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The United States of America was created in September 2020 by east coast American nations New Jersey and America building upon the mistakes of past Unions.


Early History 

A Great Need

On the second of July 2020, the State of New Jersey officially left the Tri-State; this started the Tri-State union's complete downfall. This left New Jersey feeling alone in the world. Many people wanted to form some sort of alliance with another country—this time, however, they wanted one that would be based on New Jersey's democratic ideals. Bigred (New Jersey's Leader) thought that a great nation to form an alliance with would be America.

The Great Union Debate

An union between New Jersey and America was always considered an idea favourable by the people of New Jersey. This want for a union would soon start the Great Union Debate. The Great Union Debate would last from July to the eighteenth of September 2020.  At first, America was reluctant and kept on asking why New Jersey wanted the union. It took some time for New Jersey to develop an argument that could convince America. America was also reluctant during this time because Bidav (America's Supreme Leader) was busy with other things. Eventually, the Americans were slowly convinced, and a date was agreed upon, the nineteenth of September, 2020, to hold The Constitutional Convention.

The Constitutional Convention

The convention resulted in the document "USA X," which was the union's elementary outline. The following were declared in the paper:

Purpose: Create a centralized, larger community to promote activity and have a larger basis of manpower to accomplish goals.

SEPARATION OF POWERS! (Overall federal overrides local- centralized foreign policy) One office at a time (unless also a governor).


  • President
    • Term length of 1 month. (Later changed to 2 via constitutional amendment)
    • Can appoint Cabinet which may consist of national leaders
    • Cannot be a nation leader
  • Nation Leaders
    • Enforce on the local level
    • Nations handle judicial actions for themselves


  • Senators
    • Determined by states
    • Cannot be a nation leader
    • 2 Senators per Nation
      • Later changed to 3 senators per nation following a constitutional amendment passed in Feb 2022.
  • Representatives
    • Direct democracy to the people, all citizens are allowed to participate in the House of the Public.


  • A rigorous review process for joining nations- slow growth
  • Use new discord for national level - encourage use over local discords

The Term Length Mistake

Most of the founding fathers agreed on the one month term; Notwithstanding, one of the people who was writing the document though that we would be going by the last USA's two-month term, and so wrote down two instead of one.  

The constitution was later revised in Jan 2022 to allow for two month terms.

The Constitution

The founders created the final draft of the constitution on the twenty-fourth of September, 2020, and so a country was born. The final version of the constitution was more in-depth and expanded on the "USA X" document's ideas. One change was the house of representatives was renamed The House of The Public.

The First Election

Two parties contested in the first election, Bleeblob and OrangeJuiceMoose. OrangeJuiceMoose ran under his Utopian party campaign; the common consensus is that his candidacy was a joke; so when the results came in, it was not considered a shock that Bleeblob won 71.4% of the popular vote.

The Second Election

Again, Bleeblob and OJM contested in the second election. Bleeblob won with around 80% of the vote.

The Third Election

The third election was more suspenseful then the others as Bleeblob hit his term limit. Two independents contested each other in the first election, ImMagnum and Greekenderman11. It was revealed the election during the debates that Greek was a clear racist and openly supported the purging of Turkish player base, due to this ImMagnum swept greek with the unions highest acceptance rate of 88% of the popular vote.

The Fourth Election (Jan 2021)

Bleeblob was once again elected president bypassing term limits.

The Fifth Election (Feb 2021)

Bigred was elected president.

The Sixth Election (Mar 2021)

Lucas2011 was elected president. This election would later be disputed in the NAP - USA war as a fraudulent election.

The Seventh Election (Apr 2021)

In a suprise defeat that astonished voters on both sides. Bamgo defeated Lucas2011 and assumed the presidency of the USA.

The Eighth Election (May 2021)

Bamgo is re-elected as president.

The Ninth Election (Jun 2021)

This is the first election after the planned collapse of the United States in order to flush out bad actors. As a result many established member states left the United States during this time. Patty G was elected as president with only a minor voter turnout.

The Tenth Election (Oct 2021)

No more elections occured in the time between June and October 2021 as the United States fell into a rump state with Patty G eventually resigining. In October of 2021 the United States re-emerged as a united state. Term Limits from previous elections were erased as the constitution had also changed now delegating voting power to the senate. Bamgo was elected as president. This term would last 2 months due to inactivity hitting around November and a vote approved to extend the term to December.

The Eleventh Election (Dec 2021)

The Eleventh Election was drug out over several days much to the dismay of citizens. Once final tallies were counted wishful_ was elected President of the United States, wishful_ previously was going to run for re-election of head diplomat and had no intent to run for President.

The Twelfth Election (Feb 2022)

The Twelfth election saw the reelection of incumbent wishful_ with an landslide majority due to favorable foreign policy initiatives set forward by the president.

Notable People

The following list includes notable people and founding fathers of the United States of America:

Founding Fathers & Notable People

  • Seniph
  • Uvula
  • Franzooo
  • Bleeblob [First (1st-2nd Congress) & Third President (4th Congress), Fourth VP (6th Congress) & Founding Father ]
  • ImMagnum [Second President (3rd Congress) & Founding Father ]
  • Bigreddd [Fourth President (5th Congress) & Founding Father ]
  • Lucas2011 [Fifth President (6th Congress) & Eighth VP (10th Congress) ]
  • Bamgo [Sixth (7th-8th Congress) & Eighth President (10th Congress), Seventh VP (9th Congress)]
  • Patty G [Seventh President (9th Congress)]
  • Wishful [Ninth President (11th-12th Congress)]
  • PawoG04 [First VP (1st-3rd Congress) & Fifth VP (7th Congress) & Founding Father ]
  • NoneAvaliable [Second VP (Fourth Congress)]
  • Bidav [Third VP (5th Congress) & Founding Father]
  • Beaverman [Sixth VP (8th Congress)]
  • Daeigh [Ninth VP (11th Congress)]
  • Yepitsace [Tenth VP (12th Congress)]

National Subdivisions

  1. America
  2. New York
  3. New Jersey
  4. Formidable
  5. Ohio & Michigan
  6. Pennslyvania & West Virginia
  7. Confederate States of America

(List updated 12/26/2021)

Political Ideologies And Parties

Political Ideologies


The Non-Aligned Ideology is the predominant viewpoint in the United States with most citizens choosing to remain neutral on most things and work together on compromise for an American Identity.

America Today

The America Today ideology is lead by wishful_ with the motto "America Today, America Tomorrow, America Forever." and is prioritized on development and recruitment within the United States to achieve their goals.


Bleeblob as the de-facto leader of the movement, advocating for simple government.


OrangeJuiceMoose as leader- advocates for all political extremes at the same time.

Political Parties

The Non-Aligned Party

This party believes in cooperation and although not an official party is where most citizens align themselves.

America Today Party

This party has gained traction since the election of wishful_, and is prioritized on development, infrastructure, and recruiting. Along with commerce and economic trade.

The Utopian Party (dead)

Former party that believes in utopianism. Died out following the ninth election.

The Moderate Party (dead)

Former party reflecting merge of progressivist and bleeblobist ideals.


Brazil (Ally)

Ratified in the Treaty of Mehinaku on Jan, 31, 2022 by President wishful_

Mexican Empire (Ally)

Ratified in the Treaty of Harlem on Jan, 31, 2022 by President wishful_

Evergreen Republic (Ally)

Ratified in the Treaty of the Hamptons on Jan, 31, 2022 between the US and the Salish Confederation and later extended to the Evergreen Republic on Feb, 16, 2022 by President wishful_

Texas Republic (Non Aggression Pact)

Ratified in the Treaty of Houston on Feb, 16, 2022 by President wishful_

Rio Grande (Non Aggression Pact)

Ratified in a Non Aggression agreement on Jan, 23, 2022 by President wishful_