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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Pilbara
Towny Name The Pilbara Realm
/n list 10
Formed November 10th 2023
National Anthem Crimson Skies
Motto God kobiKraft
Population 261
Chunks 1784
Towns 34
Capital City Onslow Bay
Largest City Onslow Bay
Oldest City Canberra
Region North Western Australia
Language(s) English
Religion(s) Kobism & Craftism
Discord Click Here
Government Information
Political System Unicameral Parliamentary Monarchy
Leader kobiKraft
Executive UnitiveBog10934, GalaxyGaming2000
Legislature The Council of Pilbara
Constitution Ministry
Economic System Capitalism
Provinces Pilbara, Auralia, NSW, Himalayas & Falcon
Army Size 11 to 20 Personnel
Part of Seljuk Empire (and capital of the Pilbaran Empire)
Historical Information
Pilbara was formed on the 10th of November 2023 after being funded by Oklahoma which was led by UnitiveBog10934 at the time

Pilbara is the overarching constituent nation of the Pilbaran Empire, spanning across several regions within Australia. It has however, since its foundation, expanded to most of the north, west, east, and south coasts, following a drastic surge in expansion between December 2023 and the present.

Established on the 10th of November 2023, with a total population of 261, Pilbara is one of the more populous political presences within the Pacific. It boasts 34 towns scattered throughout the Australian continent which make it the largest nation in the region and 10th largest on the server (however it is known to alternate between the 8th and 11th largest).

Pilbara also consists of 5 nations within its sub-meganation (The Pilbaran Empire), which makes it the 27th largest alliance to currently exist.

kobiKraft, the founder of the nation, established Pilbara after receiving funding from Oklahoma, which was led by UnitiveBog10934 at the time. Its name was derived from the geographic region with the same name.

Pilbara and the Pilbaran Empire



Pilbara was established on the 10th of November in 2023 after receiving funding from Oklahoma. At the time of its creation, it joined Brazil under the Titicaca, which was controlled partially by Vantacrus. Pilbara remained a member of Brazil for 4 months until it was ousted for acting as a sovereign nation on the 25th of March 2024. Following its expulsion, Pilbara joined the Seljuk Empire on April 4th 2024.

During Pilbara's foundation, it exhibited fast territorial growth - quickly acquiring 3 towns in Northern Australia.

Growth & Tensions

Growth continued for approximately a week until tensions on the continent emerged, as a result of The Australian Empire's declaration of control over the continent. Following this, in late November of 2023, peace discussions began.

During this period Pilbara had grown by 3 towns, expanding their territory south. The expansion south sparked controversy, however, an agreement was made just a month later. And so, on the 31st of December 2023, Pilbara and Australia ultimately signed both a treaty and border agreement - locking Pilbara out of Australian claims and Australia out of Pilbaran claims. Subsequently, Pilbara experienced a sudden surge in growth once again. Unable to provide sufficient space for its new settlements within its border, Pilbara withdrew from the treaty and border agreement, beginning expansion elsewhere.

Following the termination of the two agreements, relations between Pilbara and Australia declined promptly, leading Australia to plant a town within Pilbaran territory. In response, Pilbara planted 2 of its own towns within Australia's major cities, which would go on to overclaim them. As time progressed, Pilbara continued to grow - with Onslow Bay reaching a staggering 100 residents on the 13th of March 2024. It later reached 118 residents on the 18th of May 2024, which made it the largest town within Aurora.

Australian - Pilbaran War

Despite Pilbara's growth, it soon faced a serious threat - The Australians, who on the 23rd of March 2024, had begun posting a series of anti-Pilbaran announcements within their Discord server. In response, Pilbara posted a similar announcement denouncing the Australians, leading to a declaration of war by the Pilbarans, thus instigating the Australian - Pilbaran war. (War declaration can be found on TBI).

Just a day later on the 24th of March 2024, Australia responded by establishing an invasion-oriented town adjacent to the Pilbaran capital, Onslow Bay. This resulted in the loss of central-Oceanic Australian territory. Following Australia's actions, on the 29th of March, Oceania officially merged with Pilbara in order to prevent a town from overclaim and to unify the 2 nations together - resulting in a 100 nation bonus.

With the unification of Oceania and Pilbara, the nation reached a whopping 200 residents, cementing itself as one of the largest nations to exist on the server.

On the 15th of April 2024, Pilbara officially overclaimed the towns of Freddo, Cooberpeddy and JavaScript, resulting in the territorial losses of approximately 5 to 20 chunks for each town.

Ultimately, on the 26th of April 2024, after some discussion, Pilbara and Australia signed the treaty of Albury, ending the war permanently.

Pilbaran Empire Foundation

The Pilbaran Empire was established on the 23rd of April 2024 after one of Pilbara's towns obtained a nation. At the time, the acquired nation was named "Chatham Islands" but was recently renamed to Auralia. The nation of Auralia was incorporated into the territory of Pilbara, meaning that Auralians would share the same values and rights as any other Pilbaran resident would.

The Pilbaran Empire is currently a sub-meganation of the Seljuk Empire. Meaning that any nations that join the empire join the Seljuks as well.

The Korea Conflict

More recently, Pilbara attempted to expand its territory, particularly within Asia, via a purchase of North Korea, which was (and still is) under the possession of Korea. However, the attempt was quickly rescinded and the territory was sold back to the Koreans due to the rising possibility of it escalating into a conflict. In the end, the potential conflict was narrowly avoided thanks to quick thinking from those affiliated such as Panth_r.

Pilbaras admission to the OFN

Beginning on the 5th of May, 2024, 2 government votes had appeared in the voting acts channel on the Pilbaran Discord server. The first vote questioned whether Pilbara should join the ESO (Eastern Security Organisation). The vote ended with 6 people for and 2 against the proposal. Despite the majority being in favor of the decision, the vote was later vetoed by the king. The second vote that appeared, however, was oriented around membership under the OFN (Organization of Free Nations). The vote, identical to the aforementioned, ended with 6 in favor of membership, and 2 against. The vote neared another veto due to both the king and a minister disapproving of the decision under skepticism. However, after later discussion with the secretary general of the OFN, Dracnoian, the king of Pilbara, kobiKraft, later agreed to join the alliance. The following vote ended unanimously with 8 in favor of the decision. And so, after the OFN held their own votes in regards to Pilbara's membership, on the 10th of May, 2024, Pilbara was admitted into the alliance.



Due to Pilbara's sparseness within the Australian continent, it features a distinctive geography, comprised of various types of biomes, flora, and fauna.

Relations & Diplomacy


- Tavastia: On the 16th of November 2023, Pilbara signed an alliance with the nation of Tavastia, which was at the time led by Salbru.

- Alabama: On the same day (The 16th of November 2023), Pilbara signed an alliance with Alabama, which was at the time led by oIsar.

- Riau: On the 25th of November 2023, Pilbara signed an alliance with Riau, which is currently led by Alemakko.

- Caspian: On the 24th of March, Pilbara signed an alliance with Caspian with the help of TheShadow4873. Caspian is currently led by MrX_1208.

- Persia: A day later on the 25th of March, Pilbara signed an alliance with Persia, in an attempt to establish equilibrium as Caspian and Persia were at war during the time of the signing. Persia is currently led by oIsar.



Pilbaran culture is rather bizzare, characterized by a plethora of jokes and generally nonsensical things. Pilbara's religion, Kobism is a defining characteristic of Pilbaran culture.


Kobism is a contrived religion within Pilbara. The religion doesn't possess any values and is the result of a long running joke that began in 2020. The religion is often associated with memes and Pilbaran propaganda.

Monarch Aliases

Another significant element to the culture is the alteration of the names belonging to Pilbaran monarchs, for instance, KobiKraft may sometimes be referred to as: KobeKraft, KoffeeKrab, Krabby Patty, Kobster as well as many more aliases.


Pilbara is incredibly diverse, with its residents originating from a variety of places - making the Pilbaran community quite interesting. The assortment of distinct views and behaviors provide a variety of exotic differences to the culture.

The Environment's Impact

The location of Pilbara, characterized by its vast, red, mars-like expanses, has played a key role in shaping Pilbara's culture today. It is particularly observable within Pilbara's national anthem, Crimson Skies.

Government & Politics


The Pilbaran government is a unicameral ministerial parliamentary monarchy, featuring a permanent leader/monarch (kobiKraft) and a chamber of consisting of both elected ministers and appointed sub-ministers.



- Minister of Internal Affairs and Expansion (MoIAaE): This minister is dedicated to sorting internal issues and funding the expansion of the nation.

- Minister of Defence (MoD): This minister is dedicated to war time. They have to sort out defense strategies and supply the front line in war. They also have a requirement to fund supplies to people in need.

- Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA): This minister is dedicated to sorting out our foreign issues whilst also keeping relations with other nations peaceful.

- Minister of Trade and Transports (MoT&TR): This minister is dedicated for trade within the nation and making highway networks to move entities and items around quickly. The position was previously split into MoT and MoTR.

- Minister of Community (MoC): This minister is dedicated to creating and running events and keeping the people of Pilbara happy.


- Expansionist (MoIAaE): Expansionist is a sub-role of Minister of Internal Affairs and Expansion, they assist the MoIAaE regarding border expansion.

- Military Head (MoD): Military Head is a sub-role of Minister of Defence, they help with keeping people supplied with their defence needs.

- Diplomat (MoFA): Diplomat is a sub-role of Minister of Foreign Affairs, they are dedicated to help the minister manage foreign relations.

- Constructionist (MoT&TR): This is a sub-role of Minister of Trade and Transport, they're dedicated to building highway networks throughout the nation.

- Marketeer (MoT&TR): The marketeer is also a sub-role of Minister of Trade and Transport, they're dedicated on the trade aspect of the role, they're dedicated to helping the economy of Pilbara.

- Community Events Manager (MoC): The Community Events Manager is a sub-role of Minister of Community, they're dedicated to helping the MoC run and manage events that are hosted.

Political Parties

Party Leader Members Political Leaning Alliances Policies
Pilbara Freedom Party Panthr.png Panth_r Panthr.png Panth_r, Axesmc.png AxesMC, Jacky20022.png Jacky20022, Galaxygamingface.png GalaxyGaming2000 Right Leaning (National Liberalism) N/A
  • Protecting the rights of the people of Pilbara
  • Ensuring the representation of the Colonies and Territories in Government
  • Ensuring the Pilbaran Army has the strength to properly defend the nation
  • Colonial Acquisition and growing the empire
  • Making sure Pilbara can forge positive relationships with nations in our region and with similar interests
  • Ensuring the community is able to enjoy EMC
  • Ensuring the people have jobs to do, to keep them engaged with EMC
Pilbaran Progressors Party Kobikraftface.png kobiKraft Kobikraftface.png kobiKraft, Unitivebogface.png UnitiveBog10934 Left Leaning (Progressivism) N/A N/A
Greater Pilbara Development Party Wolftree47.png Wolftree47 Wolftree47.png Wolftree47, Adelin 10.png Adelin_10 Centre (Unaligned) N/A
  • Protecting the rights of the people of Pilbara
  • Creating Job Opportunities for the people of Pilbara through development projects
  • Developing necessary infrastructure for cities, economy, and transport
  • Strengthening the position of Pilbara on the global stage through development and political embassies
  • Making EMC enjoyable for Pilbarans, and making Pilbara enjoyable for EMC
Fileleutheron Komma Giannakyc.png giannakycc Giannakyc.png giannakycc, MRFKOSM.png Kosmios Right Leaning (National Liberalism) N/A N/A
Anti-Adelin Party Gaming Legendz.png Gaming_Legendz Gaming Legendz.png Gaming_Legendz, Velvetworm.png velvetworm_ Centre (Unaligned) N/A
  • Anti-Adelin
Pilbaran Nationalist Party Supimobama.png supimobama Supimobama.png supimobama, T4qy.png T4qy Right Leaning (Nationalist Conservatism) N/A
  • Death to the Islamist Party of Pilbara and the left wing, glory to the Kobist front and the PNP

Elections & Elected Officials

The Pilbaran government hosts an election every 3 months. The following are the winners of each election: (Vote percentages are rounded up to the nearest integer)

June 2024 - August 2024 (Current)

Ministry Candidate Vote Percentage
MoIAaE Dqsrustyyface.png _DqsRustyy 38%
MoD Galaxygamingface.png GalaxyGaming2000 59%
MoFA Unitivebogface.png UnitiveBog10934 38%
MoT&TR Giannakyc.png giannakycc 32% (Re-Appointed)
MoC Jacky20022.png Jacky20022 29%

March 2024 - June 2024

Ministry Candidate Vote Percentage
MoIAaE Dqsrustyyface.png _DqsRustyy 46%
MoD Galaxygamingface.png GalaxyGaming2000 41% (Re-Appointed)
MoFA Unitivebogface.png UnitiveBog10934 73%
MoT Kobikraftface.png kobiKraft 91%
MoTR Unbetrayedface.png Unbetrayed 50%

December 2023 - February 2024

Ministry Candidate Vote Percentage
MoIAaE Dqsrustyyface.png _DqsRustyy 44% (Re-Appointed)
MoD Galaxygamingface.png GalaxyGaming2000 100%
MoFA Unitivebogface.png UnitiveBog10934 44%
MoT Kobikraftface.png kobiKraft 89%
MoTR Hoopangelface.png Hoop_Angel 100%


In addition to those elected, appointees also operate within the government, with most usually assuming sub-ministry positions. They may be categorized into two groups; re-appointed ministers or sub-ministers. Alternatively, they may also be sorted by those that are appointed on account of policy and those that are simply appointed by an official.


Sub-Ministers are drawn by ministers and cater to more specific responsibilities.

June 2024 - August 2024

Sub-Ministry Candidate
Expansionist JEP700.png JEP700
Military General Panthr.png Panth_r
Diplomat Adelin 10.png Adelin_10
Constructionist Gaming Legendz.png Gaming_Legendz
Marketeer MRFKOSM.png Kosmioss
Community Events Manager Axesmc.png AxesMC

Re-Appointed Ministers

Re-appointed ministers are candidates that despite losing an election, entered a position of power, whether it be due to a policy or a choice by the leader.

June 2024 - August 2024

Appointee Date Reason Ministry
Giannakyc.png giannakycc Jun 1st 1 Position per person policy MoT&TR

March 2024 - June 2024

Appointee Date Reason Ministry
Galaxygamingface.png GalaxyGaming2000 Mar 30th 1 Position per person policy MoD

December 2023 - February 2024

Appointee Date Reason Ministry
Dqsrustyyface.png _DqsRustyy Dec 5th 1 Position per person policy MoIAaE


Highway System

The Pilbaran highway is extensive and continues to grow. Currently, it links all towns on the northern and southern coast (Including Auralia). The highway is currently in the process of expanding eastward, particularly towards Eastern Pilbara. The highway is coupled with Australia's extensive highway network and an alleged international highway, currently under heavy construction.

The Ministry of Transportation (MoTR) is responsible for the construction of the national networks and the upkeep of them.

The Shop

The nation's official shop (situated near Pilbara's spawn) is owned and led by numerous different people within the nation. The shop provides Pilbaran residents an opportunity to succeed in becoming rich. Foreigners may also obtain a shop plot within Pilbara. The nation's spawn was recently changed, providing a larger space to fit more shops. *If you want a shop plot in Pilbara, msg kobiKraft in-game or /mail him.*

The Military


The Pilbaran military contains anywhere between 11 to 16 people. The military features a rather distinct skillset, with some proficiently trained, some sufficiently trained and some sub-optimally trained. The military's leader is the Minister of Defence (MoD) who supplies the military with the necessary resources to fulfil its needs. This system allows Pilbara to have an effective military without relying on large amounts of backup.

The Towns of Pilbara

NOTE: This list is from A - Z

Town List
Name Mayor Founded
Settlementicon.png ACT Crocheting.png Crocheting Nov 15th 2023
Villageicon.png Albury Panthr.png Panth_r Jun 8th 2023
Townicon.png Adelaide Unitivebogface.png UnitiveBog10934 Jan 30th 2024
Hamleticon.png Balaria Jacky20022.png jacky20022 Feb 25th 2024
Settlementicon.png Broome Loganles.png Loganles Dec 31st 2023
Settlementicon.png Coldharbor Narupa768.png Narupa_768 Feb 16th 2024
Settlementicon.png ChristmasIsland Tzarportal.png TzarPortal Aug 19th 2023
Settlementicon.png Choclate Islamd Chocolate0561.png Chocolate_0561__ Apr 27th 2024
Settlementicon.png Canberra Neonnick.png NeonNick May 2nd 2022
Settlementicon.png Carlton Toastedbread812.png Toastedbread812 Jan 21st 2024
Hamleticon.png DEMRE ATILLA07.png ATILLA07 May 28th 2024
Hamleticon.png Derby Town Seaborn101.png Seaborn101 Apr 24th 2024
Villageicon.png Gold Coast Axesmc.png AxesMC Feb 11th 2024
Settlementicon.png Ipswich BlueBro691.png BlueBro691 Jan 21st 2024
Settlementicon.png Jurien Bay Catmanbobbles1.png Catmanbobbles1 Apr 7th 2024
Settlementicon.png Karratha Alynxyt.png AlynxYT Jan 12th 2024
Settlementicon.png Kalradya Okyozdinc.png Okyozdinc Nov 18th 2024
Settlementicon.png Keating Tomato sooop.png ToMaTo_SoOoP Feb 3rd 2024
Settlementicon.png Kai Cenat Cweky.png Cweky Feb 9th 2024
Settlementicon.png Liechtensteiner Minecraftgreen.png minecraftgreen Apr 18th 2024
Settlementicon.png Learmonth Itzjessenl.png ItzJesseNL Nov 10th 2023
Settlementicon.png Lakes Entrance Dddnzl.png dddnzl Apr 30th 2024
Settlementicon.png Mesatown Tinkered face.png Tinkered_ May 30th 2024
Hamleticon.png New-Prague Newman6611.png Newman6611 May 18th 2024
Settlementicon.png New Sealand Lil A Tom Bomb.png Lil_A_Tom_Bomb Apr 4th 2024
Settlementicon.png Novastrand FRANCY3005.png FRANCY3005 Aug 21st 2023
Ccicon.png Onslow Bay Kobikraftface.png kobiKraft Feb 18th 2023
Settlementicon.png Papunya Giannakyc.png giannakycc Feb 12th 2024
Settlementicon.png Ponta_Do_Sol Rodri541.png Rodri541 Jun 1st 2024
Settlementicon.png Swedistan T4qy.png T4qy Nov 24th 2023
Settlementicon.png Stinkville Tactical Nugget.png Tactical_Nugget Mar 14th 2024
Hamleticon.png Shoe Valley ItScratch.png ItScratch Apr 18th 2024
Settlementicon.png Sakuragaoka Gaming Legendz.png Gaming_Legendz Oct 26th 2024
Settlementicon.png 広住町 Kakert.png kakert Feb 25th 2024

Nations under the Pilbaran Empire

NOTE: This is from A - Z

Nation List
Name King Formed
Auralia Adelin 10.png Adelin_10 Jun 7th 2023
Falcon Davide0033Face.png Davide0033 Jun 3rd 2023
Himalayas Axesmc.png AxesMC Jun 3rd 2022
NSW LiterallyADonut.png LiterallyADonut Jul 2nd 2023
Pilbara Kobikraftface.png kobiKraft Nov 10th 2023