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The Siege of Dharug was an attempted fight that took place as part of The Sudanese Rebellion that involved Nubia occupying the Sudanese national spawn. It lasted around 25 minutes, with TheSuperGamer205 hiding away out of fear.


The Request of 90 gold

On the 30th of October 2020, twomoo1119 demanded TheSuperGamer205, and the nation of Sudan, pay him 90 gold or he would claim eastwards of Dharug. It was decided that the amount should be 90 gold due to that being the amount of gold in the Sudanese nation bank. It wasn't made clear when the deadline for this should be.

Last Chance and loss

A few hours later, the Sudanese were told they would have to pay the gold soon, or else the chunks would be claimed. The Sudanese still hesitated on this, and later lost their chance. After a server restart, twomoo1119 claimed the chunks on behalf of El Obeid.

Sudanese Spawn

After noticing the new claims of El Obeid, TheSuperGamer205 locked the Sudan spawn from being teleported to from anyone who was not an /n ally in-game. This was after Nubian allies attempted to check out the gains, and inspired StarKiller1744 to request Nubians to travel there on foot and occupy the area.

No Exit

After noticing the upcoming forces, TheSuperGamer205 blocked off all entrances to the spawn building of Sudan.


Originally, only StarKiller1744 and Driifter came to the area after twomoo1119 told them of the expansion. They found areas they could access the spawn building via, and got in, scaring TheSuperGamer205 into teleporting away. Other Nubians later arrived, such as Nopnop100 and gorkymoo1119, to further scare the Sudanese.

During this time, the Nubians marched around the spawn in an attempt to humiliate the Sudanese more, and TheSuperGamer205 later left sight of the Nubians more, making the Nubians believe they had achieved their goal, however, the Nubians still continued 'patrolling' the building to show their dominance.


After the Siege, the Nubians claimed victory due to the gain of territory and humiliation of the Sudanese, as well as a successful occupation of the area. The Sudanese left the games afterwards, with no official response about the incident. The loss of controlled area by the spawn caused the nation spawn to stay private as a result of the Nubian claims around it.

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