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Wishful Carrington Wintour (wishful_) is the co-regent of New York (nation) with Lucas2011 and is the 9th president of the The United States of America (current) (December-Current). Wishful Carrington Wintour is the founder and a head of the Wintour House.


Written in a Biography style


Starting Out

When I first joined EMC (April 29th, 2020) I spawned in the town of Green Bay, from there I trekked my way east towards the towns of the East Coast. I was invited to a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by SinisterCherry. Starting out I owned one small plot which I dug out all the way to bedrock. I also at the time had a small outpost in West Africa in hope of mining many resources but alas there weren't many valuables to be found.

Becoming a Councillor

After showing dedication and asking for more plots to work on SinisterCherry granted me the town rank of Councillor (May 17th, 2020). From there I proceeded to test out my new perms by looking in every chest into the town like every new player would do. Never found much. With my new found rank I was thrust into the political sphere of Pennsylvania in the sphere of Tri State. I remember purchasing a plot in west Newark but after being told I had to use Litematica for the construction I backed out.

I participated in the raid at Hu_Zhou which was a major success due to the strategy of Tri State. I was able to gain around 300 gold from this which was quite a lot for a new player. I then also began to use my wealth to buy materials and armor. I remember I lost my second god set as I was killed by Warriorrr while on my way to a fallen town in the Indonesian Islands. My first god set was lost as I was mining down a concrete tower in a wilderness area and a random pvper decided to kill my noob ass.

In July 2020 I was very active in the Canadian Empire in an effort to get SinisterCherry elected as the Prime Minister. Ultimately my efforts paid off and Sinister was elected. Unfortunately Sinister also went inactive around the same time he was elected rendering his term fruitless and progress in Pennslyvania stalled also.

Late Era Pennslyvania

With Sinister essentially no longer playing on the server, I was the only town member of Philadelphia online. I had plans for a mall and my own major skyscraper. I built the skyscraper which was almost entirely built out of glass and was based on the spiral in Hudson Yards. I opened a banner shop in New York at Rockefeller Center (The walls of which are still there!) and created my own small company to sell various items. The mall slowly came to fruition on the underground portion with its remnants still visible to this day. Around September I was given news that the city would be sold to Cencius and Smithyy (Yes those two) and things were looking a bit up. They were planning to remain aligned politically with New Jersey and Tri State as had been the status quo. The sale obviously never went through and the city remained pretty much just mine to mess around in. (So you can blame Illinois on Sinister!)

Sometime in late november? the city was handed over to New Jersey without any of my knowledge at all. At which point they wished to completely wipe off the current layout and try again. (Obviously this never happened as Philadelphia is STILL unfinished). They wanted to destroy my skyscraper and essentially I was annoyed and didn't like these people coming into Philadelphia. I was forced to destroy my skyscraper which was ultimately my last straw. (Note: I love NJ now this was just at the time and by this time I had left Philadelphia). In November I reached out to Lucas2011 as I was getting extremely bored of Philadelphia as I was just a councilor and was never handed Mayor and I was given an invite to move to New York which I took.

New York

Early New York

Following my discussion with Lucas, I was offered a plot close to spawn to which I purchased and began to move my stuff over. I moved towns completely in early December 2020 and began working on my own plot. My home plot underwent multiple iterations of construction and demoliton as I never found anything that I liked. During this early period I asked for plots to work on to which I was allowed.

I think it was sometime in Feb 2021 when I was given councilor perms in New York. With these perms I planned out the southeast of the city around the world trade center site with plans to revitalize and finish it. During this time I did clear up this area and reduced it all to flat grass (Although 2 WTC still hasn't been fully demolished) and finished the terrace around the capital building. I also built the midtown express tunnel that runs from the WTC site up to the north end of Grand Central and the capital building. I also participated in the construction of the ice rail project I-95 that would have run from South Carolina up to Newark. I was the primary person constructing this and I was paid a good amount. The highway was never finished but you can still find parts that were constructed quite easily on the dynmap.

I was also active in US politics at this time. In March and April 2021 I was elected as a senator from New Jersey as at the time New York was classed under New Jersey. I was also on the ticket to become a supreme court justice but this never came to fruition as the congressional committee overseeing it never got back to me. During this time I was an avid supporter of Lucas and supported both of his campaigns for president. I was quite shocked when Lucas did eventually loose to Bamgo. Because of this defeat, in late April 2021 KiwiOne_ and I began plotting to run for the Presidency with I as their Vice President. We figured we could garner the same "progressive" vote that had gotten Bamgo elected to elect us. Bamgo was elected again in May though so we never campaigned. By the time we could campaign the US entered its operation Deadringer and faked its collapse.

Modern New York

Following the "collapse" of the US, the northeast went dead and inactive. During this time though Dixie, KiwiOne_, and I were all active in trying to keep New York kicking. Lucas had essentially disappeared from the public spotlight. After much asking by all 3 of us, on June 29th, 2021 I was crowned King of New York. This was my dream to lead the nation I had idolized since joining the server. Right away I split up the city into districts with Dixie and Kiwi each overseeing one and the rebuilding of each of them. When I was crowned as king I was given many congratulations by people from all over the server and it was pretty cool. I began working on grand plans to reimagine the city.

On July 19th, 2021 I had New York join Greater Quebec. I had made friends with the Quebec Royals from my time in the CE and valued this friendship. While my councilors were very much against this I moved and it was done. One of the reasons I joined was that the state of Ohio led by Umbreon who at this time was another friend from the CE was in Greater Quebec. This gave me incentive to join as there were other friends there also. On July 24th, 2021 I unveiled the New York Vision 2022 project which would reimagine the entire city. I commissioned NewYorker9 to design the new Central Park and for a while there it looked like we would actually get things progressing. For the next month or so I opened up land sales again making some decent gold by reselling buildings.

On August 27th, 2021 Lucas returned to activity on the server. 3 Days later Lucas and I established a Diarchy with both of us leading which made things pretty easy with 2 of us leading. On September 3rd, New Jersey joined New York (for what the fourth time in history idk?) under my leadership and we had great plans for both cities. On September 29th, following much deliberation with my councilors and Lucas, New York left Greater Quebec with no hard feelings on either side. Leading into the month of October a major argument broke out between Lucas and I that nearly lead to my departure from the server. Ultimately things were resolved as it was just a matter of miscommunication and trust. For the next few months things were relatively quiet as KiwiOne_ had left and Dixie had become inactive.

On December 1st, 2021 I was elected as President of the United States in a landslide victory. As this was a major feat for me I did not expect it and first and almost did not run. During my presidency though I have achieved many great things in our foreign policy and internal development. On December 9th, 2021 I oversaw the welcoming back of NewYorker9's estate into New York. It was my personal goal to bring back all people that had ties to New York. Bringing NY9 back was a great help as he is now a very active player in our national goals. It was not until around January 2022 that I did commission out construction for central park with it finally starting construction. Currently at the time of writing I have been serving as the President of the United States since December 1st 2021. I have been working to bring a New York Renaissance working together with my New York Family, The Wintour House. Ultimately I do not know what is yet to come during the next year but it will be my goal to further the betterment of New York.


  • Philadelphia (April 2020 - November 2020)
  • New York (November 2020 - Present)


  • AsiasRice (April 2020 - August 20th, 2020)
  • AsiaQT (August 20th, 2020 - January 23rd, 2021)
  • wishful_ (January 23rd, 2021 - Present)