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Katanga (formerly Zambie) is a small nation in central Africa just south of Nubian borders, lead by Brobbo41. This nation was once ran by 57billy and MasterNathan before being taken over by Yoshigamer1298 in November 2020. The nation was formely part of the Second Nubian Empire ran by Twomoo1119.


Zambie joining Second Nubian Empire

On August 3rd 2020, the nation of Zambie was bought from Zeleph0 for about 550 gold by a Nubian resident from Suna, MasterNathan, with help from Emperor twomoo1119. Later that day, after a vote amongst the Nubian Ministers, Zambie was allowed to join The Second Nubian Empire, and proceeded to.

The nation would go on to take Councillor of Suna, Vague141, with it, to help the nation leader. They helped the nation slowly grow, with small amounts of help from the Nubian government, such as Minister of Municipal Development gorkymoo1119 helping them recruit.

After the purchase, the Nubian constitution was updated accordingly and public made aware of Zambie's entering into The Second Nubian Empire via the discord.

Independence of Zambie

At the end of August, days before the elections for the September 2020 term in the Nubia government, nation owners 57billy and co-emperor MasterNathan and a few towns from inside of Nubia decided that with all of the conflict and issues they saw within Nubia that it was time to leave Nubia and work on Zambie as an independent nation, which was at the time just starting out in the southern part of Nubia claims. On September 1st 2020, hours after the results of the Nubian elections towns, Gizmo and Kyoga both put in notice of leaving Nubia and left the Nubian discord. These reasons stemmed from internal issues with the massive growth spike and fast growing towns and the issues of the responsibilities of the government in taking action on some langue being said in discord.

A declaration of independence was created and sent to the government in hopes of keeping an alliance even though Zambie had taken around 100 players away from Nubia. This sparked outrage and anger on both sides when neither side could agree on terms to keep the peace. The declaration also stated that players Starkiller1744 (Minister of Defence), Noahser and ArcaPlays would all be outlaws and banned from coming into any Zambie towns or nation spawn. If those players were caught anywhere nearby it would be an instant kill on site. This sparked outrage on the Nubian side.

After leaving the Second Nubian Empire, Zambie became a colony of California and joined the Syndicate for protection but also gear and money. Both 57billy and MasterNathan became inactive after a new earth minecraft server became popular, leaving Zambie to slowly become inactive and die. Most towns that were left in Zambie either got disbanded, or brought back to into Nubia and surrounding nations, such as the Nubian province of Kasai.

Return to Nubia

Photo was taken an hour after the purchase of Zambie and vote for Zambie to rejoin Second Nubian Empire was voted on and passed.

During the month of October into early November, Zambie had a massive fallout, both emperors and most citizens either being inactive or rejoining Nubia (with co-emperor MasterNathan being kicked from Moba automatically after 42 days). During this time, 57billy only logged onto to keep Zambie alive to irritate the Nubian government because the nation was still alive even though only having 1 town and 1 person in Zambie. Yoshigamer1298 still had contact with 57billy weeks after leaving both Zambie discord and rejoining the nation of Nubia. A message was received on November 14th by Yoshigamer1298 from 57billy wanting to sell the nation off due to lack of motivation and an offer being made. After receiving this offer, Yoshigamer1298 went to the Nubian foreign affairs front (Mengan_, twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119) and discussed the idea of making it a member of the Second Nubian Empire yet again. This was supported by the Nubian government very soon, and on the 16th of November, Yoshigamer1298 purchased the nation and a vote was made in the Nubian government, wherrait was agreed Zambie could join.

The Renaming of Zambie

Getting Renamed

On January 1st 2021, Emperor Yoshigamer1298 was sitting on EarthMC working on the town of Moba when receiving the message from staff asking about Zambie and the current location, few minutes later finding out that someone had reported the nation for the 4.1 rule. Devastated he took and messaged twomoo1119 and told him about the situation. After hours of discussing and figuring out both Yoshigamer1298 and staff members assigned to the ticket agreed that Katanga would be the most appropriate name for the nation. Following the rename Members of both Zambie and Nubia took notice to the sudden change and a statement about the situation was put into the discord,

"last night on a 01/01 at approximately 9:45pm CST I had a message come through on Minecraft from staff saying that the nation of “zambie” was a invalid name seeing the 4.1 rule. With that we were only about 12 chunks outside of range, Instead of fighting to keep the name and the help of multiple people we decided that this could be a blessing in the fact of the history of zambie and the current standing of the nation, We've always wanted to re-brand our self to be the best nation in the area. As of today we are now the Katanga Empire. With this expect changes to show up over the next few days while we fix stuff." - Yoshigamer1298

From here Katanga will attempt to slate a new generation to come and grow to be better then what the history has shown.

The Sudan Crisis

On August 13th of 2021 the Sudanese Rebellion begun immediately dragging Katanga into the fight due to its alignment with the Second Nubian Empire. The Katangese involvement in the Sudanese Rebellion is still going on but our less battles have occurred since December of 2020.

The Taking of Kindu

On January 3rd 2021, the town of Kindu ran by deathmongr was created just west of Kigali, this town was instantly put into the hands of the Sudanese government and became hostile towards both Nubia and Katanga nations north and south of the town.  On the evening of January 5th the Nubian government started many rounds of attacks in the area around Kindu, by the end blocking the ice road and the surrounding area from Sudan who was trying to get in and help their mayor, Sudan had countless causality from this losing gear and patience ends up logging off leaving the mayor alone and unprotected  of what was happening around him.

During this time communication between the mayor of Kindu and emperor Yoshigamer1298 began over discord while the attacks were halted.  After going back and forth for a while and talking about how the Sudan government cared less about the town and just wanted it for the number of residents the mayor deathmongr pulled out of Sudan and joined the nation of Katanga. This was classified as a major win and a turning point in the war between Nubia and Sudan.

When asked, kobiKraft stated that “Kindu is a town I could care less about” this sparked outrage in the mayor and citizens of Kindu. Yoshigamer1298 used this as a proving point that Sudan was a crook nation that couldn’t be trusted.  Katanga used this as a major turning point in the region looking at after taking Kindu the town of Kongo which was supposed to go to Sudan also turned into a Katangese town. After this a spike of residents occurred and the growth of the nation. Later Kindu would be move to Nubia seeing a new town joining Katanga would have conflict to this day they stay in Nubia as as a growing town.

Kigali Joining and leaving Katanga

The week of January 9th the Nubian and Katanga government noticed that the residents of Kigali were displeased with the way the town was and expressed wanting out of the Sudan. When talked to the citizen they realized that this was not only on the small scale but much larger. A message was relayed from the Kigali residents to glennjerman that the Katanga government wanted to have a civil conversation when he came back from vacation.

On the afternoon of the 9th a group chat between Kigali mayor glennjerman and Emperor Yoshigamer1298 / Co-emperor rcvq started with the acknowledgement of past issues between the towns and nations because of the war that was ongoing between Sudan and NubiaKigali had a few demands needing to be fulfilled before they would join Katanga such as the town of Kindu be kicked out of the nation and some of the money be refunded from the war. The town of Kindu was moved to Nubia and stayed there and the second demand was declined but later got some funding seeing they wanted to grow the town.  With this a few hours after talking with them the town of Kigali left Sudan and joined Katanga. This was classified as a win to the Nubian government seeing it brought Sudan back to what it was mid December of 2020. Kigali later would leave Katanga to form the nation of Rwanda.

The New Goverment of Katanga

Leading into the March Nubian elections, Yoshigamer1298 had been involved with a handful of drama between Nubian citizens over the last two months and the decline of Katanga leading to Miro wanting to exit to make a nation just south of Katanga capital pushed Yoshigamer1298 over the edge in regards to wanting to leave. On the evening before results were due to come out, Yoshigamer1298 handed Katanga over to Miro mayor Brobbo41 and disbanded Moba. This transaction disappointed both the Nubian government (of which several members had not been informed) and Katangese citizens as this was the final straw. They had been trying the week before to delay this set of actions and had failed. Yoshigamer1298 would be invited to Yukon capital city to 'lay low' for a while.

Yoshigamer1298 had forgotten to have a conversation with co-emperor rcvq, when she came back and saw everything had changed and Yoshigamer1298 had disappeared she was angered and confused for the lack of communication between Yoshigamer1298 and the Nubian government. Down the line also agreeing the drama was too much sold the town of Dodoma to an active citizen and leaving Africa moving to Watson Lake to be with a friend.

In a message to the new emperor and co-emperor a simple message was sent

“Do better for the nation and take it where I couldn’t, I wish you luck in this adventure”- Yoshi

Server-wide reactions were mixed. When the town of Moba collapsed people were confused and started asking questions in the Nubian discord and in chat. During that time nobody wanted to say anything about it because of the shock of what had happened. Nubian citizens and friends of Yoshigamer1298 who tried to keep him in the region asked what would be next for him and if Yoshigamer1298 would ever return to Nubia and to that a comment of not for a long time was made. Yoshigamer1298. Later made a town in the nation of Yukon which meant he would never be rejoining the Nubian population but still is found in the discord speaking with the community from time to time.

Tanzanian Conflict

When the current town of Zanzibar (town) was apart of the Katangese colony Tanzania and Katanga disputed the borders. After Tanzania begun to hunt Katangese players and tried multiple attempts to attack the town of Zanzibar (town). After the player Sauq gained power in June conflicts quickly began more frequently. During the Tanzanian campaign to expand further west into Katanga they united Nubian enemies and also begun a war in Asia. Multiple Battles have taken place causing frequent casualties to the Katangese people and Nubian army members.

Joining the Tanzanian empire.

On the 02/20/2022 Katanga was bought by the Tanzanian empire for 3.5k the nation was lead by Abexzl until he handed it over to 69Vivaan. 69Vivaan is the current leader of Katanga 69Vivaan later decided to join alliances like Tanzanian empire , AUL , United Nations.

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