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Founding of the Town Qarth
In office
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Profile Information
Aliases The Belgian Coloniser

King of the Congo

King Builder

Nation Congo Free State
Town Léopoldville
Towny Rank Nation Leader
Political Party
Religion Catholicism
Discord S11Daniels
Signature Signature S11Daniels.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn May 2020
Place of Spawn New York
Physical Information
Nationality Belgian
Gender Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Aries
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Gabon: May 2020 - August 2020

Gabon: July 2021 - 22 August 2021

Congo_FreeState: 22 August 2021 -Present

Léopoldsville in its early stages, after demolishing of the ruined town it was found upon

S11Daniels (also mostly known as the King of the Congo) first officially spawned in the nation of New_York on May 1 2020 after which he started the lost town of Qarth. He is the current King of the Congo Free State and Mayor of Léopoldville, capital of the nation.

Before his official spawning, he had played before between beginning of november 2019 and late february 2020 on a different account.


After spawning in New_York, he traveled for a while as a nomad through North America. In the meantime, he learned better how the game worked to make a nation and devised a plan. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean until he saw land. He had arrived at the river delta of the Congo and started making an underground shelter where he would live temporarily till he would start his own town.


Qarth was the first town of S11Daniels along the delta of the Congo River. The same place where later the Congolese town Boma was found. He turned it into a small port city with a few buildings like his own personal residence, a church, a small harbour, resident housing and a storage. Later he and his town became part of Gabon. S11Daniels left the server around August in the same year and Qarth became a lost ruin.

Congo Free State

The capital and towns of the CFS

On June 22, 2021, the town of Léopoldville was founded by S11Daniels, following a donation from Ned69 of Gabon. The settlement was established on the remains of a former town, situated on the banks of the Congo River. S11Daniels aimed to develop Léopoldville, with a vision for prosperity and growth, forming the cornerstone for a future nation.

Subsequently, S11Daniels aligned himself with the nation of Gabon, contributing to its collective endeavors. However, driven by a desire for autonomy and self-determination, S11Daniels collaborated with Cazyman_ to establish the Congo Free State on August 22, 2021. This pivotal moment marked a secession from Gabon, with Léopoldville assuming the mantle of the new nation's capital. S11Daniels declared himself the monarch and became the King of the Congo.

After the nation's foundation, a diplomatic alliance was formed between S11Daniels and Ned69. The Congo Free State, led by S11Daniels, signed a non-aggression pact with Ethiopia on August 27, 2021, demonstrating the growing relationship between the two nations. The collaborative effort, which was underpinned by a commitment to peace and cooperation, brought stability to the newly formed Congo Free State. This will pave the way for a promising future on the geopolitical stage.

In the midst of the growth and expansion of the capital city, Léopoldville, King S11Daniels played a significant role in steering the nation towards prosperity. His commitment to the development of the town and the broader Congo Free State marked him as a key figure in the region's unfolding narrative.

As the newly formed capital attracted a surge of residents and underwent remarkable transformation, S11Daniels was instrumental in driving many strategic initiatives. His leadership extended beyond the ceremonial role of monarch, as he actively participated in the planning and execution of major construction projects that reshaped the urban landscape. S11Daniels played a crucial role in establishing the foundation for the grandeur that characterised the Congo Free State.

He was a powerful figure in the political and diplomatic arenas, making astute decisions and fostering alliances with other influential figures. These alliances not only ensured the stability of the nation but also established S11Daniels as a statesman of significant influence in the broader geopolitical context.

The first religious building in Léopoldsville, the Saint Thersia Chapel
President S11Daniels (King of the Congo Free State) of the Federation of the Indian Ocean (FOI) on statevisit to Aegyptus, a member state, sitting next to Farao Nutsuko in the capitol of El Dabaa.
Official Portrait of Archbishop S11Daniels

The departure of Cazyman_ from Léopoldville, followed by the founding of Boma, demonstrated S11Daniels' strategic ability in managing the evolving landscape of the Congo Free State. The subsequent establishment of various towns, under S11Daniels' guidance, consolidated the nation's reputation as a major powerhouse in the region. S11Daniels became a powerful and respected leader, influencing the destiny of the Congo Free State with visionary zeal. This left an indelible mark on the burgeoning nation.

Federation of the Indian Ocean

(To be written)

Vasal of Somalia

(To be written)

List of other alliences and pacts

(To be written)

Roman Catholic Church

S11Daniels played a unique dual role, demonstrating his commitment to both spiritual and civic duties. He made a transformative impact on the religious landscape of the Congo region and Africa as a whole through his work within the Roman Catholic Church.

On September 19, 2021, S11Daniels became a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, taking a solemn vow to God and Pope Benedict XVII. This marked the beginning of S11Daniels' service to the Church, a commitment that led to remarkable elevations within the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

He swiftly ascended through the ranks and was granted the esteemed position of Bishop of the Diocese of Congo on October 7, 2021. His devotion and contributions to the Church in Africa did not go unnoticed, leading to a further elevation to the role of Auxiliary Archbishop on December 4, 2021, within the Archdiocese of Africa. This promotion affirms S11Daniels' dedication to his spiritual calling and highlights the significant role he played in advancing the Church's mission on the continent.

A pivotal moment in S11Daniels' ecclesiastical journey occurred when, in the wake of Archbishop Einarr's inactivity, Pope Clement XV recognized S11Daniels as the most fitting successor. On 13th July 2022, S11Daniels was appointed as the Archbishop of Africa, in recognition of his outstanding service and leadership within the Church. This appointment highlights S11Daniels' significant impact on the cultural and spiritual landscape of the Congo region and Africa as a whole, as both a prominent statesman in the political realm and an influential figure within the Roman Catholic Church.

Léopoldville, which was founded by S11Daniels, became the ecclesiastical capital of the Archdiocese of Africa. This city on the Congo River is now a central hub for religious activities and administrative functions, symbolizing the convergence of civic and spiritual leadership within the broader African context.

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