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Template:Religion InfoboxThe Cult of Isis is a religion based on Isis, one of the main goddesses of the religion, whose worship spread throughout Nubia becoming officially and their dominions through Africa and Yemen. It is based in the Cult of Isis practice by old Nile kingdoms in real life.


When El Obeid was founded in January 17th 2019, Twomoo1119 was building and expanding the recently city. While he was digging some sand and terraforming the land near the claims, he saw a burning bush that moved faster. Twomoo1119 with a lot of curiosity follow the burning bush across the vast desert, suddenly the burning bush finally converted to dust and ashes. He was so exhausted and hungry about the long walk that he made for nothing. When he decided to return back home, a flaming cactus called him. He was so scared that he didn’t move, but the voice said that he only need to calm down, Twomoo1119 did what the voice asked. The voice presented like Isis, a goddess that came to the world that explain his eternal fight with the evil forces, she explained that he needed a person that is the chosen one to completed her mission and she chose Twomoo1119 to lead her crusade. Twomoo1119 accepted her offer, Isis mentioned that he will lead Africa to a good path and he will rule a vast empire from north to south. Finally, the cactus disappeared by the fire and he decided to return to the city. He told the story to his friends and citizens and he decided to build a statue in the name of the goddess that met that day. The days passed, in February 17th he created the nation of Sudan and rapidly began to expand and claimed lands, he fought with his citizens in a lot of wars with Ancient Egypt, Somalia, Ethiopia and more nations to follow the continent in a good path. In all of that wars, an invasion happened in El Obeid the attackers destroyed the Isis statue, Twomoo1119 angry attack the same day the city causing a lot of deaths in the other nation, disappearing of the existence. When Africa began to lost many nations, Twomoo1119 decided to start recruiting nations for made his empire. In 2020, the Empire reached the major expansion from Arabian Peninsula to Congo lands. In February, many nations began to rebel and quit of Nubian Empire, Twomoo1119 decided to abdicate and that day was killed by a rebel group. His final words were to continue the cult of Isis and convert to an official cult with a clear order because it was the main cause of his successful empire. When Nubia join Yemen due to political instability, Erick2317 decided to build a temple dedicated to Isis, with the support of 57gorky, mayor of Mersa city finish the temple in March 14th and 2 days later the creation of a discord server.

Religious Buildings


Mersa Temple of Isis: First temple for the Isis cult build formally, it measures 12 chunks X 14 chunks. Then main materials that composes the temple is different types of sandstone blocks, slabs, stairs and different concrete colours, also have like principal illumination glowstone. It features the main temple with an altar, chairs and a throne when a superior is there could sit. Also have a room above it that contains history of kings and queens that rule over different kingdoms associate with the religion, the roof has a comet mural representing the different paths could have life and different murals representing Nubia and Isis related history. The temple has a yard with paths to reach the temple, in the middle of the yard there is an Isis statue of one hundred blocks high make of different types of concrete colours surrounded by a waterway that divide the yard, also at the bottom of the yard, it contains a chapel that has the function of spawn for players and paths that connect to main road of the city. There are plans to build minor temples next to the main temple in both sides.

Turkana temple: Second temple to be converted, it used to be the town hall of Old Turkana since it was disbanded it, StarKiller1744 decided to make a new town there and decided to converted the previous city hall to the temple, it is built by normal and red sandstone and glass at the roof. It is the t spawn of the city and have an ice station there that is used to communicate with the other cities.