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The Indochina Realm
Indochina Flag.png
Coat of Arms
Indochina Territory Map.png
National Information
Full Name The Indochina Realm
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 520
Chunks 5810 (Towny)
6024 (Dynmap)
Capital City Singapore
Largest City Albany
Oldest City Singapore
Government Information
Political System
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

Indochina, or the "Nation of Firsts" is the first nation on Terra Aurora and, as of May 3rd, Indochina is the largest nation on Terra Aurora.

Royalty and Government


  • Beanyy_ (July 9th 2022-present)
  • NoneAvailable (May 1st-July 9th 2022)


  • Conmqn
  • dempy_
  • gabe_tm
  • sab2003
  • holocraft
  • loganslair1
  • MasterMatt444
  • MorginiTheGini
  • runnerboy72000
  • Windows10Laptop

Nations that owned by Indochinese


  • 2.1MakeTicket (Sulawesi)
  • 2.1ReadRule (Borneo, also Albany's /n spawn)
  • Siam
  • Vietnam
  • India


  • Socotra
  • South Africa (South-Africa on towny)
  • Colorado



Indochina was one of many topics that members of former Trimortum (TN) debated on going too. With a lack of agreeance by the members, the nation of Jefferson, leadership from Québec, leadership from Cuba, aswell as other prominent members such as sab2003 decided to work together to make such an ambitious nation.

First Town: Against All Odds

With many of Indochina's early players flooding into the server, they all rushed for Singapore to get the gold to one concentrated place. Scorpionzzx was the first to reach the location, as many more arrived, giving the de facto leader of the time, Morgini, their gold to create the first town. Their efforts were a success, as Morgini created the town of Singapore in just 18 minutes, smashing the servers record from the past 2 servers.

First Nation

Nearly 11 hours after the server opened, after grinding from all of their members, Indochina beat both Venice and Germany in the grind to create the first nation. This record set by Indochina once again blew former Britain's record out of the water, even with double the gold cost to create a nation. To celebrate this, the members of Indochina who had gathered the required wither skulls to create a wither, killed the first wither on Terra Aurora's history and created the first beacon.

The Days After

In the days after, many more towns were created spanning from Myanmar to Jakarta. Many that planned to create their own towns stayed in Singapore to help grind the capital to become the largest city in the nation. Members of the nation grinded out gear early on and established the most popular shop pre-opening to the public.

Establishment of the Sydney Accords

Because of early cooperation between Australian members, many of which were former allies of the previous Trimortum powers, the 2 nations created a pact called the Sydney Accords. This cooperation traces back to before the formation of Singapore, where members of Australia donated their gold to help create the first town, Singapore. This helped benefit both sides, as not only was the gold payed back but it allowed members of both nations to teleport to the region. This was a significant early advantage as it allowed members of both nations to get to where they needed to be early game, allowing them to get to their desired towns first.

The First Indo-Dutch War

Started By both the Indochina and Dutch over Expansion of Colonies in the region the war has Mostly consists of killing Dutch Citizens In Ambushes, Hunting, And the one dog attack.

Current peace Negations of Peace Are Happening Between the two nations

The peace talks have been overtured by the Dutch over and over and With no outcome due to the dutch kings idiotic iorn GRIP on the region


Subway Map

Most Indochinese towns are connected with the Indochina Subway (Ice Highway) that connects towns as far east to Falcavia, north to Hainan and Xisha Islands and west to Chittagong. The Indochina Subway connects some large Indochinese towns like Albany, Sebangau, Singapore and Yogyakarta. Its also connect neighbouring nation like Ava, Myanmar, Bhutan, Vietnam, Siam and New Guinea. It's connect 2 TNIH lines, Chittagong-Lhasa Ice Highway and Cape Cod-Falcavia Ice Highway

Regional Subways