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Profile Information
Aliases Brobbo
Nation ZambieFlag.png Katanga
Town Miro
Towny Rank
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 15th July 2020
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Not active [Quit]
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

Brobbo41 (A.K.A Whosh) is the founder and former mayor of the town Miro, and former emperor of the nation Katanga. Brobbo41 was and a key figure in helping against the Sudanese Rebellion. He first joined in mid-July 2020.


Starting on EMC

Brobbo41 joined on the 15th of July, 2020, along with his brother, MyTotoro200. Brobbo41 has already planned in the future to set off with MyTotoro200 to create a town in Southern Africa. For the time being, both of them joined the town Dharug, which not long later, they left the town to join kraftier. Within one week of being part of Kraftier, Brobbo41 traveled about 4000 blocks south and made a small house temporarily until the town is created. Every day for a week, Brobbo41 and Mytotoro200 would travel back and forth between Kraftier and the future town spot. When Brobbo41 announced to kobiKraft (mayor of Kraftier) that they will have their own town, he was quite annoyed and begged for Brobbo41 and MyTotoro200 to stay, claiming that they are some of their only active residents in Kraftier. After some time, Brobbo41 and Mytotoro200 ventured back to the place where they are going to make a town and created the town called Miro. Kraftier and Miro remained close together.

The town of Miro

Miro as of 7th January 2021

Over the next 2-3 months, the town started expanding, dense forests were cleared, and modern housing was put into place in Miro. During those months Miro only consisted of two residents, Brobbo41 and MyTotoro200. Brobbo41 wanted to prepare and make the town the best as possible before inviting residents. Around early-September, MyTotoro200 started becoming inactive, later telling Brobbo41 that he quits EMC. After being independent, Brobbo41 thought Miro was ready for new residents to join. One of the first residents who joined was a player by the name of Uberstrase. Uberstrase joined Miro after leaving a town called Hammerfest. Uberstrase played a massive role in impacting the town of Miro. He helped massively shape Miro by clearing chunks, donating much gold for further developments, and taking part in many other projects. Uberstrase always been an amazing person and was special to Brobbo41.

Miro-Sudan Conflict

Miro continued thriving as Brobbo41 got many new residents to join. Not long after Kobikraft has been acting differently from usual. Kobikraft started feeling jealous of Brobbo41 and the town of Miro. In the discord server of Miro, Kobikraft will often show his jealousy by comparing his town to Miro.

This gave Brobbo41 some different feelings and doubts towards Kobikraft, but Brobbo41 ignored it and continued with Miro. Within the time of the friendship with Kobikraft, Brobbo41 became friends with TheSuperGamer205 (mayor of Dharug). Later down the track, Kobikraft and TheSuperGamer205 made a rebel nation towards nubia. There were constant battles between The Sudanese Rebellion and Nubia in which Brobbo41 helped fight for Sudan. After KobiKraft spawn-killed a player, Brobbo41 was warned by a server Moderator for "assisting or benefiting from others breaking rules". Brobbo41 was very annoyed and later announced on discord that he will no longer be helping to fight in a war:

"Due to the current situation, I have decided to stop working with my best allies @kobikraft24#7499 and @TheSuperGamer20578#0753 in the fighting. I've been thinking about this as all that happens to me is getting killed, making new enemies with other nations, and what happened recently (spawn killing incident). I hope you all understand. We will still be great allies but I won't be helping anymore in any killing or war."

On the 15th of October 2020, gorkymoo1119 proposed to the Nubian government that they agree on peace with Miro. A group chat on discord was made with Brobbo41, Nubian Emperor Twomoo1119, and Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mengan. They discussed the leaving of Miro from the conflict, and Brobbo41 announced he had already left the war the day prior. Afterward, it was proposed that there be no formal alliance between Miro and Sudan for at least 8 weeks.

This weakened the friendship between Miro and the nation of Sudan as a whole.

Departure of Miro

Later in December, Brobbo41 made an important announcement to the Miro discord:

"After a long decision, I have decided to officially part from ALL kraftier and Sudan activities. This means Miro will now be on the Nubian side rather than nobody's side. It is what is best for Miro and the community. With all of the impact, I think it's the best decision to make. @kobikraft24 @TheSuperGamer20578"

KobiKraft raged as well as TheSuperGamer205, immediately showing much hate towards Brobbo41 and Miro. Currently, the sour relationship between Miro and Sudan still is ongoing. Miro is continuing to thrive and is expanding rapidly.

The growth of Katanga

On the 4th of March 2021, Brobbo41 would assign the role of being Co-Emperor to ToasterBurnt, helping the development of the Katanga.

From March 2021 - August 2021, Katanga undergoes a large increase in the growth of the nation, with 15+ towns joining and the nation reaching 100 residents.

On the 9th of May, Brobbo41 would announce a small system of government for Katanga, having the first minister position (Minister of Katanga Infrastructure) being given to WelshNixon. Soon after on the 1st of July, Brobbo41 would give WelshNixon Co-Emperor, after the current Co-Emperor ToasterBurnt at that time went inactive. Brobbo41 and WelshNixon had stong bonds together, eventually passing on the town of Miro and the nation of Katanga onto WelshNixon.

Brobbo41 Quits EarthMC

On the 16th of July, Brobbo41 announced that he will be quiting EarthMC on the Katanga discord server. Brobbo41 announces:

"I will be leaving EMC in early August this year. After a year of playing on EMC, I have concluded to quit, after feeling bored of this server for quite a few months now. The nation of Katanga and the town of Miro will be passed onto the future Emperor @WelshNixon#3906, who will do a great contribution to this nation. Please give a warm welcome to MysticalChaos06. After my one year of playing on EMC, I felt I left a good mark on the major growth of Katanga, and it is time for me to go."

Brobbo41 was last seen on EarthMC in September, still keeping in contact with friends from EarthMC.