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Profile Information
Aliases Black
Nation MajapahitFlag2021.png Majapahit
Town MajapahitFlag2021.png Batavia
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Politician
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 4th October 2019
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Semi-active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

blackphoenix1011 (formerly blackphoenix101) is the current mayor of Batavia and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nubia. He first joined on the 4th October 2019, however only played for a day, before rejoining and becoming active on the 12th June 2020.



On the 4th October 2019, blackphoenix1011 (then blackphoenix101) joined the server for the first time, playing for about an hour before leaving. He would only play during this day until joining again in mid-202.

Coming back

On the 12th June 2020, he rejoined the server. He and his friend, Mango_Melon, would be recruited by gorkymoo1119 (then 57gorky), mayor of Mersa, to West Mersa, his proxy. He would be the second resident there other than the mayor, 57billy, and his friend, Mango_Melon.

Time in West Mersa

During his time in West Mersa, he would quickly rise to the rank of a councillor, helping the mayor recruit, build and more. He would also get quite involved in the Nubian community, becoming decently well known soon enough.

Soon enough, he would get the town to 100. To help with Nubia's mass recruitment policy, he was asked to make a town, accepting the offer.

Creation of Kyoga

Kyoga would be created on the first of August, during the ongoing August Nubian elections. He would invite his friend, Mango_Melon, to the town and quickly get on recruiting, getting about 10 residents in the day it was founded, and many more in the days after. This would also cause West Mersa to lose a lot of residents, as 57billy didn't recruit much.

Nubian August 2020 elections

During the elections in August 2020, blackphoenix1011 would see much popularity, with a lot of public support, allowing for him to see a landslide victory for Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Upon his election to Minister of Foreign Affairs, he would follow in Prime Minister 57billy's lead, with him attempting to negotiate better borders with the nations around Nubia.

Soon, he would reach an agreement with Somali Pirate King mrpoof_ for more expansion to be allowed by Nubia in the Horn of Africa, especially due to the past Mersa claim dispute were Mersa claimed into Somali claims.

He would also work with Nubian colony, Zambie, now controlled by his past mayor 57billy regarding their expansion.

Time in Zambie


Blackphoenix1011 was rather close to Zambien King 57billy, who soon established plans to leave the Second Nubian Empire. Blackphoenix1011 was invited to join the rebellion when it happened, accepting.


After the September 2020 Nubian elections results were announced, Kyoga, lead by blackphoenix1011, would join Zambie. After this, Zambien leadership (including blackphoenix1011) added newly elected Minister of Foreign Affairs Mengan_, Nubian Emperor twomoo1119 and influential politician gorkymoo1119 to a groupchat on Discord to discuss their exit from the Empire.

Exit from the Second Nubian Empire

Blackphoenix1011 would state his reasons for leaving Nubia, including the mass recruitment policy and the government system. He would stay away from conversation for the rest of the groupchat, however would occasionally step in to backup claims regarding Nubian treatment of towns.

Independent Zambie

With the independence of Zambie, little recruitment would continue, however Kyoga wasn't hit much by this at first. The nation would quickly go inactive, with Zambiens moving to another server after joining California in an attempt for Nubia to stop disputing their claims. In late September, the town would quickly fall in residents, along with the rest of Zambie, discouraging Kyogans to continue playing.

Rejoining Nubia

Due to the inactivity within Zambie, blackphoenix1011 discussed rejoining Nubia with twomoo1119, soon agreeing and re-entering the Nubian nation.

Post-Zambien political activity

Blackphoenix1011 would continue to be inactive after re-entry to Nubia, involving himself within the Nubian community every so often however not as much as he did beforehand. He would also run in several elections, such as the December, January and February ones.

Town history

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