Emperor of Ethiopia (May 2020)

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Template:Infobox The Emperor of Ethiopia was a position within the Ethiopian Council that lead the nation and planned larger Empire. It was only held by the creator of Ethiopia, gorkymoo1119. Despite this, the position had been debated by people who disapproved of his reign.

The Emperor had as much power as the Viceroy (twomoo1119), and due to disputes over power the Viceroy would often be responsible for settling things down and ensuring gorkymoo1119 stayed Emperor.


Whilst there was no official style, the position was more often referred to as 'Emperor' due to the Constitution listing it as such, however would also be named 'King' due to towny's title system calling nation leaders 'King'.


Due to the nation lasting less than a month, gorkymoo1119 was the only holder of the position. However, there were several leaders who previously held rule over the Ethiopian region, especially the Emperor of Nubia.

Ethiopia was created in Nubia's land, with zovely being the Empress prior to their independence and VladimirVI before that. There were also multiple nations in East Africa and the Ethiopian region, such as Imperial Ethiopia and Addis Ababa's Ethiopia, prior to getting its name.

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