United States Elections Brought to Light

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United States Elections Brought to Light is a document that was released by Quebec on the 13th May 2021. It detailed allegations that the US elections were rigged and experienced large amounts of voter fraud, using an anonymous tipoff by a citizen, who went by the pseudonym Rawhide, of the United States of America. The accusations in the document would later be denied by the leadership of the United States.


Prior to the publication of the document in the announcements channel of the Quebec discord, enanemes_ would hint at an 'important announcement' being released soon. Eight minutes after this, 8181818 would release the document, with a caption reading 'This is a document exposing the USA of corruption. The evidence is clear. Your move.'


The document itself would contain screenshots from a book inside Minecraft, several conversations between the anonymous whistleblower and citizens of the United States and screenshots of discord messages between the whistleblower and others. The document would introduce the contents using a summary of what was below, with it reading:

"The United States states that they are the longest running democracy in North America. Not only is this factually untrue with Cascadia, BC and arguably Quebec + other nations outlasting them by months in the ways of democracy, but they haven’t abided by the true concept of a democracy. This is a document that details the ongoing political instability and corruption that takes place within the United States, and the exploitative actions top officials are undertaking to rig elections in their own interests. Below are various screenshots from a US citizen detailing the process and events."

Reaction of the United States

Around 2 hours after the publication of the document, the United States leadership would issue an official statement on the matter, saying that 'election integrity issues had been dealt with' and denying fraud in US elections, using examples of previously elected leaders.

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