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Profile Information
Aliases Twomoo
2mowo (mainly by gorkymoo1119, however later used by other Nubians)
Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Town Flag-0.png El Obeid
Towny Rank Mayor of El Obeid

King/Emperor of Nubia

Occupation Emperor of the Second Nubian Empire
Organization State leader of Nubia in Interpol
Political Party None
Religion 1200px-Isis.svg.png The Cult of Isis
Spouse(s) GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Signature TwomooSignature.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn January 16th 2019
Place of Spawn Speculated to be in the region of Turkey
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Alive
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

Twomoo1119 (also known as Twomoo, Twoman and 2moo) is an EarthMC Terra Nova and Terra Aurora player. On Nova, he was notable as the Emperor of Nubia and Mayor of El Obeid, capital of the nation, as well as the Second Nubian Empire. Currently on Aurora, he's the mayor of Toronto, an assiocate town of the Polar Republic, and was elected as the meganation's Prime Minister.

On Terra Nova, he was, prior to his second term as Nubian Emperor, a resident of Mersa (as a Councillor, during the Ethiopian Revolt as the Viceroy of the nation before going back to Nubia) and Mayor of Khartoum whilst they were looking for a suitable replacement, before becoming Emperor of Nubia for the 2nd time, after abdicating the first time.

On Terra Aurora, twomoo1119 is the current Mayor of Toronto, having previously led Canada from 6 July 2022 to 4 December 2023.


Starting off

Twomoo1119 had initially joined the server upon the request of an online friend of his named CasualNuker, with whom he had played on another towny server that had recently died, and were looking for a new place to set up. The plan was to set up a Wakandan nation with El Obeid to be a desert fortress and another town, located around modern-day Illicit, to become the capital. Getting to the site where El Obeid was located in January of 2019 was rather difficult. Lower Egypt only had several towns and Upper Egypt had none. There were no ice roads or canals crossing the Sahara either. For a relatively poor citizen who had to scavenge for their own food, the Sahara posed a rather frightening obstacle. Luckily for twomoo1119, and Skyocity, another online friend who had joined him, some kind Judean bestowed upon them 32 loaves of bread. Upon reaching the Sahel, bounds of melons were discovered and the food situation was no longer a major concern as it was before. A temporary mine and underground base were constructed slightly north of modern day Wad Madani in order to afford a town.


On February 2019, after gathering 1024 gold, twomoo1119 performed the command '/n new Sudan', making El Obeid the capital of the nation Sudan (now Nubia). The nation was one of the first in the East African region, and quickly expanded, making twomoo1119 to become well known in the region, and eventually the continent of Africa as a whole.

European Colonialism

Twomoo1119 chose to join the French Empire with Nubia for further protection, and so he could get more well known. As a relatively new player at the time, it was key that he established who he was.

Whilst he slowly gained a reputation in Europe via France, he realised what little they actually had done for him, and chose to soon leave them for the Austro-Hungarian Commonwealth. Austria Hungary was, at the time, a major player in Eastern Europe, and were one of the most active nations serverwide. Nubia has since slowly withdrew from it, but twomoo1119 often jokes about the time being there with them.

Becoming Known

African Union

After meeting with the leaders of Oyo and others, twomoo1119 set up the AU with him and others as the leaders. He quickly gained a status of 'fame' in the African continent via this, as well as allowing for Nubia to easily expand.

As he did this, Nubia became larger and larger, allowing for him to gain a reputation as leading one of the fastest growing nations in the entire server.

Leader of a /n list 1 nation

In late 2019, Nubia got to /n list 1. The nation had 3 major metropolises Mersa, St. Allison and El Obeid. To ensure good relations with these towns, he funded Mersa over 200 gold, and allowed St. Allison to become a sister city of the capital he owned (El Obeid).

At the time, twomoo1119 had managed to get Nubia to become one of the most well known, and active, nations on the server.

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