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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Republic of Havaiki
Towny Name
/n list
Formed February 15th 2024
National Anthem
Population ~60
Chunks 686
Towns 9
Capital City Atua
Largest City Port Jason
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Unitary constitutional presidential republic
Supremes Dracnoian, Ahea, KilledCatharsis, cleandemon, ThePotatoJesus
Consuls FoxClient, Zqben
Executive Cabient
Legislature Upper Chamber
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Republic of Havaiki is a sovereign republic located within IRL New Zealand. Its population is around 47, consisting of 8 towns spread across a large area. It is a unitary constitutional republic, lead by 5 founding members known as "Supremes", 2 elected Consuls and a legislative upper chamber.




Early History

Havaiki was founded on Feb. 15th of 2024. The founding members of Havaiki got straight to work developing their capital and crafting a refined government for the fast emerging democracy to use. Havaiki specifically made it their point to gather a series of allies right upon founding.

Cascadian Summit

On April 7th of 2024, Havaiki got together with their oldest ally, Cascadia for a dual summit. The summit consisted of speeches from both nations and guided tours in both Cascadia and Havaiki. Both nation's citizens were encouraged to participate to make the night memorable.


Havaiki has not yet participated in any wars or major conflicts.


The Republic of Havaiki's government consists of 5 Supremes, 2 consuls, an Upper Chamber and a Lower Chamber. The Supremes comprise of the founding members of the nation and hold executive power. The consuls hold also executive power and are democratically elected each month by the citizens. The consuls are additionally tasked with selecting secretaries to lead various departments. The government also has a upper and lower chamber. The lower chamber comprises of all citizens, while the upper chamber has 5 seats, elected democratically by citizens. 2 citizens known as the "popular elected" are the individuals who got the most votes in the last election and they hold the ability to veto a bill passed in the upper chamber, sending it back to be edited. (the consuls may veto this veto)

Elections are held each month to elect the said consuls and upper chamber.


Havaiki is a member state of the alliance known as the Organization of Free Nations and has individual alliances with Laurentia and Cascadia. They also hold non-aggression pacts with Australia and the United Front, insuring the safety of all nations involved.


Below is a list of the 8 towns which comprise Havaiki

  • Atua (Capital)
  • Christchurch
  • Havaiki City
  • CraggyIsland
  • Sailport
  • Port Jason (Most populated town)
  • Montina
  • West Cape

National Symbol

Havaiki's national symbol is the yellow swirl pictured in their flag.

Future Plans

Havaiki hopes to farther strengthen their foreign relations, expand their democracy and continue to stabilize their internal affairs. Wiki Last updated May 4th of 2024
Liberty through Unity