El Obeid

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El Obeid
Town Information
Full Name
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

French.png French

Official Religion 1200px-Isis.svg.png The Cult of Isis
Government Information
Mayor TwomooFace.png twomoo1119
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
  • 17/01/19 - 05/03/20 TwomooFace.png twomoo1119 (First Time)
  • 06/03/20 - 26/03/20 VladPic.png VladimirVI
  • 27/03/20 - 06/05/20 ZovelPic.png zovely
  • 07/05/20 - 15/05/20 MoosePic.png MagicMoose,
Past Councillors

El Obeid is a town that is the capital of Nubia and is run by Mayor and Emperor of Nubia, twomoo1119. The town is one of the largest in both Africa and the EarthMC server by population having consistently been at 100 residents for the past several months when under twomoo1119.



Twomoo1119 had initially joined the server upon the request of an online friend, CasualNuker, with whom he had played on another towny server that had died. The plan was to set up a Wakandan nation with El Obeid to be a desert fortress and another town, located South of El Obeid, to become the capital. Getting to the site where El Obeid was located in January of 2019 was rather difficult. Lower Egypt only had several towns and Upper Egypt had none. There were no ice roads or canals crossing the Sahara either. For a relatively poor citizen who had to scavenge for their own food, the Sahara posed a rather frightening obstacle. Luckily for twomoo1119, and Skyocity, another online friend who had joined him, some kind Judean bestowed upon them 32 loaves of bread. Upon reaching the Sahel, bounds of melons were discovered and the food situation was no longer a major concern. A temporary mine and underground base were constructed slightly north of modern day El Azraq in order to afford a town.

Prior to Nubia

The final location of the town was chosen due to its proximity to both the White Nile River as well as the Dakar-Sahel Railway. Shortly after the creation of the town, several members of Konigsberg arrived at the town and attacked it in an attempt to make it a colony. Seeking to spite the raiders, El Obeid sought protection from France and joined them as a colony. Approximately 80 gold in funding was received from France in the coming days.


  • Early Nubia
  • Renaissance Era
  • First Imperial Era
  • Yemeni Era
  • Reconstruction
  • Second Imperial Era

City Subdivisions

The Old City

The Old City is the area surrounded by the Darfur, Aegyptus, Nile Malakal walls and, as is to be expected, is the oldest part of El Obeid. It contains the nation and town spawn, two parks, an ice road station as well as the majority of housing. The old city is further divided into 4 quarters which are named according to the order they were claimed in.

The First Quarter

The First Quarter is the southwestern section of the town and is the oldest known part of the town. First a free-build district, it was largely rebuilt during the Yemeni era of the town. Today it contains the Armoury as well as four houses and Kordofan Park.

The Second Quarter

The Second Quarter is the southeastern section of the town and contains the first prebuilt houses. It contains thirteen houses, some of which are the oldest buildings in the city, apart from the town spawn, as well as the first diplomatic landmark, the Austro-Hungarian Embassy.

The Third Quarter

The Third Quarter is the northeastern section of the town. It contains eight houses as well as the Somali Embassy and Darfur Park.

The Fourth Quarter

The Fourth Quarter is the northwestern section of the town. It contains eleven houses as well as Nubia's first commercial building such as Kiir Strip Club and the Nubian Stables.

The Old City Wall

The wall of the Old City was constructed following raids from the town of Konigsberg. It is divided into four segments: The north-facing section is called the Aegyptus wall, the east-facing section is called the Nile Wall, the south-facing section is called the Malakal wall and the west-facing section is called the Sahara wall.

East Nile Road

White Nile River

Red and Rose Nile River



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