Svalbard-Nordaustlandet Unification War

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The Svalbard-Nordaustlandet Unification war was a war between Svalbard and Nordaustlandet, with Svalbard attempting to unite the archipelago.


In April of 2020, the historical king of all of Svalbard, ThundorLord, left in a major absence. This left a heavy power gap in the archipelago, which led to unrest throughout the isles. TreePapi, a powerful landowner in Svalbard, proposed a rebel nation to reactivate the dying nation on May 5th. On May 7th, Nordaustlandet was formed, with Kantbyen immediately seceding from Svalbard. This was falsely reported as a civil war by EMCL, even as the secession was peaceful.

Build up to War

Once Nordaustlandet became united with Svalbard, there still wasn't much unity between the nations. Therefore, the leader of Svalbard, Bobberson07, requested a full unification, with no taxes and no autonomy. Bobberson07 also later stated that Nordaustlandet was, is and will remain Svalbard's territory and also that Nordaustlandet was irrelevant and pointless. TreePapi replied by saying a unification is pointless and just symbolic. This sparked a small but growing conflict, with many Svalbardians wanting to siege Jordetbyen once the War Plugin is implemented. At this moment, things remained unclear, however there was a likelihood Svalbard will attempt to siege Nordaustlandet, potentially being one of the first sieges if/when War Plugin comes out.

Declaration of War

Although not directly by the king, the Supreme General of Svalbard, Leafbox, issued a declaration of war on Nordaustlandet. Which was later confirmed by King of Svalbard, Bobberson07. Quite soon after, the Minister of Municipal Development of Nubia, Gorky1119, stated that he would help Svalbard out in this war.

During the War

The king of Nordaustlandet, TreePapi, had gone slightly inactive. Svalbard took it as a good and bad thing, meaning it was good that a siege without a fight could happen, but bad because no Pvp would occur, which would put Svalbard's preparation useless.


No battles really occurrd during the war. TreePapi once almost merged back but declined later. The war is stalemated with nothing occuring, it is de facto over with no result.