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The Skirmish of Dharug was a skirmish that took place at Dharug as part of the Sudanese Rebellion on the 5th of December 2020.


Prior to the skirmish, TheSuperGamer205 had not logged off in several weeks. He stated his intentions on logging on in the next week to ensure Sudan does not fall or capital move to Kraftier, this put the Nubians on look out for him coming online.

A few minutes prior to the skirmish, gorkymoo1119 was checking the tab menu for players, and saw TheSuperGamer205 on it. He informed Nubians of him being online, and players started planning to go to Dharug to intimidate him.


First Arrival

The first Nubian to arrive was Lopile, who was closest to El Obeid as he was helping twomoo1119. Once in, he searched around Dharug for TheSuperGamer205, without success in finding him. He requested assistance in the matter, with twomoo1119 starting to come over when the request was sent and gorkymoo1119 stating his intentions to come over once he had finished recruiting for Mersa.

During this time, Lopile messaged TheSuperGamer205, challenging him to a 1v1. TheSuperGamer205 declined the request, saying he was busy, which was later found that TheSuperGamer205 was sitting on the Sudanese throne.

The Emperor's assistance

Soon, twomoo1119 arrived and helped scout the area for the Sudanese King. He managed to see his nametag in the Sudanese spawn building, and alerted Lopile, getting him to come over. Upon Lopile's arrival, they stayed around the Sudanese spawn building in El Obeid's claims.

Sudanese Spawn

Once twomoo1119 had located TheSuperGamer205, Lopile went over towards the building. They managed to get on top of the Sudanese spawn building, looking in to find TheSuperGamer205 on the throne.

Gorkymoo1119's arrival

Once this happened, gorkymoo1119 arrived in Dharug, making his way over to the Sudanese spawn. He managed to find a way into the throne building, where he saw TheSuperGamer205 still on the throne. Gorkymoo1119 proceeded to take several pictures, posting one as propaganda into the Darya discord's propaganda channel.

After this, he sat down next to TheSuperGamer205 on the same throne, waiting for his return.

TheSuperGamer205's return

Around 5 minutes after gorkymoo1119 sat down, TheSuperGamer205 returned from being away from his computer. Gorkymoo1119 immediately sat up, knowing of Sudan's recent uses of traps. He stood away from TheSuperGamer205.

When gorkymoo1119 saw TheSuperGamer205 go towards an area that contained many redstone related items, he broke out of the Sudanese spawn and back into the claims of El Obeid. After this, TheSuperGamer205 left the game, refusing to fight. Nubia claimed victory due to this.

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