Siege of Azula

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The Siege of Azula was a battle on the 14th of February 2021. It was after Kindu left Nubia for Rwanda, soon declaring war on Nubia. Soon, they would head over to Azula in an attempt to harass them. However, this would fail, with one Kindu member dying and no Nubians dying.


Kindu had expressed a disliking to how Nubia's government was run and did not associate with them. Rwanda would offer Kindu funding in exchange for them joining Rwanda and the offer was taken up on the 14th February 2021 after a few days of thinking. Kindu would then declare war on Nubia.


A few hours after the declaration of war, several Kindu members walked over to Azula, planning to attack sophru. When they arrived, she was making a road in her town. The Kindu soldiers would proceed to swarm her and her enderchest, which was nearby, in an attempt to harass her. She would report this to the Nubians on at the time, and twomoo1119 requested Nubians come over to defend.

Upon Nubian arrival, minor fights would take place within the town. Soon, Terrariabat, a Kindu soldier, would be killed by former Nubian Minister of Defence, StarKiller1744. After this, more minor fighting would take place until twomoo1119 enemied Rwanda, resulting in the Kindu soldiers leaving Azula.


After the battle, minor fighting would take place in chat, with all Nubian battle participants and gorkymoo1119 participating against the majority of the Kindu battle participants. The First Kindu Offensive would also take place.