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December 11, 2022

Meganation, is a political entity which is more than one in-game nation, theoretically affiliated with each other, as it would function as an independent state. It differentiaties from an alliance - alliances are made up of nations which are independently ruled, but they primarily have mutual goals (may be aiding eachother, supporting in conflicts, et cetera). There is a third term which is counted in field of EarthMC geopolitics; sub-meganation. It all will be detailed below.

Comparison to the real world

Structure of meganations and alliances.

It may be easily compared to the real world geopolitical situations. If we assigned terms to real world countries:

  • Russian Federation is a puppetmaster of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. That makes meganation.
  • The United Kingdom may be considered as a sub-meganation, as it unites England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • However, the above is a part of "The Crown" (which is a meganation) which composes of The UK and their overseas territories and crown dependencies, such as Guernsey, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands.
  • NATO is a pact composed of nations, sub-meganations and meganations.
  • CSTO is an alliance made of nations and meganations.
  • Visegrad is an organization made of nations.

Early history

First meganations to form were likely established as nations puppeted other countries, or when states joined together under one banner, when nations were sold to people loyal to another rulers, et cetera. Cascadia was probably the first meganation to be created on EarthMC, holding many provinces under its wing during 2019. Rio Grande was the next power to form, followed by California, which benefited by taking provinces from the collapsing Cascadian megastate. The latter was also experimenting with colonialism, founding Nicaragua as a colony. The more interesting case is however La Plata. It is another example of an early meganation, composed of Argentinian and Chilean towns. The issue was, some Chile's cities were outside of Argentina's nation range. Hence, the workaround was to make a new Towny nation, invite Chilean towns and theoretically work as a one nation anyways.

List of meganations

As of March 2022, there were about 40 listed and functioning meganations on the Nova. As of December 2022, Terra Aurora had categorized some 20 meganations and 10 alliances. The main organization staying behind categorizing meganations and pacts on EarthMC is "EMC Toolkit Development" which has released a Discord "EarthMC Stats" bot, which is used on a lot of EMC nations' discord servers.

Current notable meganations

Terra Aurora

Name Capital location
Midwest Union North America
Cuba North America
North Sea Republic Europe
Aland Europe
Holy Empire of Rus Europe
Turkey Asia
Mali Africa
Indochina Asia
Philippines Asia
Yamato Federation Asia
Australia Oceania
Antarctic Union Antarctica

Terra Nova

Name Capital location
Greater Québécois Empire North America
Cuban Empire North America
Spanish Empire Europe
German Confederation Europe
Lechian Empire Europe
Russia Europe
Tanzanian Empire Africa
Second Nubian Empire Africa
Japanese Empire Asia
Australia Oceania

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