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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Vermont Republic
Towny Name
/n list
Formed February 29, 2024
National Anthem
Population 385 (May 4th, 2024)
Chunks 6010
Towns 53
Capital City Vermont
Largest City Vermont
Oldest City
Discord Vermont
Government Information
Political System Constitutional Republic
President moibaguette
Vice President Princeling7
Executive Exec. Cabinet
Legislature General Assembly
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information



Vermont's capital is located in the IRL U.S state of Vermont and spreads across many US and Canadian provinces. Their capital spreads far across holding 940 chunks of land.


Vermont declared independence from their nation of Laurentia led by Princeling7 and Kellyisanicelady on February 29th of 2024. Their capital city of Vermont was founded on Dec 5th 2023 and quickly amassed a large player base soon surpassing Shinkyo as the most populated town on EarthMC with 144 residents as of May 4th 2024. The nation was later deleted on March 18th of 2024 due to a series of struggle within the nation and was recreated the same day regaining its position on the server and re-stabilizing the nation.

Early History

Vermont declared independence on Feb 29th of 2024 and created a constitution to dictate the government of the young nation. The nation grew fast and the democracy soon secured many alliances with foreign nations cementing the security of their nation.


Executive Branch

The executive branch consists of a directly elected President who acts as the head of state and an Executive Cabinet selected by the President at the beginning of their term.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is governed by the General Assembly. The General Assembly consists of twelve Representatives, directly elected by the citizens of Vermont monthly.

Judicial Branch

The judicial branch consists of the Vermont Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is led by the Chief Justice, appointed by the President and confirmed by the General Assembly.


Vermont holds a non-aggression pact with the United Provinces of South Alaska, Venice Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Aragon, and Greece. The also have a mutual defense alliance and border agreement with their previous nation of Laurentia, and are a member state of the OFN.


Vermont has many amazing buildings including the CityPlace in the center of the town, a towering building which serves as a community center for the nations residents. They also have a museum in progress to showcase the immense history of their nation. In their capital of Vermont there are many styles of buildings showcased from modern capital buildings to cozy treehouses.


The CityPlace was built by Princeling7 and is the center hub of Vermont. The facility houses an extensive shop, information center, restaurants, and leisure areas. It is one of the oldest buildings in Vermont.

Freedom & Unity!