Occupation of Pyramiden

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The occupation of Pyramiden was an attempt to intimidate members of the Vestspitsbergen nation by allies of Svalbard, as part of The Vestspitsbergen Rebellion from Svalbard.


Start of Controversies

Leathermonster originally joined Svalbard in March 2020, and at the time wasn't known well. He grew in fame a bit when he started to grow Pyramiden by a ton in June. This time he became more active, and gained friends. He also started to make a claim arm, much to the dismay of Bobberson_.


One day, Leathermonster made a homophobic statement in Svalbard's discord, instantly gaining attention and turning everyone against him. He got mad about the arguments, and kept making more homophobic statements. One day, the king of Svalbard at the time, Bobberson_, decided that he was a disgrce to the nation, and removed his Kronprins rank. During this time they also found out that he had denied the holocaust in EarthMC global chat once.

After this, he made his nation 3 weeks later as a response to his loss of power.


First Offensive

Bobberson_ was online, and he found out that mayor of Fjorddekke, a town from Vestspitsbergen, was also online. He instantly geared up and headed to the town. Due to it being fortified, he had to traverse mountains and valleys. He saw the mayor on the wall and climbed up. He watched him, but the mayor didnt see him. Bobberson_ figured he can't intimidate him on his own, and so called on two good friends from the nation of Nubia, gorkymoo1119 and Mengan_.

Second Offensive

This time, they all went together, and found the mayor. They climbed up the wall but he couldnt be found. Once climing back down, they spotted the mayor, and instantly ran after him. A chase ensued, with the mayor attempting to tower while getting pushed off repeatedly. During this time the attackers lost him.

Final push

During this time, they searched the whole town, and saw the mayor on the wall. They climbed up, causing the mayor to jump from 35 blocks. Causing an estimated 6 hearts of damge as god gear was on. They kept chasing, but the mayor tped away to the t spawn. After this they weren't spotted again.


This was considered a win for Denmark and Nubia, succesfully intimidating and demoralizing Vestspitsbergen. The only real "pvp" was when the mayor got pushed from a decent height.