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The Wintour House also known as the Wintours are an royal socialite family headquartered at Wintour Palace in Monaco (Aurora). Formerly in New York (Nova). The Wintour House is headed by Wishful Carrington Wintour. The Wintour House operates as a non-hereditary family of oligarchs and prominent members around EarthMC.

House Members

Senior Members

(Senior members additionally operate and hold seats on the Grand Council of Monaco)

  • Wishful Carrington Wintour (wishful_)
  • Simon Horan Wintour (CasuallySimonn)
  • Indira Grande Wintour-Maraj (LovelyPeach2001)
  • Zubaida Kuan Yew Xiaoping Wintour (Tafffy)
  • Aliénor Cassia Louise Wintour (__Cinna)

Junior Members

  • York Caprise Wintour (NewYorker9)
  • Carrot Anne Wintour (Carrot_Cake2002)
  • Blake Philip Delbert Matthew Wintour (Hambellux)
  • Joseph Gaudí Wintour (Joigrama)
  • Echo Amaryllis Wintour (EchoOcelot)
  • Hipster Utica Wintour (HipsterCrystal)
  • James Ji-woo Robredo Wintour (haimeshaimes)
  • Robert Denima Terese Wintour (Bob_Denim)
  • Armani Diana Wintour (getmani26)
  • Brandon Astor Wintour (LargeSleeves)
  • Stefani Germanotta Hatsune Wintour (rainbytes)
  • Sahir Dahyun Momo Hasina Wintour (amazingsahir008)

Former Members

  • Kara Ivy Wintour (kara_xoxo)
  • Alicia Elio Wintour (KiwiOne_)
  • Nicholas Romanov Grosvenor Wintour (Nicholas_Romanov)
  • Dakota Avery Wintour (KeeKeeMoMo)
  • Lucas Agnes Veronica Wintour (Lucas2011)



Principality of Monaco (NSR)

  • City of Monaco
    • Wintour Palace
  • City of Glasgow
  • City of Britain

Republic of New York

  • City of New York
    • SHOP Monaco @ Times Square
    • Chinatown
    • 111 W 57th Street (Under Construction)
    • The Met Museum (Under Construction)
    • Flatiron (Under Planning)
  • City of Long Island
  • City of Boston

Kingdom of Aquitaine

  • City of Marseille

Wintour Estates

  • City of Los Angeles
  • City of Ciudad Tulipan
  • City of Boston


The House of Wintour was founded in 2021 under the guidance of Wishful Carrington Wintour. Originally based out of New York on Nova, the family is specialized in mercantilism and architecture. Under Lucas, the New_York was one of the first towns to reach 940 chunks on Nova. The Wintour Family remained a prominent family within North American politics on Terra Nova via their involvement in the United States of America, with Wishful & Lucas both holding the presidential title, and other family members holding senatorial titles. Previous fallout with members of the family were ultimately resolved before the transition to Terra Aurora.

From April 2022 to November 2023, the Wintour Family unofficially was not in an operational capacity. On November 19th, 2023 Wishful reestablished the house based out of Monaco and began the recruitment and involvement of new members. This comes at a time when those within the family are at an epitome of wealth, mercantilism, and architectural finesse. During this period of reformation, some members of the family were formally removed due to inactivity or simple inability to function within the family structure.