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Thee Boss
Proposal for official photograph of Thee_Boss as Nubian Minister, showing him outside the Mersan Temple of Isis by the Nubian flag
In office
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In office
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In office
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Profile Information
Aliases Boss

Bossy Wossy

Big Man Boss Boy

Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Town TwomooxGorky Sex
Towny Rank Chancellor
Occupation Minister of Trade and Commerce of Nubia
Political Party
Religion 1200px-Isis.svg.png Cult of Isis
Signature BossSignature.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 10th of February 2019
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Flag-0.png Nubia

Thee_Boss is a member of Nubia who is the former Minister of Trade and Commerce and former Minister of Cultural Affairs. He joined the server for the first time in early February 2019, however later went inactive in mid 2020 before coming active again a few months later. He first joined the server after twomoo1119 invited him, initially joining El Obeid.

On the 1st of January 2021, Thee_Boss moved to Mersa to help finish the new town hall there, giving his former town of Kassala to FightingKrypno, an active resident. In early February, he would move to Suna after being offered paid work.

Preceded by 57Anonymously Minister of Cultural
Affairs of Nubia

1st August - 1st September 2020

Succeeded by iamkeg
Preceded by


Minister of Trade and Commerce
of Nubia

2nd October 2020 - 1st January 2021

Succeeded by cadentoes
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