Nubia-Kindu War

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The Nubia-Kindu War is a war primarily located in East Africa between Nubian forces and Kindu forces. It was started on the 14th February 2021 with the Siege of Azula after Kindu left Nubia to join Rwanda, declaring war. Nubia found itself much support from allies, with Kindu remaining alone with some support from the Rwandan leadership.


Sudanese Kindu

Initially, Sudan would have then-Sudanese Minister of Internal Affairs and Expansion, glennjerman, fund Kindu to expand their influence in Africa. This would be met with backlash from Nubia, who would consistently attack Sudanese towns for many days after.

Battle of Kindu

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On the 5th of January 2021, after the Second Skirmish of Dharug had ended as Sudanese forces retreated and refused to fight, Nubians would head over to Kindu to bother the Sudanese online there. The citizens of Kindu were not prepared, and in fighting, over 25 deaths would come to them.

Katangese Kindu

After the battle, the King of Katanga, Yoshigamer1298, would message deathmongr. He would say that the battle was a clear example of the inability of Sudan to defend their town and promised him better support if he joined Katanga. After a short time speaking, Kindu would decide to listen and join Katanga.

Kindu relations with Nubia

A few days after them joining Katanga, deathmongr would find himself dissatisfied with how the government worked in Nubia as they had different values to himself. He would leave the Nubian discord and refuse to acknowledge his relationship with Nubia, however remain within the nation.

Kindu relations with Rwanda

After the creation of Rwanda, glennjerman would reach out to deathmongr, promising him funding and better treatment if he were to join them. After a few days of discussion, Kindu would join on the 14th of February 2021, declaring war on Nubia after joining.

Progress of the war

Azula Attack

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After declaring war on Nubia, Kindu would destroy Nubian iceroads and head over to Azula to bother sophru. Sophru would inform Emperor twomoo1119 of this, who would send over Nubian backup.


During the fight, Kindu soldiers would swarm sophru until the Nubian backup arrived. Upon the arrival of Nubians, minor fighting would take place, eventually resulting in Terrariabat being murdered. After this, the people of Kindu would retreat.


After the fight, small arguments would take place in chat. The Nubians would also move over to Kindu, starting the First Kindu Offensive.

International support

The conflict would be noticed by several foreign nations after the Second Kindu Offensive. Several notable foreigners and nations would declare their support for Nubia, especially those involved in the fight.

Second Battle of Kindu

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A large amount of this support was first shown during the Second Battle of Kindu, which would have British volunteers and the King of Vinland turn up to help the Nubians. The result would be disputed, with both sides claiming victory. Small disputes would happen as a result of this, with MapleVK being a figure of heavy prominence in supporting the result being a Nubian victory.