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The national flag of Nubia is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured black (hoist side), white, and brown. It is quite influential in the region, especially Africa, and mostly their colonies and former colonies (such as Zambie, who also adopted a tricolour flag).

The flag was first used to represent Nubia in mid-February 2019, as twomoo1119 had used a similar design on another towny server that had recently died, just with it being reversed around. The flag's meaning is widely speculated upon, with no official reasoning for such.

Disputed Origins and Symbolism

There are 2 main speculations regarding the origins and symbolism of the flag of Nubia, both with evidence and supporters, and statements from the designer to back themselves up.


It's been stated by twomoo1119 that he created the flag of Nubia based off of his skin (which is a cow) with each colours representing key colours of a cow.

Despite this being stated by twomoo1119, the Emperor of Nubia, there is another widely believed origin and inspiration for this flag, as a result of this speculation being less 'realistic'.


As stated on the main Nubia wikipage, in an edit by the known wiki account of twomoo1119, it says:

'The fly end of the flag is dyed brown to represent the people of the East African coast. The middle band is also dyed white as to represent the White Nile River which flows through the center of the nation. The black band represents the fertility of the Nile River and the land that sits by it.'

This is the much more widely believed origin story of the Nubian flag, due to its more believable and realistic story in comparison to that of the creation of real life flags, as well as the much more complexity when compared to the other speculated origins.

Nubian Law

The Nubian flag in law was unofficial, despite being discussed from January - March 2020, before twomoo1119's abdication. It was first put into the Constitution during the final stages of the creation of the Yemeni Nubian Constitution, in early April 2020.

The Constitution

Yemeni Nubia

Under Yemeni controlled Nubia, gorkymoo1119 had lead the Upper House in having the Constitution approved.

The first Constitution in regards to Nubia stated the following about the flag:

'Article 4: Flag Standards of the Nubian Empire

The Flag of the Nubian Empire is a tricolour flag with a ratio of width to height of 3:2. The flag consists of 3 pallets of equal width. The hoist pale of the flag is black (#000000), the central pale is white (#FFFFFF) and the fly pale is brown. (#7F3300)

Within minecraft, the official banner of the Nubian Empire is crafted, in the following order:

  • Use a black banner as a base.
  • Add a brown pale sinister.
  • Add a white pale.'

Whilst since, the rule of Yemen over Nubia has ended, the article remains in the same/similar state as beforehand.


Whilst the Article of the Constitution states the standards for the use of the Nubian flag, punishment in regards to incorrect formatting or little is barely enforced. The Article is more widely seen to show people how they should attempt to create the flag where possible, and not as an official rule.

Controversy over flag

There has been little controversy over the Nubian flag, as it's widely seen as unimportant, and the majority recognise the current flag of Nubia as fine, and there is little need to change it. However, this has not always been the case.

Flag Contest


Under VladimirVI's rule of Nubia, he made rapid changes to the political system, rankings in government and more. This proved widely unpopular amongst the Nubian populace, other then the new Nubians who were friends with the then Nubian leader, and quickly rose to the top.

Event Opening

VladimirVI made an announcement, without telling any 'old' Nubians in advance (such as Konigerino, gorkymoo1119 or _Demon1932_). This was met with much uproar, as there was seen as little need for change in this field, and more of __Vlad__ trying to erase Nubian culture and heritage.

Despite this, a channel in the Nubian discord for entrees was quickly opened, to the outrage of many Nubians.


Little has been archived, however it is believed there were at least 4 entrees to the contest, with 2 being 'jokes' to make fun of the whole thing. The other 2 were serious, mainly with the same colours as the original Nubian one, just in some different format on a banner etc.

However, the joke entrees gained the most attraction (and pledged supporters). Both known joke entrees were by gorkymoo1119, who was a rising figure in the Nubian political landscape at the time. The first had __Vlad__'s skin's head in each corner, with something to do with Vlad in the middle. Gorkymoo1119 was firmly against the contest, as were the majority of his supporters, who all showed wide support for this joke entree to show how ridiculous they believed the whole thing was.

The people who had also entered seriously wanted the original Nubian flag to stay, and only designed the flags in case VladimirVI attempted to force them to change.


There were many arguments between the 'old' Nubian community, and VladimirVI's side, with leaders from both sides being gorkymoo1119 for the people against the contest, and VladimirVI himself for the people who were for the contest.

The situation was compared by many to the in real life event regarding a potential New Zealand flag change , due to him having a similar system where they voted for the flags first then were asked if they wanted a new flag. The Nubians made similar arguments to those anti-New Zealand flag change in real life, such as it was taking time out of people's days for something that may not even happen.


Soon after this, Mersa left Nubia once more for Yemen. VladimirVI said he'd allow for Nubia to rise from this loss, however abdicated soon after.

His abdication was amid this voting situation, with zovely taking over after and the contest being cancelled, with no votes in the end.


Whilst never suggesting it directly, he implied many times he wished to change the Nubian flag to mark a new 'era' of Nubia, due to the ongoing Ethiopian Revolt. This was met with less uproar, as much of the active, and 'old' Nubian community had moved to gorkymoo1119's Ethiopia, and as Ethiopian Emperor gorkymoo1119 was banned from the Nubian discord, so could not debate on this issue.