Constitution of the Second Nubian Empire

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Constitution of the Second Nubian Empire
Original title
Jurisdiction Flag-0.png Second Nubian Empire
Subordinate to
Created 6th April 2020
Government structure
Chambers Bicameral
Executive Emperor
Electoral college
First legislature 28th April 2020
First executive
First court
Amendments 14+
Last amended 3rd January 2021
Commissioned by
Author(s) TwomooFace.png twomoo1119 (majority, modern Constitution)
GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119 (minority)
Media type
Full text
Link to full text

The Constitution of the Second Nubian Empire is the supreme law of Nubia and its dominions. The document lays down the framework for the democratic and monarchy of Nubia, and the Second Nubian Empire's member nations. The 'chief architect' of the document was twomoo1119, especially the current version, however minor additions were made to the first Constitution by gorkymoo1119.

It was first adopted by the then Emperor's advisor, gorkymoo1119, on the 6th of April 2020, after final additions earlier that day. The first amendment would be 5 days later. Prior to this, there was no guiding document regarding government in the nation.

After regaining independence from the Yemen Empire, the Constitution was slightly adjusted and adapted again by twomoo1119, the new Nubian Emperor for the Nubian population.


First Nubian Empire

In early 2020, especially March 2020, there was push for a more democratic leadership of Nubia. On the 10th of February 2020, twomoo1119 put out a poll asking citizens 'would you be interested in implementing a more formal and slightly more democratic system?'. The poll had 28 votes in favour of such changes, and 9 against those.

After this, an announcement was put out on the Nubia discord on the 18th of March, asking for people to react with a Nubian flag if they were interested in helping construct a democracy. About 12 people reacted and a private channel was made, with those people putting their views into how a Constitution and Nubian democracy should work.

However, during the weeks after the group was formed of discussion, Nyasa had succeeded from the First Nubian Empire. Soon after, Nubia's third largest city, Mersa, would follow. Twomoo1119 would then abdicate due to a lack of determination to play, handing the nation over to Yemen.

Yemeni Nubia

Under VladimirVI

Upon the gain of Nubia, VladimirVI changed the system of government for Nubia completely. No constitution was produced and there weren't plans for one to be made, with the way government was ran just being noted down. This would later be one of the many causes of a second Mexit and the resignation of VladimirVI.

Under zovely

During zovely's reign over Nubia, one of her advisors, gorkymoo1119 (then 57gorky), would work on reinstalling the old system of government prior to VladimirVI, as well as working on a Constitution based off of the First Nubian Empire document by twomoo1119.

The Constitution was approved by gorkymoo1119 on the 6th April 2020, after zovely allowed it to go through.