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The Second Siege of Dharug was a fight that took place on the 3rd of January 2021 in relation to the Sudanese Rebellion. It lasted around 50 minutes.

Nubia won after Sudan had over double the amount of their deaths, mostly in some gear, unlike the Nubian deaths which were mostly in non-gear.


New Sudanese town

Earlier the Sudanese founded a new town, Kindu, which Nubians found out about immediately. There was a lot of discussion as what to do as a response, and it was eventually decided that an adequate temporary response would be an attack on their capital in the next few days.

Nubian activity

Due to another server being created, a few Nubians temporarily left EarthMC. The Nubian government saw an attack on Sudan as a way to attract activity back. Despite the issue being mostly resolved prior to the battle, it still helped increase players on.


Prior to the battle, Nubians such as gorkymoo1119 and StarKiller1744 were arguing with the Sudanese (kobiKraft and deathmongr) were arguing regarding Nubian-Sudanese relations. It stopped about 10 minutes before the battle however.


Throughout the battle, deathmongr would consistently die after leaving claims in iron gear or lower. The Sudanese would also attempt to kill Nubians with lava, failing most of the time. Ultimately, the Sudanese died more times due to their lack of communication and incorrect movement.

First Nubian Arrivals

After agreeing that it was time to attack, the Nubian Emperor twomoo1119 and former Minister of Defence, StarKiller1744, went out to Dharug.

Sudanese backup

After seeing the Nubians arrive, Sudan's leader, TheSuperGamer205, called for reinforcements from other areas of Sudan. The users kobiKraft, glennjerman and deathmongr turned up.

Despite having the odds in their favor, the Sudanese continued to hide in the claims of Dharug. They were also trying to trap Nubians instead of PvPing them.

Arrival of extra Nubians

After about 10 minutes of attempting to get Sudan to fight, other Nubians offered to help. Twomoo1119 said it wasn't needed, however they could come along if they wanted to.

Gorkymoo1119's arrival

The first Nubian to arrive was former Minister of Municipal Development, gorkymoo1119. Upon arrival, he awaited twomoo1119's orders regarding movement.

Gorkymoo1119 had attended several battles prior, making it no surprise to the Sudanese when they first saw him.

cadentoes' arrival

Cadentoes arrived a bit after gorkymoo1119 without gear. His aim was to lure the Sudanese out, which he did successfully a few times. Upon arrival, he soon died due to his lack of gear, with the Sudanese attempting to say that it means Nubia is weak.

Nubian luring

Attempting to lure the Sudanese away from claims so they could fight, most Nubians were asked to leave the area of Dharug or hide, with gorkymoo1119 and StarKiller1744 doing so for 5 minutes. This managed to get glennjerman out for a bit, however they quickly retreated to claims, refusing to fight in a 4 vs 2.

However, deathmongr was heavily damaged during this time. StarKiller1744 saw this, and chased after deathmongr, managing to kill him.

Foreign PvPers

Many foreign PvPers started to notice the fight due to tensions rising around the world with Sudan. Nubian colony members also wanted to come over and help, such as from Katanga.

Yoshigamer1298's arrival

Yoshigamer1298 was with Nubians as an ally prior, and wanted to help but was busy building in Moba originally. Once finished with that, he went to the Nubia /n spawn, walking over to El Obeid. He first saw gorkymoo1119, who was still hiding, when he arrived.

He decided to keep hiding with gorkymoo1119 to follow plans from the top to prevent any mess from causing a nuisance in fighting.

Pueblo soldiers arrival

After spotting the fight, Dennik2000 of Pueblo arrived to Dharug to help, eventually getting his nation leader, Mr_E22, to come help to. They would follow the Nubian command as to ensure unity in fighting and avoid friendly fire.

Second Hide

After Yoshigamer1298 arrived, after attacking for a bit, he attempted to hide to help lure the Sudanese out. He would wait for twomoo1119's orders to come out if need be, similar to gorkymoo1119.

Sudanese discovery

After noticing Yoshigamer1298 in the corner, TheSuperGamer205 went on top of the Sudanese spawn and looked below, to find gorkymoo1119 and Yoshigamer1298. Due to him not wanting to fight, he went back to get a lava bucket.

The Burn

Upon return, TheSuperGamer205 placed the lava. Due to the blocks on top of gorkymoo1119, they noticed the lava quickly and escaped with little damage. Yoshigamer1298 went on top to chase after TheSuperGamer205, where he managed to get TheSuperGamer205 to die to his own lava.


After everyone came out of hiding, several holes were dug up in an attempt to trap the Nubians as the Sudanese were refusing to fight. This would later backfire, with glennjerman, in god gear, dying to Dennik2000 after getting stuck in a hole. The hole would later be covered up by Nubian allies to ensure they didn't fall into it.

File:KobiKraft pushed into hole (Second Siege of Dharug)
gorkymoo1119 pushing kobiKraft into the hole

Bedrock hole incident

kobiKraft also fell into a hole that went down to bedrock, however didn't die, stating in chat afterwards 'i just fell down a hole to bedrock and some how survived'. He was pushed into the hole by gorkymoo1119, with StarKiller1744 and one other backing him up. Once it had been seen that he fell down, StarKiller1744 and Sad_poo went down to check if kobiKraft was still there.

After seeing this, glennjerman would go into an area nearby outside claims, attempting to dig a hole down using his fist. He was spotted by gorkymoo1119 and killed quickly.

Chair incident

Soon after the bedrock hole incident, the Sudanese continued to hide in claims. A Nubian flag was built, and chairs were built outside Dharug's claims to sit on.

All Sudanese would retreat out of Dharug, however glennjerman would later come back with a lava bucket, attempting to murder those using the lava bucket by placing it. This failed, with the lava being blocked up and the Nubians moving back a bit. glennjerman would then leave, with some Nubian allies leaving too.


After the incident regarding chairs, some Nubians, such as gorkymoo1119, Sad_poo and StarKiller1744, as well as allies, would continue to wait outside Dharug in case Sudan came back to fight. After 3 or so minutes, they left too due to the inactivity, with the deaths being calculated indicating a clear win for Nubia.



After the siege, there was a dispute in chat regarding the fighting of Sudan, especially involving gorkymoo1119 and deathmongr. Eventually, deathmongr stopped discussion after kobiKraft started arguing. The dispute would end soon after.

Battles after

Main articles: Second Skirmish of Dharug, Battle of Kindu

After the siege, a few more battles happened in the upcoming days. As a result of this battle, the Sudanese had little gear to fight with in the upcoming fights, allowing for a clear win in the Battle of Kindu and causing a loss of Kindu as a Sudanese town.

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