The Vestspitsbergen Rebellion

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The Vestspitsbergen Rebellion is the ongoing rebellion of Vestspitsbergen from Svalbard. It started after a declaration of war was handed to Vestspitsbergen due to the violation of the claims of Svalbard by them. It started on the 20th of October 2020 when Svalbardian Konge, 2019s, made an official announcement regarding the declaration of war.


Start of Controversies

Leathermonster originally joined Svalbard in March 2020, and at the time wasn't very well known. He grew in fame a bit when he started to grow Pyramiden by a ton in June. This time he became more active, and gained friends. He also started to make a claim arm, much to the dismay of Bobberson_.


One day, Leathermonster made a homophobic statement in Svalbard's discord, instantly gaining attention and turning everyone against him. He got mad about the arguments, and kept making more homophobic statements. One day, the king of Svalbard at the time, Bobberson_, decided that he was a disgrace to the nation, and removed his Kronprins rank. During this time they also found out that he had denied the holocaust in EarthMC global chat once.

He made his nation about 3 weeks later as a response to his loss of power.

During the War

Occupation of Pyramiden

(Read main wikipage for details)
The occupation was taken out by allies of Svalbard. One Dane (Bobberson_) and two Nubians (gorkymoo1119 and Mengan_) travelled to the town, and once getting there spotted the mayor building the 35 block tall wall. The attackers went up and down the walls around 3 times, scaring off the mayor. At one point, the mayor was pushed from a 35 block tall part of the wall, causing an estimated 6-7 hearts of damage. The attackers then left, however the mayor remained hidden for another 20 minutes. This is largely considered a win for the attackers, successfully managing intimidation and humiliation of Vestpitsbergen.

Vichy Svalbard Creation

Vichy Svalbard was a town made by Leathermonster east of Longyearbyen, as part of the rebellion. It was made as an attempt to claimblock the Svalbardian capital, with Leathermonster saying it was due to the Occupation of Pyramiden, and as a response to the Longyearbyen control over an area Pyramiden wanted to claim.

Disbandment of Vichy Svalbard

The town was disbanded due to fears of a 5th warn and consequential ban. So he relocated back to Pyramiden.

Destruction of Pyramiden

With writing on the wall, Leathermonster destroyed most of Pyramiden and cleared out all valuables to flee from Svalbard, and to prevent the town from having "a bunch of faggots take it over".

This was largely considered a win for Svalbard and Allied forces, succesfully making the Pyramiden mayor flee. However the loss of the historic town of Pyramiden shattered some morale, considering it has been through 4 mayors and existed for nearly a year, and home to the best infrastructure.