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The North American Pact was a Mutual Defence Pact and general communication hub for any nation/alliance related disputes/projects/general political talks within the continent of North America. This was founded on the 23rd of November 2020. The founding alliances of the Pact are the United States of America, Trimortum, Pacific Partnership and the Gulf Coast Alliance.

Origins of the Pact

Following the Trimortum-USA War there was a time of peace not seen in North America (Continent) for many months. To keep the peace JesTer_BBX of Edmonton (Nation)/British Columbia (Meganation) had discussions with many alliances to see if they could maintain this peace and create common ground for talks to prevent the peace from being broken. This concept had been tried before he was aware, but this effort wasn't set out to be a conqueror of nations or a mega alliance, it was set for simple and humble beginnings as an opt in defensive pact, swearing to talk to each other before action, and to vote on evidence given and decide whether the presented evidence is enough for defence of that nation. Each nation also spoke on a non offensive agreement. That is if any one nation attacks another in or outside the Pact they automatically lose their claim for defence as aggression is against what it was founded on.

The "G" Summit

The "G" Summit: The Summit is the collection of representatives for each Alliance that will talk to each other on their alliance's behalf. Each alliance section have 1 vote point between them. If ever the Pact requires a full vote on any topic it will rely on that system. However in every other instance the alliances remain independent and can opt in or opt out of topics taken to the summit such as war declarations. Any nation within the Pact can request to have a topic taken to the summit.

As of when the Pact was founded, the Summit (also known as the G4) has 16 members each representing an alliances interests. The "4" after the G represents the number of alliances that are eligible to Vote in the Summit.

Observer States

Observer States are granted almost full permissions as a regular nation in the pact. They do not specifically have a representative in the G summit but they can still request for a topic to be taken to the summit and voted on. They may also request to discuss any border agreements or disputes/concerns they have with any other member nations. It is easier to apply to become an Observer State than a full G member.