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Nation Finland
Town Hitra
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Salbru. Saltbruh. Cuh


New helsinki in 2023

I joined EMC in summer of 2021 and i started my journey by not knowing how the server works for a week until i joined my first town which is Kuala Lumpur,(lumpeeh  owned  the town) i then went inactive and got 42dayed because i forgot to join. then i joined a town called Bergo which is where the friendly relationship with Aland starts, then i bought my first nation called Kalmar Union for 200g and i did some progress there. after that i made a town called Murmansk and later moved to my friends town (Plovdiv) as a Councillor. we developed the town and we made it nice, then i did some goofy stuff on nova which was crazy


The first town i joined on aurora was Aland, i joined it so i can make a town in Africa that i was planning, (and possibly a nation) but i did not make a nation in Africa, i did make Addis Ababa in Ethiopia but after a few months i sold it, moved back to Aland and started out again with a new town. I made a town there called New Helsinki. New Helsinki was a huge part of my Aurora career. it looked nice. While i was in aland i got minister of infrastructure eventually i then made a nation  called Tavastia 11 months after the town was made. After 1 month of the nation being made I sold it to Veyronity and after that he sold it to Arctic. After that I decided to townhop and snipe towns. Eventually i settled in egypt for 3 months and i helped them progress. After  that I had moved to Suomi due to the  attraction it currently has. I had became friends with hubba and i had to move to rovaniemi at  the same time i sold new helsinki because i had no place  to stay.  I made more friends in suomi and helped them develop. I was in their goverment for 2 months. In that time i had also bought Kanada and i owned  it for a month.  After that i had regained tavastia for a short time, until i announced i was quitting EMC and after new helsinki fell. I have came back to EMC and now i am in Finland and i own Hitra. Now New helsinki is named Hamenlinna.

Towns i owned

  • Sarajevo
  • Fairview╩Ő
  • Mount Weather
  • Addis_Ababa
  • New_Helsinki
  • Fort_Lump
  • New_Murmansk
  • Hitra
  • Exuma
  • Kiistala
  • Goteborg
    New helsinki before it died
    New helsinki From the sky