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ISADA.png Flag of Albany, created late 2021
Town Information
Full Name
Motto "Assiduity"

"Per Aspera Ad Astra"

Nation Indochina Flag.png Indochina
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 50+
Continent TERRA AURORA: Asia

TERRA NOVA: North America

Economic System Red flag.webp Regulated capitalism
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

Flag of the Italian language.png Italian

Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor VOLKOV coat of arms.png AdrianHES VOLKOV coat of arms.png
Political System VOLKOV coat of arms.png Mob controlled
Historical Information
Established Land .png February 12, 2021
Past Nations New York Flag.jpg New York
Past Mayors BetaCheese (May - August 2021)
Past Councillors

Albany, also known as Albania, is a pan-server EarthMC town led by AdrianHES. It maintains an active and powerful presence on both Terra Nova and Terra Aurora.

Albany is known for being the headquarters of the Volkov Family.

Terra Aurora history

Albany was founded on the Terra Aurora server in May 2022. It quickly rose to be the most active town in southeast Asia, and continues to be among the most active, democratic and freest towns in EarthMC.

Terra Nova history

See also: Culture of Albany

The Imperial People's Special Administrative Duchy of Albany was founded on February 12, 2021 by Solidarity Party Supreme Chairman Adrian Volkov. In this time, Albany was under the administration of the United States of America. Following the Cold War, the town collapsed due to inactivity, but was refounded on August 26 as part of Quebec.

The town then underwent a major boom in population, with many new citizens joining to reap the glorious harvest of Albany. As the Solidarity Party gained dominance in Quebec, the town of Albany grew in power. In early November, Albany was reclassified as a duchy. It is also controlled completely by the Solidarity Party, who imposes their wonderful ideologies of equity and collective gain on the town.

The town has had several notable alumni as residents and embassy holders. Among these are BetaCheese, deathlife23, FroyourFilms, Pirate_Ron, Scrabs, Gabee and Adolf_Hitlar to name a few.

2022 Growth Era

The town experienced a revival in growth in early 2022, especially after the western expansion of Albany into the Death Valley region. Among the new changes included the birth of the Little Italy neighborhood.


  • Downtown
  • Industrial
  • West Grove
  • Little Italy
  • Death Valley


  • Albany Town Hall - 1 Albany Ave. E
  • Albany Gift Shop - 2 Main St.
  • Mayor's Villa - 6 Albany Ave. E
  • AdrianHES Residence - 7 Main St.
  • Albany Library - 5 Main St.
  • General's Tower - 12 Albany Ave. W
  • The Laundering Mat / AKA Cheese Tower - 4 Adhithiyan St.
  • BetaCheese Residence - 4 Albany Ave. E
  • Deathlife House - 1 Main St.
  • Deathlife Park - 8 Adhithiyan St.
  • West Grove Memorial Park - 11 Albany Ave. W
  • Froyour Historic House - 14 Albany Ave. W
  • Sally-Panther-Cowly House (Cowly Casino) - 15 Albany Ave. W
  • STAR Local 1 - 2 Adhithiyan St.

Pre-Quebec History

Albany was established on 12 February, 2021 by former mayor AdrianHES. Prior to the fall of the USA, it was the northernmost United States town in North America, and the northernmost town in the East Coast Metropolis that belonged to the United States. Albany is approximately a minute away, by foot, from downtown New York City and New York's /n spawn.

Following the fall of the USA, AdrianHES decreed the town in a state of emergency and ordered shelters, barriers, and guarded checkpoints to be installed. This project is ongoing.

On 3 June, 2021, AdrianHES resigned his position as mayor. BetaCheese automatically acquired the role.

The history of Albany is one of equal conflict and prosperity. Albany was and is a prime landing spot for immigrants to the USA, some of which leave Albany in search of other American towns. Albany is the home of a vibrant small community, who take pride in the towns small size. Albany has also been the subject of several land disputes, the most prominent being the town's ongoing blockade in the west by Death Valley, Illinois.

Albany was founded on 12 February, 2021 by AdrianHES with the financial and technical help of current New York governor Lucas2011. Soon after, roads and houses began to be erected by AdrianHES and other new town members. Several shops were also built, but they never flourished due to the almost nonexistant out-of-town traffic through Albany.

Albany suffered greatly during the height of the war between the United States and the NAP. Having exhausted most funds on geographic expansion, the town went bankrupt in mid-March, 2021. A small loan of 362 gold was acquired by a generous American politician, and by May, the town was back on its feet and growing stronger than ever before.

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