18, 2022 prior to being sold to TylenolEC. Upon the purchase of Laurentia, they left the Canadian meganation on July 15th, 2023. Laurentia formed the Two Seas Federation alongside British Columbia, another nation formed by fellow former Cascadians. On July 29, 2023 Laurentias name was changed from its original Vinland due to lack of proximity to L'Anse Aux Meadows.

Acadian Embargo

On August 19th, 2023 Chief Governor TylenolEC declared an embargo on the nation of Acadia along with the nations of Cascadia, Kushan, Midwest Union, Arctic Empire, New Brunswick, Moldavia, and British Columbia. This was in response to the killing and and extorting of a citizen of the nation. Within 7 hours, the leaders of Acadia agreed to repay 192 gold and a beacon to the afflicted citizen and signed the Treaty of Acadia guaranteeing their payment and additionally serving as a non-aggression pact between the two nations.

Incorporation Of British Columbia

On October 3rd 2023, Chief Governor MasterEWild passed a bill fully incorporating the nation of British Columbia into the Union of Laurentia with full rights! But British Columbia is almost all disbanded now.

Incorporation Of Nunavik

On March 14th of 2024, reelected Chief Governor MasterEWild formally incorporated the land of Nunavik into Laurentia with the Treaty of the Cities. The treaty outlined the process of which Nunavik would be incorporated and the rights afforded to them.


Spanish Empire/Golden Federation

Visit main article: Antarctic-Spanish War

The Union of Laurentia hasn't participated in many wars. The first was against the Spanish Empire. This war was done to show support for their ally the Antarctic Union after the Spanish Empire killed members of the AU in peace talks. Later, after the war had settled the Union of Laurentia declared war on the Spanish Empire yet again as well as the Golden Federation because of another conflict involving the Antarctic Union/Polar Republic.


The Union of Laurentia, a sovereign nation, operates under a constitution adopted on July 18th, 2023. The governance structure is characterized by a unicameral legislative body known as the Legislative Council. Laurentia's political system is led by a Chief Governor, who is directly elected by the citizens.

The electoral process in Laurentia involves monthly elections for both the Legislative Council and the Chief Governor. At the beginning of each month, citizens participate in the selection of the Legislative Council, responsible for creating and voting on the nation's laws. The Chief Governor, elected separately, serves as the leader of the nation for the upcoming month. The Chief Governor appoints a cabinet, which includes the Secretary Of Infrastructure, Secretary Of State, Secretary Of Defense, and Secretary Of The Treasury. Additionally, an Auxiliary Governor is chosen to act as the second in command.

A notable figure in Laurentia's political history is TylenolEC, who served as the first Chief Governor and oversaw significant developments during two terms. Subsequently, MasterEWild was elected as the second Chief Governor in the nation's third national election on October 1st, 2023. MasterEWild went on to be re-elected for a second term on November 1st, 2023, during which diplomatic relations were strengthened, and numerous bills were enacted for the benefit of the nation.

The governance structure and electoral processes in Laurentia aim to ensure direct citizen involvement and representation, fostering a dynamic political landscape that responds to the needs and aspirations of the people.

List of Officials

TylenolEC latest.png TylenolEC
Chief Governors
TylenolEC latest.png TylenolEC MasterEWild latest.png MasterEWild AtTAboycaRL latest.png atTAboycaRL File:L0uK4GnmG full.png l0uK4GnmG
Auxiliary Governors
TylenolEC latest.png TylenolEC File:L0uK4GnmG full.png l0uK4GnmG MasterEWild latest.png MasterEWild
Secretaries Of State
AGQuad latest.png AGQuad TylenolEC latest.png TylenolEC SpiritualMilk latest.png spiritualmilk
Secretaries Of Infrastructure
Rainbowjackzie latest.png Rainbowjackzie MarkEndless latest.png MarkEndless NotCix latest.png NotCix File:ItsGl1tch full.png ItsGl1tch SpiritualMilk latest.png spiritualmilk
Secretaries Of Treasury
EmpZeno latest.png EmpZeno MasterEWild latest.png MasterEWild AtTAboycaRL latest.png atTAboycaRL TylenolEC latest.png TylenolEC
Secretaries Of Defense
Sussy2023 latest.png Sussy2023 MarkEndless latest.png MarkEndless DerpiestBurger latest.png DerpiestBurger

List of officials outdated


Laurentia is in the alliance known as the FNAO, the Free North American Organization. It is a democratic mutual defense treaty. It is a small alliance and consists of the nations Torngat, Laurentia, Baffin and Yukon. They are also in the OFN, the Organization of Free Nations. It is an alliance with many other nations to help insure our nation's safety and prosperity. Laurentia also has several stand alone alliances, these include an alliance with Vermont, the Polar Republic, the Japanese Union and Havaiki. They also have a non-aggression pact with the ESSR and the Philippines. Additionally, on May 12th 2024, Laurentia signed an alliance known as the Freedom Compact with Havaiki, Vermont, Cascadia, and the MWU.


Laurentia has many bustling towns, specifically 22. 21 of which reside in Laurentia full time and the other has joint occupation between the nations of Laurentia and Cree. These are the names of them:

  • Gotham_City
  • Blueport
  • Fort_Aurelian
  • Phoenix_Point
  • Akimiski
  • Tula
  • Fort_Vinland
  • Noshiro
  • Ironhaven
  • Katannilik
  • New_Amsterdam
  • Chibougamau
  • Mont-Tremblant
  • Harvey
  • Snowcrest
  • Aura
  • New_Burgundy
  • Cape_Dorset
  • Ghost_Lake
  • Scalford
  • Kapiscau
  • Winterfell
  • Jemappes

Nunavik Towns

  • Victorium
  • Linusville

(towns listed in no specific order)
The most populated town among these is the town of Fort Aurelian with a total of 32 residents. The capital city of Laurentia is New Amsterdam.


Laurentia’s military, known as the Militia is a small group of talented pvpers tasked with protecting the nation and going after known hunters. Laurentia is a rather peaceful nation but is not afraid to stand up for itself.


Laurentia has hundreds of amazing buildings. Some nation owned buildings include,

The National Offices

a brick, sandstone and spruce building that holds offices for the nation's cabinet, Auxiliary Governor and the Chief Governor.

The Council Chambers

A beautifully crafted spruce and sandstone building for the purpose of housing a meeting place for the Legislative Council if ever needed.


The FNAO HQ is a spruce and smooth sandstone skyscraper that’s purpose is to serve as the HQ for the alliance known as the Free North American Organization.

The National Shop

The national shop is a building for the sole purpose of serving as a shop for the nation's goods. Citizens are able to supply supplies for 50% of the profits from their prospective item. Laurentia also has many more amazing buildings; these are just some of the government owned ones.

Militia Fort

The Militia Fort serves the sole purpose of being a storage area for Laurentia's military, the Militia.

Future Plans

Laurentia hopes to expand farther, strengthen its democracy and create many more strong allies further strengthening the nation. They also hope to adapt farther when needed.

May Laurentia Grow Stronger Together