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Profile Information
Aliases Thoop
Nation SomaliFlag.png Somalia
Town Mogadishu
Towny Rank Builder
Political Party
Religion Tetrisism
Spouse(s) Former: RcFace.png rcvq
Signature ThoopSig.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 30th December 2020
Place of Spawn Mongolia
Physical Information
Nationality File:American.svg American
Gender Gender Fluid (Sex: Fem)
Blood Type
Zodiac Aquarius
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Usage of DD/MM/YY

th0op (formerly sophru and sophmoo1119) is the former mayor of the town Azula and former town staff in Turkana. They now are the mayor of Calula, first joining the server on December 30th 2020, going to Olympia, Cascadia.


Joining EarthMC

When th0op joined Olympia, they realized that it was actually in America. At this time, they did not want to be in America. Their heart was set to be in Russia, but they did not know how to get there. While trying to find a way to Russia and waiting on Aiyaki to get in the server, gorkymoo1119 messaged them asking if they were new to the server and wanting to join Mersa in Nubia. They were hesitant at first due Mersa being in Africa, but th0op took the offer under the condition that their former best friend Aiyaki could join, since Nubia seemed like a kind community.

Joining Mersa

After th0op and Aiyaki moved to Mersa, they tried to gain a better understanding of the server. Because of the help of gorkymoo1119 and Twomoo1119, th0op and Aiyaki decided that they were going to stay Nubian Empire. Still with Russia set on th0op's heart, they decided that staying with the Nubian Empire would be the best decision. Together, Aiyaki and th0op planned to gain enough gold to create their own town. On the 2nd of January 2021, Twomoo1119 led th0op and Aiyaki to the first plot that became Azula.


Azula is a small settlement which th0op created 4 days after joining the EarthMC server. Azula holds the first ever church of Tetrisism, and a mausoleum in remembrance of their friend. th0op decided to gift one of their residents the town of Azula in order to move into Turkana with their former boyfriend Starkiller1744. A few days prior to them gifting their town to their resident, the Siege of Azula occurred.


th0op joined Turkana on the 16th of February 2021 to be a town staff. They have helped renovate a few of the houses, build houses and plan for the future of Turkana. On February 21, 2021, th0op and Starkiller1744 got married in the Temple of Turkana.

They have made many plans with Starkiller1744 to make a newer side to Turkana. th0op has made many new houses on that side, and even made an angel statue.


On the 24th of March, th0op decided to take up a job in Illinois. Once they helped out and decided to leave, they joined alicemf’s town of Mwanza to enter Nubia again. After settling in Suna, on the 26th of March th0op, alicemf, and BonArc got together and decided that th0op should be a mayor in Somalia. On the 30th of March, th0op was granted mayor of Calula


Antarctic Penguin Publishing

th0op joined the Antarctic Penguin Publishing on the 6th of March. They are a writer in the company.


th0op has written some books on emc and plans to write more. th0op offers to write books when ordered if a comment is left on their page on the EarthMC Wiki. On the 27th of February, th0op wrote a fanfic for Swrhitzy. To add to their collection, they also wrote another Fanfic for Swrhitzy.

On the 8th of March, th0op published her first book called “The Elevator”. They sell them in their shop which is located in El Obeid.

EMC Transport Co.

th0op joined the EMC Transport Co. on the 13th of March. They have began working on many solo projects with ice roads. Comment on th0op's wiki page if you would like the discord server.


th0op has begun with a goal 'to give their own building help to everyone on EMC'. Their first job was set in Riverton, Illinois.


th0op was apart of the Siege of Azula, Nubia's two year party, and the Second Skirmish of Dharug. Due to their activity, they plan on being included into as much Nubian events as they can.


Close friends:

General friends:

Role in Nubian Community

th0op's main role in the Nubian community has been helping out other players and town owners. They have helped create the Kiir iceline, gift sand to town owners, and are in the process of building elephant statues in Suna.