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Mersa Flag.png
Town Information
Full Name Mersa
Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Population 97
Area 212 chunks
Continent File:Africa blank black.svg Africa
Economic System Gold Icon.pngCapitalist
Official Language Official: Englishflag.jpg English

Minority: Flagspain.png Spanish
Minority: Flag of turkey.pngTurkish

Official Religion 1200px-Isis.svg.png The Cult of Isis
Government Information
Mayor GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Councillors EmiFace.png emi_wolf04
TheBoss.png Thee_Boss (second time)
Political System Unelected Leader with democratic aspects
Historical Information
Established December 9, 2019
Disbanded December 4, 2021
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors BillyFace.png 57billy
DonthackFace.png donthackkids
ErickPic.png Erick2317
MeganNewFace.png Mengan_
TheBoss.png Thee_Boss (first time)
TwomooFace.png twomoo1119

Mersa was a large town that was part of Nubia. gorkymoo1119 was the first and last mayor and founded the town in early December 2019. The town was one of the largest towns serverwide, and had been such for a long time (about six months), due to their policies of mass recruitment, with the same amount of citizens as other large Nubian towns.

It also has one living proxy town and one fallen proxy town, West Mersa (currently lead by Erick2317, created by 57billy) is the living one and South Mersa (lead by Apkl_19 prior to its fall, created by Nopnop100).


Early History 


Gorkymoo1119 embarked on their mission to Africa first in early December. They set off from Mumbai after finding it to be the easiest way to get to AfricaGorkymoo1119 then set up on a 15 minute journey to Africa. When they arrived, they set off to find the perfect spot to set up their town on the 9th of December in 2019.

First chunk 

After creating their town, gorkymoo1119 placed a chest, furnace and a crafting table to start off the town. As a result of not spending much time on the server, he had nothing on them but some wheat and seeds. This was their temporary base of operations for now. The crafting table is well known for still being in the original spot it was placed and has not been destroyed since, with a monument dedicated i

Second day

The second day is a major part of Mersa's history as it was when the town's first building, gorkymoo1119's home, was created. It is also when the first gold was put in the town bank and the second plot claimed. It was also the day that the chest and furnace at spawn were removed, however gorkymoo1119 decided to keep the crafting table to remind future residents of the town's beginnings and to look back on himself.


Mersa (at the time called 'Mirsa') joined Nubia after being invited by Nubian emperor 'twomoo1119' on the 12th of December 2019. At the time, the town was only 3 days old and was already wanting to join a nation to secure the protection of the town. Gorkymoo1119 declared it 'a time of great joy and diplomacy for the town'.

First resident

On the 18th of December 2019, the second person joined the town of Mersa, their name being 'SplatSQUID_68'. gorkymoo1119 only wanted to invite people to the town after they had built the second house and claimed another plot. The second house (a modern white home) was put for sale for 6 gold and the other plot for free. SplatSQUID_68 only joined after wanting to see Queensland's capital, Fuzecity. Gorkymoo1119 introduced them and told them how to get there.

A population standstill

From the 20th of December until around the 27th of December 2019, Mersa had reached a standstill in population, with some citizens joining, but then leaving soon after. The population kept at around 3 people throughout this period. This demotivated gorkymoo1119 as they wanted the town to expand and be active however everyone who joined would often leave the same or next day. Gorkymoo1119 was the only active player in their town at the time.

Activity rises

During a period between Christmas day of 2019 and New Years Eve of the same year, gorkymoo1119 invited an user under the name of PoLWerin. At the time, he was the 4th addition to the town. Gorkymoo1119 though that they may be like SplatSQUID_68, who has not been active since being invited or like 3 other residents beforehand who stayed in the town for under a day. However, unforeseen to gorkymoo1119, PoLWerin was active the next day when gorkymoo1119 was online, and too the next. At this point, PoLWerin had claimed a free plot to build on (not the first one to do so, however was the first to stay in the town afterwards). They made a classic styled house, part of the district of Idilenya, making it the second completed house there. This sparked new hope in gorkymoo1119 as they didn't expect to stop the standstill in their population growth.

Major Expansion

During the month of January, Mersa gained 7 new residents, doubling their population. Gorkymoo1119 was in awe at its expansion and prided themself in keeping the town as active at possible, working with many other mayors, friends and Nubians to improve Nubia and Mersa as a whole.


The town was revamped over a period of 3 days, from the 27th to the 30th of January 2020. Within that period, a town hall was added, roads were created and paths leading to useful places nearby. Soon after this, a citizen named Erick2317 was ranked builder in the town and make a cacti farm and their own house. They helped to connect an ice road between Mersa and the Adal Sultanate's capital, Eden. They are a supplier to the Mersan store 'Mersa Mines' of cacti, splitting any profits made half and half between them.

Part of Yemen

After Mersa was promised further funding by the Yemeni government, gorkymoo1119 held a referendum amongst the Mersan population to see if the Mersans wished to stay part of Nubia. 100% of those who answered responded with yes, and was finalised on the 5th of March. Around 3 days later, Twomoo1119 abdicated and gave the throne to Raining_Oranges, who then passed it onto VladimirVI and put it under the Yemen Empire. Seeing this happen, Raining_Oranges asked gorkymoo1119 to join Nubia once more as it was now under the Yemen Empire. gorkymoo1119 had a poll done to decide if he should; the majority voted yes. Later that day, Mersa rejoined Nubia, with the promise that prior conditions regarding joining Yemen would be kept.

Fall of Mersa

A comparison between Mersa then and now. Left: (In Navy Blue) Mersa on February 20, 2021 Right: (Black) New Mersa [Nubia], (Dark Blue) Mersa [Ethiopia], (Dark Green) morsa [Nationless] on December 4, 2021

On October 21, 2021 Gorky would log off for the last time and the inactivity counter would begin counting down. Finally, on December 4, 2021 at around 6 AM EST Mersa collapsed. Immediately following this, CheatoClause was able to claim nearly all of the former city now named New Mersa. The only original part of Mersa that wasnt claimed by Cheato was claimed by JackJackson as part of Ethiopia, named the original name of the city. Thee_Boss would later take control of Mersa, to become the mayor of Mersa for as long as Nova remains active.

South Mersa

Visit main article: South Mersa


South Mersa was founded around March 20th due to main Mersa reaching about 93 residents, and South Mersa being made in advance to allow for Mersa to expand further in residents beyond the 100 player limit of a town. It was founded by Nopnop100, resident of El Obeid, another Nubian town (the capital).

South Mersa started by claiming the Road of Time, as Nopnop100 had donated almost 120 gold to Mersa, and gave gorkymoo1119 many resources, with gorkymoo1119 and him became pretty close. Soon, South Mersa got a few residents as it claimed north to border Mersa.

Heavy Expansion

The town quickly got to about 20 residents, as Nopnop100 quickly expanded and made a great addition to the Mersan community. He was also becoming more well known amongst the nation, and would later participate in all Mexits, as an expansion of Mersa.

New Mayor

On the 9th of September 2020, Nopnop100 officially handed over the town of South Mersa to Apkl_19, after finding himself slowly getting bored due to much of the active Mersan community going off and creating towns. This was after around a month of consideration and a talk with the Mayor of Mersa, they both agreed this was for the best.

Nopnop100 remained close to the Mersans despite this, and is still in close contact with them and the community surrounding them, especially Mersan Mayor gorkymoo1119.


Mersa only had a few notable buildings, however was looking to expand in the upcoming future.

Place Picture
Cacti Farm
gorkymoo1119's house
Mersa Mines shop
Public Dump
Southern Club
Statue of Isis
Temple of Isis
The Mersa Museum
Town Hall

City Subdivisions


Template:Al3Idilenya was a small housing district in Mersa that consists of more classic Minecraft styled architecture, made of wood, logs and stone. This district helds 3 homes and a mine, along with holding the new Crafting Table Monument.


Wedefīti was the second largest district in Mersa, holding 4 fully finished homes, the town hall, 2 partially built homes, 2 shops (Mersa Mines and another unnamed shop) and a cacti farm. The architecture is more modern styled. It also had a museum and an ice road station in the the town hall, for entertainment and easy travel.


The Adnah district was the largest district in the entirety of Mersa, holding 11 homes (1 being an embassy), the community woodhouse, the community farm, the community lake, and the Masoko Memorial (commemorating lives lost at Masoko in a large raid). It was mainly a housing district, however also had community utilities. It also contains the Nubia Monument, celebrating a year anniversary of Nubia being created.


The Alsama district was of notable size, however can be noted to be a bit smaller than the Wedefīti district. Once more, this was mainly a housing district with 7 houses and no other types of building or memorials. It did, however, contain a small community farm, growing around a stack of carrots a day. It contains many stone based houses.


Jaran was the smallest district in Mersa, containing just 6 plots, and having only 2 fully complete houses along with the Citizens' Guard Party Headquarters.



In Mersa, there were multiple roads, 1 chunk each, that allow easy directions around the town. There were nine roads in the main Mersa, however many more in the proxy towns. The majority of these roads have homes by the side for residents.

The roads are: Polwer Road, Erick Road, Emi Road, Billy Road, Ogaden Avenue, Airpod Avenue, Twomoo Avenue and Star Avenue, as well as Turbo Street. The way roads are categorised is often by the choice of gorkymoo1119, meaning there is no definite style nor definition.

On the right, a picture with all roads can be seen in their locations.

Notable People 

  • gorkymoo1119 - Former mayor and founder of Mersa.
  • Erick2317 - Active citizen, Mumathil, co-mayor and key figure in many community projects
  • emi_wolf04 - Builder/recruiter, helped in community projects.

Notable former town staff:

  • iamahamster - Helped in renovating community mine.
  • billy_26274 - Councillor, co-co-mayor.
  • Steelerplayer1 - Former leader of Gold Coast, councillor

Notable Alumni:

Mersa has produced 2 of the 3 Prime Ministers of Nubia, and many other Nubian Ministers.

Sister Cities



Ahmedabad was the first sister city of Mersa in history, and was decided on that day - the Mayor of Mersa, gorkymoo1119 had been looking for a sister city amongst his allies, which included India and Gujarat, who were considering joining the Yemen Empire, the Empire Mersa was then in. It became sister cities on the 2nd of March 2020, and ended on May the 4th.

The ending of the sister cities was decided by both Mayors, after a small disagreement in regards to Mersa's new nation, Ethiopia, between indian7p and gorkymoo1119, about borders with Nubia. There was never an official announcement, but was agreed in private.

Mersa had publicly supported, and congratulated, Gujarat's creation, despite this being controversial as it had the potential to divide the nation of India.

The towns relations have, since, gotten better but it is not likely Mersa will add them as a sister city once more, any time soon.

São Paulo

Sao Paulo was sister cities with São Paulo, under its time in Argentina lead by NicoGNV. It became a sister city on the 29th of March 2020, and its status of sister city revoked on July 4th, after its sale to Brazil.

It was Mersa's 2nd ever sister city, after a request by the co-mayor of Mersa, Erick2317, for its status as he was friends with NicoGNV. There was also a treaty in between the 2 towns, which read, as announced in the Mersa discord:

"Mersa-Sao Paulo Treaty Terms: The aforementioned cities undertake to:

I. Mersa and Sau Paulo will become sister towns.

II. Don't grief one another.

III. Try to maintain relationships between their stable states.

IV. To be able to freely pass through their town with the consent of the governors.

V. We can also have access to a plot as an embassy."

The treaty has not been edited since, however Mersa publicly announced it will not be following it due to the changes in leadership of the town.


At first, Kraftier and Mersa had decent relation due to Mersa's Ethiopia funding them, soon becoming sister cities on June 13th. However, on July 1st they ended that status after repetitive declarations of war on South Mersa and West Mersa by Kobikraft

Current (Before Fall)


Mersa and Turkana became sister cities on July 8th, after a 7 day period where Mersa had no sister cities. The main reason for this was Turkana's Mayor willing to help Mersa, as a former resident. Mersa had also helped him recruit, getting Turkana up to 100 residents at 1 point.

Mersa and Turkana have also united in their religious status, under the Cult of Isis, lead by Father Erick2317, a town staff in Mersa.


After a week of decision making, Suna, lead by Megoon_, another former Mersan, was granted sister city status of Mersa. Both towns had helped each other in building and recruiting in the past, and embassies are owned by Megoon_ in Mersa and gorky1119 in Suna.

Since then, Mersa had defended the town in a few battles, made diplomatic visits and inspired them to make a proxy town, South Suna, lead by BigCrow_, who also held an embassy in Mersa for his Ministry of Agriculture.


After Bobberson_ and gorkymoo1119 had spoken quite a bit (after getting to know one another better via this wiki). The towns officially became sister cities on the 24th of August 2020, and currently only advice has been given to each other by both towns.

As part of this, gorkymoo1119 offered his assistance in the Svalbard-Nordaustlandet Unification War, mostly diplomatically however he also says that 'I am willing to assist them in pvp too'.


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