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West Mersa is a town that is part of Nubia, has a status of proxy town belonging to Mersa lead by gorkymoo1119. Currently, Erick2317 is the mayor and 57billy founded the town. The town used to reach 100 residents when Nubia reached 1000 residents. Nowadays, West Mersa has 10 residents and the city is in reworks to build new roads and demolishing some houses, due to it having a new mayor.

West Mersa
Town Information
Full Name
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion The Cult of Isis
Government Information
Mayor ErickPic.png Erick2317
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors BillyFace.png 57billy
Past Councillors BlackPho.png blackphoenix1011

MangoPic.png Mango_Melon


Early History


When Mersa reached 100 residents and have finished the majority of buildings, 57billy and gorkymoo1119 talk each other to create the city. Some days before the creation, 57billy began to demolish the mountains and terraform the terrain at the west part of Mersa. At June 12th, 2020, the town was created and recruited its first residents.

Active residents

57billy, with the assistance of gorkymoo1119, recruited 2 players called blackphoenix1011 and Mango_Melon that were friends and built some amazing houses with some left materials of demolition from the day prior. Then, the next day, the 2 had went online and slowly improved their relationship with Mayor 57billy, and the population began to increase and more chunks were claimed.

Buildings of the city

blackphoenix1011 began to build a Melon Mosque while Temple of Isis was at 90% progression, making it a rival in the religion of the 2 cities, nowadays both buildings are still intact since they are part of cities history, also West Mersa began to make 2 blocks width roads and began of some shops with the recently shop plugin added.

Maximum Population of City

West Mersa reached 100 residents on July 28th of 2020, and had enough chunks for all the residents, also the construction of an inn, to allow visitors to have easier transportation, began made of bricks and sandstone, it couldn't be finished and to this day, the mats of construction and some errors of blocks, also /t spawn building began to be built in these days and have some errors as well since town grew exponentially. Also, some things happened these days with some grief and attacks of foreign nations with no reason.

Purchase of West Mersa

blackphoenix10111 left the city some days before this event, since he started to build his own city near Central Africa. 57billy had intentions of moving on in the serving by buying a nation and be part of Nubia's Empire when his Prime Minister term finished, the term soon finished and gorkymoo1119 decided that Erick2317 should own the city since he was a very close person that he believed he could trust to put his hands on West Mersa. It was purchased on August 19th, 2020, becoming Erick2317's property. 57billy left and began to explore some towns across Nubia, at the end of his Prime Minister term he stayed at the colony of Zambie and rebelled some days after.

Rebuild of West Mersa/New Mayor

When Erick2317 came to the town and saw the mess of roads and chunks, ao decided to stop recruiting for a bit and focus best to improve the city, and began to claim some chunks for roads (a video can see here), demolishing houses, terraforming, making a proper ice road station, resetting some permissions of plots and making a proper entrance to Mersa. Nowadays, the construction still in progress.

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