First Kindu Offensive

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Template:Battle/War TemplateThe First Kindu Offensive was the first battle between Kindu's forces (under Rwanda) and Nubia in the Nubia-Kindu War. It lasted about an hour and began after members of Kindu harassed the nearby Nubian town of Azula. Nubia responded by pushing Kindu's forces back to their town. This led to a period of harassment and skirmishing from both sides.


The First Kindu Offensive was a result of several events happening in a span of several weeks. Kindu was originally created by deathmongr who came from Glennjerman's town of Kigali. After leaving Nubia and joining Sudan, the group were drawn towards the common goal of making a nation in that area. Kindu land Kigali later left Sudan after the drama it brought their towns because of the widespread infamy of the nation. Eventually the two towns saved enough money and created the nation of Congo.

After becoming independent from both Nubia and Sudan, deathmongr began taking aggression towards Nubia for unknown reasons. This was credited to the Nubian government response to deathmongr's speech on race.

Battle on the Azula Front

Deathmongr and his 7 friends decided to make an offensive attack on the small Nubian town of Azula, run by th0op at the time. After receiving word of this attack outside of the town, Minister of Defence at the time StarKiller1744, called on several Nubians to help neutralize the threat. Being the first to arrive on the scene, StarKiller1744 decided to test the experience of this group and ran out into the group of 7. All troops from the Kindu side were in netherite armor (some with god enchants and others with lesser enchants) and some being pvp protected however still managing to deal damage.

As StarKiller1744 began fighting off the group of seven, since most of them had very little pvp experience, the leader deathmongr called in a retreat back to their town. StarKiller1744 managed to catch up to and kill a Kindu soldier before he was able to tp. At this time more Nubian pvpers had arrived on the scene. Together, twomoo1119 and StarKiller1744 gathered the forces and all began a march to the town of Kindu.

Battle on the Kindu Front

As most of the group marched towards Kindu to bring the fight closer to them on a more offensive front, StarKiller1744 and a few others stayed behind to restock on potions and gear. Most of the Nubian forces had already reached Kindu at this time and began to wait outside of claims so they could attack. The Kindu town members began to use crystals to try to kill the Nubian forces, however this tactic proved unsuccessful due to server lag.

It was at this time that StarKiller1744 and the remaining portion of the Nubian forces began to march towards Kindu for a final confrontation. As the group made its way to the battle scene, they were intercepted by foreign pvp hunters in invisibility and two deaths occurred. The word came to the others and the remaining Nubian forces retreated to ensure they not get attacked by foreign hunters.


After this offensive, the Kindu forces were not satisfied with the results of this attack made against Nubia, having lost 4 troops in the battle in total. Nubia, having only lost 2 soldiers to foreign pvpers, emerged from the battle victorious and with high morale. As conflict raged on between Kindu and Nubia several more battles would be sparked.