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The Battle of Kindu (also known as the Siege of Kindu) was a battle that took place on the 5th of January 2021, lasting around an hour, in relation to the Sudanese Rebellion. It lasted about an hour, and started just after the Second Skirmish of Dharug.


Once the Nubians and allies had got bored at the Second Skirmish of Dharug due to the Sudanese refusing to fight, it was suggested they move over and attack another area of Sudan. They would use Sudanese ice roads to travel to Kindu, where there were several Sudanese active.

As a result of the Second Siege of Dharug, the Sudanese had little gear to fight with. Due to this, they couldn't defend Kindu well.



Upon arrival, a few Nubians left to work away from Kindu or go offline. Due to them using the underground ice roads to travel there, when they got to Kindu the Sudanese were unaware, allowing for a good attack.

After some Sudanese noticed, glennjerman, who logged off shortly after the earlier Skirmish at Dharug, got back online wanting to help the town.

Sudanese backup

After spotting the Nubians at the town, glennjerman attempted to head over via the ice roads. However, this failed, with twomoo1119, Sad_poo and Wandering_Hero consistently killing him 12 times to prevent his arrival. Deathmongr saw this, causing him to have doubts in the ability of Sudan to defend him.


For the rest of the battle, the Nubians would stay at Kindu due to glennjerman not coming over. Whenever deathmongr would come out of claims, they would murder him, as Sudan attempted to fight via chat and not in person.

Battle of the Ice Road

Throughout the course of the battle, several Nubians including twomoo1119, Wandering Hero, Sad Poo and Lopile would take turns guarding the ice road tunnels between Kindu and Kigali, as the remaining Sudanese support lacked any armour, they were unable to pass.

Eye on Kigali

With the concern that glennjerman may find another way to come to the town, twomoo1119 requested they keep an eye on Kigali. This would later be followed by him going over to Kigali, where ManiacAbby was, to ensure glennjerman stays there. He would ask StarKiller1744 to also temporarily move to Kigali whilst he was on his way over to Kindu.


Sudanese goes offline

A few minutes after the fighting at Kigali ended, the Sudanese started leaving the game. This would allow for Nubians to take some residents from Sudan whilst they were gone.

Katangese Kindu

'/t Kindu' shortly after Kindu joined Katanga

After the battle, Yoshigamer1298 of Katanga would speak with deathmongr regarding their future relations. Deathmongr was severely demoralised by the battle as he didn't receive any support from Sudan, despite supporting them in the past.

After a few minutes of speaking, Kindu left Sudan. Twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119 saw this, taking it as a success. He would go onto join Katanga, pushing the Nubian win in this battle further. The Sudanese were angered by this and would state their feelings in chat.

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