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Template:ReligionInfobox Tetrisism is a small religion based in Azula, followed by several Nubians.


Construction of Holy Church

The Holy Church of Tetrisism was built in the originating town of Azula, where mayor Sophru decided to construct a cathedral for free worship. Later on, Turkana Mayor StarKiller1744 felt an inner calling to convert the church to worship the God of Tetris. Mosaics and stained glass line the walls of the beautiful Church with pews lining the roads, all to be filled with worshipers to praise the Lord Tetris.

First Worship Service

Following the new creation of the Church, StarKiller1744 and Sophru began attempting to spread the word of the newly founded religion and gain worshiping brothers and sisters. A clergy of 4-5 people attended the first ever mass held at the Tetris Church at 5:00pm Eastern Standard on 1/23/2021 and would be remembered as the first ever clergy of Tetrisism. With St. StarKiller1744 and St. Sophru presiding over the mass with Fr. Cadenstolethetoe, the clergy conducted its first ever worship service involving blessings, readings, and hymns. A sacrifice, made by parishioner Noahser, offered to the holy Lord Tetris the soul of Mengan_. Concluding the service, the parishioners all gathered to share in song and thanksgiving.

The Future of Tetrisism

Construction of main cathedral

Even though a worship center has been constructed for parishioners in Azula, a new and larger Cathedral is being planned to be built in StarKiller1744's town of Turkana. The build is planned to consist of a main structure with a tall bell tower spire, including 2 buildings for recreational use. The build will be used to house a larger worshiping community and foster spiritual growth.

Moving ahead

Tetrisism has plans to convert more parishioners and expand the worshiping community. A discord for the religion is in the works and several religious retreats and recreational activities will be held within the community to grow in faith.