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Template:A National InfoboxGreenland is a province of The Republic of Cascadia.



Originally founded on January 18th, 2020 by Fractured_Soul as a colony of Rio Grande, the nation has undergone multiple changes in leadership, first from Fractured_Soul to T0rnado_, then from T0rnado_ to YeetAnxiety, from YeetAnxiety to Saabman62, from Saabman62 to KarlRaven06 (and gaining independence from Rio Grande in the process), and again from KarlRaven06 to EstiQT on December 15th, 2020, in which the nation joined the Republic of Cascadia as a province.

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The Trading Hub


The Cascadian Purchase


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Early History 


After extensive talks with EchoOcelot Paperpikmin established a new German state in order to recreate the German nation. Initially, success was seen, with a new town established and Berlin regained. This slowed as Paperpikmin became incredibly busy off the server. Nonetheless, as November arrived the nation saw continued legitimacy and growth, however, it is slow due to the major towns of Leipzig and Hamburg proving an enormous obstacle. Many new alliances were quickly established, and diplomatic talks were made initially.


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The province of North Greenland does not have a military of its own, instead relying on the Republic of Cascadia's Armed Forces to defend it when necessary. However, the governor of the province has been known to personally step in to intervene against foreign attackers if necessary, as she is part of the CAF.


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Notable People

  • EstiQT
  • Fraccu (Formerly Fractured_Soul)
  • Cheeekz
  • StumblingDrunks
  • WhytheSticc
  • KarlRaven06

National Subdivisions


Greenland's towns are listed below




Cape Morris


Former Towns

Greenland's former towns are listed below

Fort_Echelon (Fallen, plan to rebuild)

LE2CASSETOUTCITY (baptiste1006)

Nordic_Empire (MrPotatoes32 [mayor] , cjobrien [councilor])

Station_Nord (Breacche_)

Fort_Gay (saabman62)

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