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On the 5th of March 2020 the town of Cilician_Armenia(Armenia) joined Ancient Egypt.

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The Armenians of Cilicia swore fealty to the Egyptian Pharaon in exchange of protection from the Murderous Turks and Byzantines threatening the Armenian Population of Cilicia.

Regional Division

Region Capital(Lower Egypt):Pharaon Louisdek - Osiris(Capital City),Toth,Isis,Plymouth,Seth

Region of Libya:Governor IkSteelJouHoofd - Misrata,Klinari,Buzaimah

Region of Levant:Governor God_Of_Murloc - Cilician_Armenia,Lebanon

Region of Kosh/Sudan:Governor Fulldyams - Temple_Edfu,Horus,Abou_Simbel,Le_Caire,Suakin,Belleville,Eritrea


Ancient Egypt is a Pharaonic Monarchy lead by Louisdek. The main language of the Nation is French but English is widely spoken.

The town of Osiris acts as a capital and center of the Nation where players can gather and meet.

International Relations

Ancient Egypt is currently in war with the GRE

Ancient Egypt is currently ennemy with France, Britain, GRE


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