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The Sudanese Rebellion (also known as The Dharug-Kraftier Rebellion) was and still is a current rebellion going on by the towns of Kraftier and Dharug and formerly Frog Moore of the nation 'Sudan' (not to be confused with the former name of Nubia), and remains ongoing to this day, for over 2 months, with the rebellion currently being won by the defending Nubian side. There have been 0 victories/claimed victories by the Dharug-Kraftier/Sudanese side as of yet, however the Sudanese also claim the Nubians have only won one of the battles, despite numerous Sudanese dying to Nubians in battles associated to the rebellion.


Origin of Tensions

Tensions between the towns of Dharug and Mersa began in early May during the Ethiopian Revolt, lead by gorkymoo1119. Despite cooperating in their mission to free Nubia of Yemeni influence, the two towns quickly became fierce rivals within the provisional government. Mersa believed it should hold a central status within the newfound nation as it was the capital and largest town, while TheSuperGamer205 of Dharug believed he should hold second in command, no clear justification was given as to why this position should be given to him. This would lead to an impeachment scandal between 57gorky of Mersa and TheSuperGamer205 within just several days of Ethiopia being formed, it was ultimately resolved when Ethiopia was annexed by Nubia.

Due to previous threats of forming their own rebel nation, Dharug was regarded with high levels of suspicion by the Nubian government after these incidents. Further incidents in the weeks after unification, such as the 'Nickname Crisis' (named due to the content of the incident/crisis), in which TheSuperGamer205 demanded that he only be referred to as his full username when spoken to further damaged his already declining popularity within the nation. The perception of TheSuperGamer205 as someone who was both immature and extremely power hungry left him isolated from the rest of the nation.

KobiKraft would develop a similar reputation over the next couple of months amongst Nubians, and the two would begin to work closely with one another.

Leaving Nubia

Dharug and Kraftier left Nubia to join Ethiopia after being "bullied and not protected" (quote from TheSuperGamer205) on the 13th of August 2020. After refusing to rejoin, many Nubians finally took out their anger on Kraftier and Dharug, as both the Mayors had made some extremely controversial statements, that made them very disliked.


The same day as them leaving, both Mayors spread lies and spoke badly of the nation of Nubia. This angered the Nubians, eventually causing a small raid on Kraftier, as the first combat incident of the rebellion.

Development and war


About 3 known raids occurred within 12 hours of Kobikraft leaving, and more happened in the future. Whilst deaths were unrecorded, and mostly minor, this angered Kobikraft, as he would often lose gear and pride, but Nubians would become more motivated to continue fighting.


Start of plans

Kobikraft and TheSuperGamer205 decided that Ethiopia should only be temporarily, and decided they wished to create the nation of South Sudan at first (later Sudan, exact date of this change is unknown). They did not manage to keep their plans well-hidden from the Nubians, as the Nubians found out approximately an hour after them starting to plan it.

Operation Despot

The Nubians knew they shouldn't let this happen, and soon began plans to stop the nation. Minister of Defence at the time, StarKiller1744 and Emperor twomoo1119 had the idea of sneaking towns into it. The first Mayor onboard with this was mayor of St. Allison, Nexus_Hype. Later, the town of Gizmo was also asked to participate, of which they did by joining Ethiopia. They were let in via a vote, as Nexus_Hype was already in.

Discussions in regard to which town should become the capital began, and the Nubians wished to get Kobikraft and TheSuperGamer205 into thinking St. Allison should become the capital, as the Nubians already knew the mayors of Dharug and Kraftier were in disagreement about it.

An example of their disagreement about it was when Kobikraft held a poll in the Kraftier discord. He then took away the votes for Dharug to be the capital. This was witnessed by the many Nubians in the discord, to the amusement of them about how the 2 couldn't even get along together, comparable to how they failed to get along with anyone in Nubia.

There was then a vote held in a private discord between the 4 Mayors, with them all eventually agreeing that St. Allison should be the capital. On August 15th, over 800 gold was paid to Nexus_Hype to make the nation, as they assumed Nexus_Hype already had 200g to make it already.

However, to the shock and end of the excitement of Kobikraft and TheSuperGamer205, Nexus_Hype didn't make the nation. Later, the operation was announced a success by twomoo1119 in the Nubian discord. Gizmo and St. Allison then rejoined Nubia. The Nubians stated that this would delay the rebels from making a nation for some time, which it did, as they never made a nation, instead buying the nation of Kosovo for 300g and within a few days war was declared on Nubia, despite Nubia already being at war with them.


After this, TheSuperGamer205 reported Nexus_Hype as a scammer on the EMC Scammer discord, despite many disagreeing with this. Kobikraft and TheSuperGamer205 would also constantly call Nubia a scam nation, and try to steal Nubian citizens, especially from the towns of Gizmo, El Obeid and Mersa, which failed. They would also message Nubians asking for their money back, which the Nubians didn't give as they were enemies.

Destruction of Kraftier

Visit main article: The Kraftier Raid

The councillor of Kraftier, Tafffy, decided to loot the town of its valuables due to kobiKraft's previous hostilities towards Ohio. It is known that Nubia worked alongside Nova Scotia to have this event planned. Tafffy later on decided to turn on outsider perms, which allowed multiple looters to enter the town, and steal multiple valuables (i.e. Gold). During the raid the town was destroyed, as many buildings had been looted and broken, and all 70+ residents besides kobiKraft himself were kicked. The town is currently lying in much ruin, and a recovery isn't expected soon either. On August 21st, Kraftier had the damage rolled back by the moderation team of EarthMC, however only a few major greifers were warned, due to the amount of participants in the raid.

The Exit of Miro


On the 14th of October, Brobbo41, Mayor of Miro, announced:

'Due to the current situation, I have decided to stop working with my best allies @kobiKraft | kraftier and @King TheSuperGamer205 | Dharug in fighting. I've been thinking about this as all that happens to me is getting killed, making new enemies with other nations and what happened recently (spawn killing incident). I hope you all understand. We will still be great allies but I wont be helping anymore in any killing or war.'

After this was announced, TheSuperGamer205 showed his anger towards this, causing the souring of relationships between Brobbo41 and TheSuperGamer205, and Sudan as a whole. They remained close allies with Kraftier, however.

Official Peace agreement between Miro and Nubia

On the 15th of October 2020, gorkymoo1119 proposed to the Nubian government that they agree on peace with Miro. He later added Miro's Mayor Brobbo41, Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mengan_ and the Nubian Emperor twomoo1119 to a groupchat on discord. They discussed the leaving of Miro from the conflict, and Brobbo41 announced he had already left the war the day prior.

Afterwards, it was proposed by twomoo1119 that there be no formal alliance between Miro and Sudan for at least 8 weeks. Brobbo41 agreed, saying he wished to focus on Miro.

The Miro Betrayal


In mid-December 2020, after helping Sudan in recent battles, Miro citizens had lost large amounts of gear. As a result of this, Brobbo41 thought over helping the Sudanese. This was after the recent talks in October around the role of Miro in Sudan, which resulted in Brobbo41 becoming more friendly towards the Nubians.

Nubian Side

Brobbo41, after thinking over who they helped in the war, announced the following in the Miro discord regarding their future relations with Sudan:

After a long decision, I have decided to officially part from ALL kraftier and Sudan activities. This means Miro will now be on the Nubian side rather than no-ones side. It is what is best for Miro and the community. With all of the impact, I think its the best decision to make. @kobikraft24 @TheSuperGamer20578 @Miro-announcement

Brobbo41 messaged gorkymoo1119, a figure influential in Nubian foreign affairs, in-game, telling him to look at Miro announcements. After looking there, he was informed of the above announcement. Gorkymoo1119 would then inform the Nubian Minister of Defence, StarKiller1744 as well as Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mengan_ and Emperor twomoo1119.


Sources (Deaths)

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