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Kingdom of Egypt
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name EgyptFlag.jpeg Kingdom of Egypt
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG193
Chunks 3717
Capital City Cairo
Largest City Cairo
Oldest City Suez
Language(s) English, Arabic
Government Information
Political System Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Kingdom of Egypt (Arabic: المملكة المصرية, romanized: Al-Mamlaka Al-Miṣreyya) is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula. Cairo is the capital and largest city of Egypt.


Ancient era (May 1 2022 - May 15 2022)

Early beginnings

The Terra Aurora server was opened to Premium Players on May 1 and plans were made by the former Indochinese to settle in Egypt. Another group that was interested in settling in Egypt was the Ancient Egyptians who had experience in the region throughout the Terra Nova server.

The Ancient Egyptians were the first people to create a town in Egypt on May 1 2022, this town was called Giza and was situated near the Great Bitter Lake, close to where the real town of Suez is located meanwhile, despite the late start, the former Indochinese created towns on May 2 2022, those being Cairo, Alexandria, and Suez.

Contention for the Nation

Both groups began to mine frantically to try and create Egypt first on May 2, with major progress being made the former Indochinese that day which eventually caused them to create the nation a day later on May 3. The nation being created by them resulted in a boost of morale to continue growing towns and the nation.

Suez Crisis

With the nation created and the two groups coexisting in Egypt, tensions heightened due to uncertainty about around each other. The Ancient Egyptians continued with their dedication to their Egyptian project with them beginning early stages of construction of the Suez Canal, a strategic important area for the former Indochinese, now known as Egyptians.

Discussions between Egypt and the Ancient Egyptians began on May 4 about the future of the region and Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians wishing to claim the Sinai Peninsula, the Suez Canal, parts of the Nile Delta and Nile River itself in return for joining Egypt meanwhile the Egyptians wished to be united under one nation with no restrictions on where one another could claim.

A lack of agreement between the two parties eventually caused the Ancient Egyptians to seek other opportunities outside of Egypt as the future they wished for was fading and Giza was sold to the Egyptians for 64 gold on May 7.

Completion of the Suez Canal

Once Giza (now known as Suez was under Egyptian control, construction continued and the canal was officially opened to public usage on May 7. However, further plans to embellish the canal were planned for the future.

End of premium access

The Premium access to Terra Aurora ended on May 8 and the server was scheduled to be opened to the public on May 13 2022. Egypt had prepared for the public release with last minute claims and mining trips.

Dawn era (May 15 2022 - Nov 15 2022)

Sinai Crisis

After the start of the public release, The nation of Egypt faced a new problem, The town of Jerusalem was created and the people had plan to create Israel. A ticket was created on the Egyptian discord to discuss about it and concluded a Refusal to a Jewish state in the region. The Israelis people ignored that and created the nation of Israel.

To counter the Jewish state, NeFFeeh and the Former King Fluxeeh invested a lot of gold (around 3,000g) for developing town around and assure their claim in the region Al-Quds, Petra and the Suez were the principal town invested. To counter Jewish expansion and assure peace in the area, Egypt, Babylon and Rüm (Turkey) created the Saadabad Pact and formalized border between them.

Only one battle occurred: The Skirmish of Jerusalem (Egypt,Babylon and Turkey)

  • 5 deaths on the Jerusalem side
  • 0 deaths on the Egyptian side

Decline of Egypt

From July to August 2022, Egypt went through a period of decline, this was instigated by an overall lack of interest to play on EarthMC which was made apparent by the inactivity of Fluxeeh and other key members of Egypt. Not much progress was made during this period as the nation continued to decline due to inactivity, Egypt suffered a massive loss in terms of losing its second biggest town at the time, Al Quds. Omereise, the former mayor of Al Quds sold the town to Israel, this was seen as a blatant betrayal by Egypt which had invested a considerable amount of gold into the town and had supported its fight against Israel.

Around August, Egypt had dropped to its lowest point, its overall resident count had dropped below twenty and Egyptian towns were beginning to leave to join Israel instead, the towns of Alexandria and Bushlandia left Egypt to join Israel. Another town on the Israeli border, Petra left Egypt due to the lack of a nation bonus and overall inactivity in Egypt. At the same time Israel had launched their expansion into Egypt, four Israeli towns had been made within Egypt, and three of these towns were made close to Cairo, surrounding the Egyptian Capital on the South, West, and North (including the former Egyptian town of Alexandria).

Abdication of Fluxeeh I

20 August 2022 marked the end of this period, on this day Fluxeeh, notable for being the King of Terra Nova Indochina and the Founder and First King of Egypt, announced his abdication and departure from EarthMC. Replacing him was Lumpeeh, formerly the Mayor of Mecca and a long-time player on Terra Nova Indochina.

Rebirth of Egypt and isolationism

After Lumpeeh had given Mecca to Iseeeh (a member of the Egyptian Royal Family), he moved to Cairo where the nation was passed over to Lumpeeh and he was set up to be the new and Second King of Egypt. Lumpeeh faced multiple immediate issues, these were: rampant inactivity, a decline in towns and claimed chunks, a non-existent nation bonus, Israeli expansion into Egypt, Egyptian towns leaving to join other nations, and other attempts from Arabia to recruit Egyptian towns. Using his experience from Terra Nova, decided that the best way to get Egypt out of the decline was through restoring confidence within the nation, he hoped to do this through Cairo with combined recruiting, expanding, and building. Along with this was the introduction of daily logs, which functioned as a diary/news channel for daily updates in Cairo, currently it has over 64 posts detailing Cairo’s growth and build-up from 20 August 2022 to now.

Particularly Egypt became increasingly isolationistic, rejecting offers to join any other alliances in Africa or the Middle East (except for the Caliphate), this was done under the principle that the focus should solely be on reversing the decline and on favoring practical reasoning over external reasoning e.g., matters that have no practical effect on in-game progress. Egypt did not get involved in any affairs outside of Egypt, most notably the numerous wars and interventions that occurred in the Middle East surrounding Kushan and the Sassanid Empire. Lumpeeh introduced some reforms to the banking system, the recruitment system, and the Egyptian Government, but elections were suspended. Through sustained growth and expansion, Egypt was able to slowly reverse the decline that had been caused by inactivity, by early October Egypt was at around sixty-plus residents, one thousand chunks, and was at around fifteen towns.

The Israeli towns within Egypt slowly began to fall one by one, most notable was the fall of Israeli Alexandria and the restoration of Egyptian Alexandria under NeFFeeh, marking the end of Israeli presence and control over the Nile Delta. During this time, the Caliphate was formed, an alliance between Egypt and Turkey, this was the first diplomatic action taken under Lumpeeh since August. However, the policy of isolationism and the heavy emphasis on reversing the decline proved to be highly effective, Egypt was not entangled with outside affairs meaning that it could primarily focus on resolving its internal issues which it was able to do, by now Egypt had completely reversed its decline. The downside to this is that Egypt was isolated in the region, combined with the older generation of nations within the region falling or going inactive made this situation far more drastic, though this was resolved in late January. Egypt’s overall stats had significantly shifted since August and surpassed pre-decline Egypt, by mid-January Egypt had achieved over two thousand claimed chunks, around one hundred and forty residents, and had twenty-five towns, a tremendous transformation from a declining nation to an actively growing nation.

Advent era (Nov 15 2022 - Mar 04 2023)

Rise of the Libyan coast

Following the growth efforts taking place in the Nile Delta, the Egyptian-occupied Libyan coast was also beginning to grow. After StoffeH, who originally settled in the Caribbean, and who was a longtime friend of Neffeeh, the original owner of the town of Benghazi, managed to gain ownership over the town. Neffeeh left to create the town of Alexandria. With help from the government, the two towns that were situated on the coast, Benghazi and Tobruk, began to grow.

Tensions with Chad

See also: Egyptian-Chadian War

During mid-November, the neighboring nation to the south-west, Chad, had begun an operation to unite the Libyan Coast under their nation. Efforts were being made to purchase the towns on the coast, including Benghazi. After multiple denied attempts, the efforts were going on for weeks. To take matters into their own hands, StoffeH had agreed with the purchase of the town, except Chad did not receive the town.

The scam resulted in outrage across Chad, and it was taken to the chats of the Egyptian discord demanding justice and the sum of 1,150 gold to be returned. Numerous plans were made by Egypt in an attempt to reduce tensions, which included a mock trial in which StoffeH would be tried for his crime in the theft of gold. Tensions reduced following the event, however their efforts to claim Libya became the main focus for Chad, and towns were made to claimblock Benghazi and prevent it from growing.

Sinai claim disputes settled

In mid-January, the claim disputes in the Sinai Peninsula between Egypt and Israel were finally settled and the area was divided with Egypt claiming it's towns and Israel claiming the rest of the peninsula. An outlier, which was the town of Damascus, later sold to Syria, would be the exception of Egyptian towns that would be claimed in Israel.

Levantine Pact

On January 25 2023, the three nations of Egypt, Israel, and Phoenicia had came to discuss the formation of a defensive pact. A three-way alliance was formed hours after the discussion in order to protect the Levant area from invasion from nearby nations such as Kushan. After the formation of the pact, the alliance was open to other nearby nations to join.

Aquisition of Ancient Egypt

In late January, plans were made to find a way to claim the land which was originally claimed by the nation of Ancient Egypt since their fall was inevitable.

On February 4 2023, the capital of Lux, owned by Lervain, was being sold for a price of a few thousand gold, due to his plans of departing to South Sudan. Egypt responded quickly by purchasing the nation and town. The nation was disbanded, and the town of Lux is now owned by Lackeeh.

Egyptian-Chadian War

Following the efforts Chad has continued on to get their revenge on Egypt, the Egyptians also had plans on retaliation.

A series of operations on hunting and killing Chadian citizens and sandminers were carried out in mid-January.

Triumph era (Mar 04 2023 - Oct 01 2023)

Treaty of Benghazi with Chad

On March 4 2023, Egypt and Chad signed the Treaty of Benghazi that included the following terms:

-Both Chad and Egypt agree to a peace deal. -All hostilities between Chad and Egypt will end and will officially mark the end of the Egypt-Chad conflict. -Chad will recognize Egyptian borders. -Egypt will recognize Chadian Borders. -Both Nations agree to end all general hostilities and speak on neutral terms. -Both Nations agree to stop the making and posting of propaganda regarding the conflict and under the reason of degrading/mocking each other's nations. -Chad will cede over control of Libya, Bros, and Zawiyat to Egypt. -Egypt will cede over control of New_Cairo, Aladdin, and Egyptian_Chad to Chad. -Egypt agrees to pay 1000 gold as compensation for the chunk inequality of the trade between towns. -Chad agrees to leave the Turan Pact -Egypt will begin the process of entering the Democratic Coalition of Africa (DCoA) via a democratic process and vote under the DCoA, Chad agrees not to interfere with the vote in any way.

Middle East member state

His Majesty's government announced on May 5 2023 that the nation of the Middle East had joined the Egyptian realm as a member state, with Nomad_Luna becoming Nomarch.

King Fluxeeh I returns to activity

Former King Fluxeeh I announced he was officially returning to activity and re-assumed royal duties on May 11 2023.

Return of Egyptian election

Elections within Egypt returned for the first time since Fluxeeh I's reign due to the growth of the nation at the beginning of July 2023 with UnleashdaBarista winning the majority of the vote against Frede.

Third Egyptian election

On August 3 2023, Prime Minister UnleashdaBarista was re-elected with a majority vote of 83.3% of the vote against Salbru.

Yemen member state

His Majesty's government announced that Yemen had joined Egypt as a member state on August 14 2023, with Popos6969 becoming Nomarch.

Fourth Egyptian elections

Prime Minister UnleashdaBarista won the fourth Egyptian elections with a record-breaking 88.9% of the vote against Potato_ofTruth.

Grace era (October 01 2023 - Present)

Withdrawal from the Levantine Pact

On October 24 2023, His Majesty's government announced that Egypt was leaving the Levantine Pact as the alliance was no longer in the interest of Egypt.

Fifth Egyptian election

With UnleashdaBarista taking a short break from politics and not running for re-election, it left a big hole in Egyptian politics which meant former King Fluxeeh I and Caroleeh becoming the two candidates in the election. On December 5 2023, it was announced that Fluxeeh had won the election with 56.3% of the vote against Caroleeh.

Support for Genoa against Venice

With the declaration of war against Genoa, Egypt announced that it would be supporting Genoa against Venetian aggression.

Sixth Egyptian election

Fluxeeh ran for a second term as Prime Minister in the sixth Egyptian elections running against former opponent Caroleeh, and the new candidates of DodzMC and FTCF_Xlax. On February 2 2024, it was announced that Caroleeh had won the election with 57.1% of the vote with Fluxeeh having 28.6% of the vote.

2024 Egyptian Parliament Crisis

After the election of Caroleeh as Prime Minister, she announced that a government was going to be formed and offered an application program for candidates to apply for ministry positions which was designed to increase dedication to the ministry positions.

After the program was released, time passed and a government was yet to be announced by Caroleeh almost halfway into her term. This led to suspicion if Caroleeh was fit to be in the position of Prime Minister. A motion of no confidence was initiated on February 27 2024 and turmoil began to happen within parliament. On February 28, Caroleeh made a response to the motion of no confidence stating that she had failed to fulfill her promises from her election campaign and instead was working on her mental health and real life obligations but announced her government and affirmed that she was still dedicated to her position as Prime Minister if the motion of no confidence were to fail.

As a last-minute attempt to change the minds of Egypt's members of parliament, a response to the no-confidence vote was posted which included her reasons as well as the new list of ministers for her term. One controversial move was made in which the mayor of Desert Aldia, Azlantheredman, was appointed as the Minister of Defense. After multiple announcements were sent by Azlan which were deemed unnecessary by the other half of the government, which included the Royalty and the King, an executive decision was made by King Lumpeeh II to remove the minister from power on March 1.

On March 1 the highly contested motion of no confidence had concluded, ending in a tie. The decision to was made by King Lumpeeh II to remove Caroleeh from her position to prevent any more issues to be incited within parliament on March 2. After Caroleeh's removal, he announced that a temporary government was to be set up until the next election at the beginning of April with Fluxeeh assuming the position of Acting Regent on behalf of the Temporary Government. This temporary government led by Fluxeeh I was to assume leadership duties from Lumpeeh II temporarily as he announced he would be taking a break from his Head of State position due to the calamity caused from this crisis.

Desert Aldia Skirmish

Mere weeks after the town of Desert Aldia was evicted from Egypt permanently in the fallout of the 2024 Egyptian Parliament Crisis, tensions had reached a breaking point, especially with Desert Aldian mayor Azlantheredman intentionally antagonising and even threatening real life violence in some instances against Egyptian residents, especially those in the higher positions in the government. With Azlantheredman seemingly unwilling to let this feud slide, an Egyptian resident by the name of Solvok decided to take matters into his own hands, and set up a new town just south of Desert Aldia, called New Aldia.

Within a mere 12 hours after it's founding on March 30th of 2024, a skirmish had broke out in the no-man's land between Desert Aldia and New Aldia around 06:07am UTC, between the Egyptian residents of Caroleeh, Fluxeeh, and Mikazu, and the leader of Coco, BlueDragon628, against all three residents of Desert Aldia. As the Desert Aldians either had basically no gear or very poorly-made gear if they had any to begin with, the town suffered an embarassing defeat, racking up a total of 7 deaths on the Desert Aldian side, with no casualties on the Egyptian side.


  • 7 deaths on the Desert Aldian side
  • 0 deaths on the Egyptian side

Seventh Egyptian election

The first election since the 2024 government crisis was concluded on 4 April. Former Prime Minister and Acting Regent Fluxeeh won with a majority 66.7% of the votes, followed by _Billeeh gaining 25% of the vote and finally ripci with 8.3% of the vote.

Annexation of Mersa Matruh

On 7 April 2024, it was announced that the Greek enclave in Egypt known as Mersa Matruh had been sold to the Kingdom of Egypt. The annexation transformed Mersa Matruh over the following week, with the large deposit of items being left in the town being taken and a complete rebuild of the town was planned with all the builds in the town being demolished. This event finally ended the year long dispute between the town of Mersa Matruh and Egypt.

Politics and Government

Egypt is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy led by Lumpeeh who is the King of Egypt. There are bi-monthly elections for Prime Minister with the current Prime Minister being Fluxeeh. Mayors of towns within Egypt are Members of Parliament and can vote within the House of Representatives for national decisions. Click here for a full timeline of Egyptian Prime Ministers.


Architectural Wonders

The Giza Necropolis

The Giza Necropolis contains two great Pyramids, the Pyramid of Giza located in Giza and the Pyramid of Khufu, located in the town of Nile.

The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is an artificial waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and by extension, the Indian Ocean. The canal is a key route for travel and trade for nations in both the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. It was completed and opened on 7 May 2022 by Fluxeeh for public use.

Great Mosque of Mecca

Located in the town of Mecca, the Great Mosque of Mecca is a significant mosque which serves a very important role in the religion of Islam.

Fort Gort

Fort Gort is a large defensive structure, located in Tobruk, and as of now, the only one or its kind in Egypt. It holds a sizeable Main Keep, aptly named "Gortskeep", as well as a smithing area and stables.

Fort Gort1.png
Fort gort2.png

The fort is named after a Benghazi steed, named Gort. A fine stallion indeed, Gort's rider was as admirable as he, Stoffeeh "The Greek Slayer" of the Eeh Family. Gort was savagely and underhandedly murdered by the Greek populace of Mersa Matruh.

General History

Fort Gort was constructed and designed by Guyeeh, with material aid from mainly the PM of Egypt at the time, UnleashdaBarista, but in a smaller capacity from the king himself, Lumpeeh the second. It was finished in mid-July 2023.


Fort Gort serves mainly as a resupply hub for the REA, with its secondary function being to provide a defensive advantage to Tobruk's defenders, from any would be Eastern Incurisions. It also has a, perhaps unintended, function of standing tall and imposing upon the border with Mersa Matruh. Several documented instances show the Greeks awed by the architecture of Fort Gort.


The entrance into the fort's courtyard sits upon the upper portion of Tobruk, however, it spans in length to the coastline. Built onto the water itself sit 2 of the fort's towers, which are connected via a pillar-supported bridge.

Its western wall, and its longest, faces Tobruk's old town in its lower half and in its upper half, Tobruk's new residential district. Thus, by proxy, it has a lateral relation to the Tobruk "St. Biden" River, which itself was summoned by God himself when a the Church of Tobruk was first built.

The eastern half of the wall is actually made up of 2 walls. It begins from the Gatehouse and melds into the Main Keep's eastern, windowed, portion. The main keep is itself supported by the second Eastern wall.

Foreign relations

The foreign relations of Egypt are handled by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Egypt is a member of the Mediterranean Pact which includes the nations of Genoa, Israel, Turkey, and Aragon.

Egypt continues to be a nation of influence within Africa, the Middle East and globally.

List of Towns

Notable People

  • Fluxeeh - First King of Egypt.
  • Lumpeeh - Second and current King of Egypt.
  • NeFFeeh - Member of the Egyptian Royal Family and Mayor of Alexandria.
  • Guyeeh - Member of the Egyptian Royal Family and Mayor of Tobruk.
  • StoffeH - Member of the Egyptian Royal Family and Mayor of Benghazi.
  • UnleahdaBarista - Longest serving Prime Minister and Mayor of Safaga.
  • Rajeeh - Member of the Egyptian Royal Family and Mayor of Kemmet.
  • Iseeeh - Member of the Egyptian Royal Family and Mayor of Mecca.
  • Char322 - Member of the Egyptian Royal Family and Mayor of Suez.
  • Taveth - Former Member of the Egyptian Royal Family.
  • Jump Fox - Former Member of the Egyptian Royal Family.
Name Mayor Population Size Founded
Cairo Lumpeeh 71 940 2 May 2022
Benghazi StoffeH 12 191 3 May 2022
Sinai Nemupy 19 185 17 September 2022
Tobruk Guyeeh 6 295 17 May 2022
Nile Fluxeeh 21 341 5 May 2023
Suez Char322 1 88 2 May 2022
Mecca Iseeeh 2 128 3 May 2022
Palestine flurrry 6 144 17 May 2022
Giza Solvok 21 256 25 May 2023
Cyprus Omkar 1 19 1 May 2022
Alexandria NeFFeeh 1 216 22 October 2022
Port Argeen Zvietcong 1 87 1 October 2022
Safaga UnleashdaBarista 2 76 3 November 2023
Laufey Caroleeh 2 52 30 November 2023
Siwa NerdPidgeon 1 16 6 August 2023
Makkah Bunijin 1 94 19 August 2022
Heliopolis Elvitika 1 36 15 June 2023
El-bayda CatManXvZ 3 116 35 May 2023
Asyut CompyGamer01 1 3 5 August 2023