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Monaco Flag.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of Monaco.png
Monaco claims april 2023.png
National Information
Full Name Principality of Monaco
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG ~122 (5-8-2023)
Chunks 881
Capital City Monaco
Largest City Monaco
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Principality of Monaco is a nation located in Mediterranean France and Italy. It was founded on the 2nd of May 2022.

The Principality of Monaco is ruled by the House of Wintour

Monaco is a member of the North Sea Republic


May 2022

King wishful_ founds Monaco on the 2nd of May before the release of Terra Aurora to the public after leaving the town of Budapest which was owned at the time by acquaintances of the king from Terra Nova.

Following the founding of the town of Monaco, Monaco joined the nation of Franco-Germany which was the primary continental power during the first month of the server before other nation spawns were able to be created.

Monaco would see slow but steady expansion along the Northwestern Italian coast, bordering the towns of Nice, Genoa (Former) , with the towns of Turin and Milan to the North.

Following the establishment of the Swiss town of Turin, Monaco expanded northwards before negotiating a claim agreement with the town. The town then disbanded out of nowhere a few days later, with no Monégasque action being taken to cause the disbandment of the town.

June - July 2022

On June 7th, Monaco would expand Northwards towards Milan and establish a border agreement with the former town of Genoa.

During this month wishful_ would be seen online mining for gold and not much else mainly occurred during this month.

Sometime in June, Monaco officially joined the French portion of the Franco-German Nation.

In July 2022, Monaco would begin a major expansion westwards in order to secure more of the Northwestern Po Valley.

On July 13th, CasuallySimonn joined the town of Monaco and became a councilor.

On July 22nd, the former town of Nice fell into ruin due to the owner being banned. Monaco them promptly claimed over the town in order to expand it's coastline.

August 2022

The first development plan of Monaco is released and construction on the road layout begins.

On August 15th, 2022 the first phase of the Monégasque-Swiss Border conflict occurs with the former town of Chamonix claiming a claim arm down to Monaco.

Also on August 15th, 2022 the town of Aix-En-Provence is founded in territory Monaco intends to claim, this causes panic in the public. Although both towns are in France, Aix-En begins expanding rapidly eastwards towards Monaco.

On August 18th, 2022 a border agreement is made with the mayor of Aix-En-Provence reaching an end to the expansion of the town eastwards that resulted in the now tail of Monaco. At this same time Monaco also makes major plans to secure its western border and begins amassing gold and residents.

On August 30th, Monaco makes a major expansion Northwards in order to secure its northern border from the newly created Swiss town of Aincrad. This adds to the Monégasque-Swiss Border conflict as a result.

On August 31st, Monaco offers diplomatic talks to the town of CERN (Now Annency) to discuss a border agreement, Monaco shows the claims that they request and unfortunately the mayor of Annency takes this an act of aggression and harshly demands that Monaco stay far away from their town although they did not have the resources to even claim the territory they believed was theirs. Monaco even had made offers to assist the town financially should an agreement be reached but ultilmately recidnded the offer due to the hostility. The mayor would not listen to the reasoning of the diplomatic envoy, both being in France at the time, Annency does not receive support from the fellow French after issuing a complaint against the requested claims by Monaco. Following this, Annency joins Francia (now Gaule).

September 2022

On September 6th, A Swiss town is planted very close to Monégasque territory, to the unwarranted request of the king, a hostile message is delivered from the mayor of Annency as a result.

On September 7th, the town of Aincrad claimblocks the expansion of Monaco to the north, said claimblock is promptly removed the same day. The town of Annency joins the Swiss nation on this day following the town being scammed by the former nation of Francia, and after hostile words are shared, Monaco opens diplomatic talks with the Swiss nation to discuss the border conflict occuring with Annency, Aincrad, Chamonix, and the former town that was deleted. During this time, Monaco offers many different options for negotiating, including paying the Swiss mayors gold for their trouble, ultimately neither side concedes. The final offer on the table would have relinquished Monégasque claims for a small gold fee. The negotiations never concluded and the Monégasque envoy was banned from the Swiss discord and action was taken against the Monégasque nation unprovoked even though the nation had tried to establish a diplomatic solution.

On September 8th, with the dynmap down, the town of Aincrad creates a massive claimarm south, cutting out major Monégasque claims. A wall is then erected by the town on the Northern Border. As a result, Monaco quickly fortifies its border by amassing a major gold and residents with the assistance of LovelyPeach2001. As a result Monaco is able to claim over 100+ chunks, and LovelyPeach2001 is granted a seat on the Monégasque grand council.

On September 12th, the Swiss town planted near Monaco which at this point has been claimed around, falls after being deleted by staff members due to its proximity to the town being recognized as a claimblock.

Following this skirmish, the Monégasque-Swiss Border conflict unofficially entered a ceasefire period with no further actions being taken.

Although it was claimed that Monaco griefed Ice Rails in the Swiss nation, the allegations are false for the simple reason that no Monégasque had access or permissions in any Swiss town. Any and all action taken by Monaco was strictly claim related. The same cannot be said for the Swiss nation, in which the mayor of Aincrad griefed the northern border of Monaco by using snow golems.

October 2022 - January 2023

On October 19th, Monaco established itself as a nation after CasuallySimonn amassed a large amount of gold via trading.

Monaco would likewise update their masterplan following the border conflict with the Swiss nation.

On November 7th, the town of Savoy was established by CasuallySimonn following the establishment of the Monégasque nation.

Savoy would expand slowly westwards during this time.

During this time Monaco would solidify its claims near Genoa, coming to the current state it is in as of 4/4/23.

During October, Monaco would be invited to join the Italian League to which Monaco accepted, unfortunately the league never went public and ultimately disbanded.

During this time period Monaco would unofficially declare independence from the nation of France in order to pursue its own foreign policy.

Around November 2022, Monaco was greeted with an offer to join the North Sea Republic to which it declined.

From this point on until February 2023, Monaco entered a period of inactivity.

During this time Monaco would take a neutral stance towards the Swiss nation while the Swiss nation remained hostile to Monaco.

February - March 2023

On February 14th, Monaco would join the North Sea Republic after a short diplomatic discussion. Monaco saw this as an opportunity to lift them out of inactivity and at the time, Monaco joining would further solidify claims of the republic in France due to the nation of Francia being within the republic at the time.

On February 19th, Monaco would become a full member state of the North Sea Republic.

On February 24th, Monaco with the help of diplomats from the NSR, would buy the town of Aix-En-Provence, causing it to thus become a territory of the Monégasque nation.

Throughout March, Monaco would slowly get involved with the community in the NSR and slowly exit the period of inactivity.

April 2023 - September 2023

Monaco would begin construction on their nation spawn along with revamping of official servers. Monaco and Savoy would also begin massive recruitment efforts in order to expand and to prevent the possible implementation of the overclaiming feature from causing harm to Monégasque territory.

On April 10th, Monaco would acquire a large complex of plots in the town of New_York_City and would begin construction on a massive mapart complex to support the Monégasque and New York economies.

On April 16th, the town of France, France would fall and Monaco would claim a large chunk of coastal territory before the town of Saint Tropez was established there, blocking coastal claims intended for Savoy. As a result of the establishment of this town, and needing to use claims before they expired, Savoy opted to expand west as they now had nowhere else to claim. This was the largest expansion of Monégasque since the consolidation of Savoy and Monaco in October & November 2022.

On April 26th, the town of Aix-En-Provence was partitioned between Savoy and Monaco City.

On May 8th, Monaco would achieve a 80 nation bonus for the first time. Additionally the town of Valetta joined the nation lead by Nachitw.

Throughout the summer of 2023, Monaco would expand it's realm, welcoming new mayors into the nation while also advancing the ecnonmic state of the nation. In late July, Monaco would scrap its original masterplan in favor of constructing the Wintour Palace, and with King wishful_ being elected as Hoyenah of the North Sea Republic, CasuallySimonn was appointed acting Regent of Monaco while wishful_ moved to recruit in Nice, and later move to the NSR capital of Ossory.

October 2023 - Current

Upon the announcement of Overclaim, Monaco began plans to withdraw from the Po Valley, and areas north of the Coastal Alps. On October 31'st, Monaco completed a full withdraw from the region and began finalization of consolidation of the nation and town while also amassing resources. In November, major construction efforts began underway in Monaco, including the completion of the Saint Nicki's Cathedral.