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The Third Battle of Kraftier was a battle associated with The Dharug-Kraftier Rebellion. It lasted, in total about 2 hours, with Nubians suffering no deaths and Kraftier suffering 2.


The Nubians had been watching Kraftier on the dynmap actively as part of The ongoing Dharug-Kraftier Rebellion, and after The Kraftier Raid to stop it from growing again.

They later saw Ethin_Graham and Kobikraft on the dynmap at Kraftier, and the Nubian Minister of Municipal Development, gorkymoo1119, along with StarKiller1744 , Mayor of Turkana attacked Kraftier.

Noahser was already there from earlier, however went back to Kiir as StarKiller1744 and gorkymoo1119 arrived.




Gorky1119 arrived via iceroad from Melon (where he had his /res spawn) to Gizmo to start gearing up, and advanced into Kraftier. StarKiller1744 arrived from the El Obeid iceroads heading southwards towards the general area of Kraftier. They managed to get together to stay safe.


At the time, the Nubian Emperor was busy however helped scare the people of Kraftier further, by a series of direct messages from him to Ethin_Graham.

Twomoo1119 later arrived to assist the Nubians in their mission.


Whilst the original focus of the battle was the Mayor of Kraftier, kobikraft, it quickly turned to the somewhat new resident, Ethin_Graham, in an attempt to prevent him from considering staying active.

Luckily for the Nubians, Ethin_Graham's home was right next to the wilderness (where PvP is enabled at all times), with them trying to tempt him out - to no success. He came to attempt to get some hits on the Nubian army from time to time, but mostly hide in his home.

Occupation of Eastern Kraftier

Kobikraft leaves game

As a result of the Mayor now leaving, all attention went towards Ethin_Graham. He remains confident, however refuses to fight. The Nubians use this chance to temporarily 'occupy' the area of Kraftier the fight was in/around.

Foreign PvPers arrive

A citizen of Quebec, franzoooo arrived. It was unknown what their intent was, and both sides stayed cautious for quite a bit, until he left the sight of either side. He was accidentally attacked by Nubian StarKiller1744 , with the Nubian Emperor warning them not to attack franzoooo again.


twomoo1119 vs Ethin_Graham

Ethin_Graham challenged the Nubian Emperor to a 1v1, of which he accepted. However, whenever Ethin_Graham had low health he would go to claims and hide, meaning no deaths happened as a result of this.


Later, the Nubians managed to hide and StarKiller1744 killed Ethin_Graham for the 1st time, it is unknown how he killed them the second time.

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