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Template:TownTemplateNew Turkana is a town founded around the area of the in real life Kenya County Turkana. The town was created by StarKiller1744 on June 25, 2020. The town is a fairly large size compared to most Nubian towns and has at one point reached town list one at peak, with 103 residents on August 5 2020 after the town being about 2 months old.


The Mayor of Turkana, StarKiller1744, joined EMC in late May of 2020 and became a resident of the town of Mersa. StarKiller1744's original plans for his town would be to make it a proxy town of Arabian Mersa. A war between the nations of Nubia and Yemen broke out over the territory and it was left unclaimed by either side. Several days later Twomoo1119 informed StarKiller1744 of a large dead town near the area of Lake Turkana where Nubia needed a town. StarKiller1744 decided to think on the situation for a few days to decide where he wanted his town. On June 25, 2020 Twomoo1119 and Gorkymoo1119 came to StarKiller1744 saying they urgently needed the town, so on that day StarKiller1744 and Twomoo1119 made their journey to the dead town and claimed the first chunks using the 3 stacks of gold saved up over 2 weeks.


First Claims and Edits

The original dead town of Turkana had a lot of renovations to be made before it could house its first residents. The temple, which is currently the town spawn, was revamped with pillars, glowstone, and magnificent torches to lighten the area, along with a few edits to the incomplete/destroyed areas of the temple. Later on, StarKiller1744 needed a few design ideas for the road. He observed the El Obeid road and believed he could imitate it, but make some adjustments to make it unique.

Staff Issue

Running a town alone is no easy task, and StarKiller1744 noticed that after he got his first residents into pre-built houses. Eventually a very active player name SkullerPlayer joined the nation and became his first councillor in Turkana. Skuller was active for 3 weeks while Turkana was taking its first steps as a newly created and developing town. Together the two built beautiful streets and marvellous houses for new residents to live. Sadly as things began to get busy irl for Skuller, he went inactive and was kicked due to the inactivity timer. While Skuller became inactive, StarKiller1744 recruited his new councillor Vague141. Vague was very active and StarKiller1744 had plans of later making him the Proxy Mayor for his planned Proxy Town, however a few later events changed this.

BigCrow_ Causes Divides

A few weeks after Vague141 joined Turkana, Twomoo1119 recruited BigCrow_ for the town. When BigCrow_ joined, he wanted to become a councillor, regardless of him just joining the server. StarKiller1744 denied the perms since people had to earn councillor in Turkana, but he gave BigCrow_ the builder perms. After BigCrow_ recieved his builder perms, he began to build a chunk error in plot directly next to the temple. StarKiller1744 requested it be removed, but Crow stated that it was for a community farm and would be filled back soon. After several days, the plot was not covered and instead was being dug by a foreign person who Crow gave destroy perms to. It was then that StarKiller1744 took away his builder perms so that no more plots became chunk errors. Because of this BigCrow_ developed a disliking to Star. Eventually, Crow convinced others that Turkana did not allow people to do anything and took Vague141 and himself and created a new town called Suna.

TwoWoofs Claimblock Incident

Some time in August, Twomoo1119 convinced StarKiller1744 to add a resident who he thought could be a good councilor for Turkana. StarKiller1744 gave the new resident TwoWoofs councilor and proceeded to go about daily town buisness. The next morning when he woke up, twomoo1119 informed Star that TwoWoofs had stolen all the god tools and gold out of turkana and created a town with the only purpose to claimblock the town. For nearly 2 months, StarKiller1744 attempted to get back on his feet after this catastrophe and rebuild what had been lost. He later made a ticket to mods to report the claimblock, but they took nearly a month until DCDylan came on to the ticket stating the claimblock rules had changed and they couldn't do anything about the offending town. Finally on September 11, 2020 the town fell due to inactivity and was raided and rush claimed for Turkana.

East Turkana Founding

StarKiller1744 later recruited a player named MrNoPass to the town and gave him his residential plot and showed him the town. MrNoPass enjoyed Turkana and became a very active resident in the town. He soon worked his way up to Co-Mayor and began improving Turkana alongside StarKiller1744. As MrNoPass became more active, StarKiller1744 suggested the idea of him owning a Proxy Town to Turkana. MrNoPass enjoyed this idea and the two began saving funds for the planned town of East Turkana. At last, on August 23, 2020 MrNoPass and StarKiller1744 created East Turkana and bridged claim arms to connect the two towns. Later, The Bridge of Unity was built by StarKiller1744 to connect the two towns.

The Future

In the future, StarKiller1744 plans on expanding Turkana towards the south and the West and create that area into a shopping district. There are also plans on creating several workshops and machines for residents to use publicly. These are said to include auto melon machines, potion grinders, and sugar cane farms for the use of the public. There is always more room for expansion and Turkana will be expanding every day until they become 'one of the greatest towns in EMC' (quote from StarKiller1744).

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