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Profile Information
Aliases Yoshi
Nation Yukon
Town Kasegaluk
Towny Rank
Occupation Mayor
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn February 9th 2020
Place of Spawn Russian region
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

Yoshigamer1298 (formerly YoshiGmoo1119 and 57YoshiGamer, also just known as Yoshi) is the former Emperor of Zambie and owned the town before selling and moving to Yukon where he is living now. He is also the former Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs, elected in the January 2021 Nubia elections. Currently he is the mayor of the town Kasegaluk In the Yukon Region


Starting off on EarthMC

YoshiGamer1298 first logged onto the server February 6th 2020, spawning in the middle of Russia. During this time he really had no plans on staying on the server because of the long queue. About 15 minutes after joining he received a group of messages from a player named Kongerino who was a Nubian mayor asking what his plan was and goals of EMC were. Yoshigamer1298 later joined St. Allison getting settled in and becoming a recruiter to help the town grow. When the town became inactive, Yoshigamer1298 decided that maybe EMC wasn't for him and became inactive for a month. He then rejoined a bit later after deciding to give it another shot and making his first town with the help of the Nubian emperor and friends.

The Founding of Gizmo

After returning to EMC, Yoshigamer1298 decided he had enough gold to go off and make a town nearby to the town he first joined into. On May 22nd 2020, Gizmo was founded and joined the nation of Nubia. The town had a growth spurt getting up to nearly 50 players before becoming inactive.

Gizmo moving to Zambie

During the end of August, right before Nubian elections for the month of September, Yoshigamer decided to move the growing town of Gizmo out of Nubia into the new nation of Zambie. The big reasoning behind this move was mental health and a few major disputes between him and a few other Nubian citizens. This came with major backlash from both Nubian citizens and government officials because of the lack of communication before hand. Gizmo stayed out of Nubia until Mayor Yoshigamer1298 sold the relatively inactive town to the player Sp0f who was a friend of the current St. Allison mayor to become a proxy. After this point, Yoshigamer1298 decided to cut ties with all Nubian friends except Mengan_, who was the foreign affairs minister of Nubia.

The making of Kingdom of Abrafo

The town of Abrafo was created late September after selling Gizmo back to Nubian hands. The town was placed in a spot where Zambie could take in the town for the nation but was out of reach of Nubia. This made many people uncomfortable because it became clear what the goal of Zambie which was to weaken Nubia from the inside. This town only lasting a week before being disbanded due to the lack of patience with different groups of people and the slow inactivity of Zambie. After disbanding the town, Yoshigamer1298 said goodbye to some of his closest friends and took a week break to a new server to recoup and re-figure out his goals on EMC.

Returning to EMC

Yoshigamer1298 took about a week off of EMC to play on a new world with a group of new friends. During this time minimal contact was made and both parties knew that in order to have any peace a long drawn conversation on the leaving of Gizmo would have to be done and issues corrected. On September 25th, Yoshigamer1298 rejoined both EMC and Suna. Zambie was considered a 'dead' nation. With the re-entry of him to Nubia there was a lot of conflict between a few mayors who had concerns on the stability of him being back. These concerns were addressed and fixed. He made a temporary town, Dawasir, not knowing the future events to come would take him on a new adventure completely.

The Takeover of Zambie

After months of the nation of Zambie being inactive Yoshigamer1298 had gotten a message from the emperor 57billy saying that he wanted to sell the nation off due to being bored of working on the nation and on EMC. This was instantly brought to the attention of Twomoo1119, the emperor of Nubia and the ministers, especially the foreign affairs front (Mengan_ and gorkymoo1119). During the conversation, a number had been thrown out there and the deal was confirmed. On November 16th, Zambie was sold to Yoshigamer1298 and a vote started in the government of Nubia to bring Zambie back to the Second Nubian Empire, passing without a problem. Yoshigamer1298 received Zambie as a dead nation with no old towns remaining either being re-absorbed into Nubia or other nearby nations. Goals and plans were made to start working on the nation and rebuilding it back to its old glory.

The Fallout of Katanga

Between the months of January leading to into February there was a lot of internal drama between some Nubian citizens and the Katangese emperor Yoshigamer1298. During this time, Katanga hadn't grown and was on a major downfall with the leaving of Miro, with plans to make a new nation in the coming days. This down-spiralled Yoshigamer1298 into a spot where he felt unmotivated and unwilling to fix the issue. Nubian Leader Twomoo1119 and close friends tried to talk him to just holding on for a little longer but these conversation lead to more anger and more unwanted behaviour from Yoshigamer1298. Leading up to the March Nubian election, Yoshigamer1298 managed to sell off Katanga to the town of Miro and disbanded the town. He talked to a friend in Yukon who gave him a place to stay for a while and help around with that nation completely out of the Africa region.

The Newest Adventure

On the afternoon of March 16th Yoshi Created a new town called Kasegaluk, located in the northern part of alaska. This marked the end of town hopping and the settling down for good of Yoshi in Yukon.

Nation and town history

St. Allison (Nubia)

Yoshigamer1298 joined St. Allison right after he joined the server in February 2020, he worked his way up to recruiter before becoming inactive later making the town of Gizmo nearby.

Gizmo (Nubia/Zambie)

Gizmo was a town made north of St. Allison, this town grew relatively quickly before becoming inactive. During Yoshigamer1298's time as mayor in this town he moved Gizmo out of Nubia and into Zambie during the ongoing rebellion led by his then-friend, 57billy, and used it to block out the town of kraftier due to size and growth. The town was sold into a local Nubian and remains inactive to this day.

Kingdom of Abrafo (Zambie)

Abrafo was a town that was made right after selling the town of Gizmo back into Nubian hands. It was placed just north of the capital of Zambie in a region that was unable touched by Nubia, This reason was just to push the border limit and see how far the Zambien government could push before Nubia stepped in. This town was only alive for a span of a week before getting disbanded because of how quickly the Zambien government went inactive.

Nova Scotia

After almost a week of being away from EMC, Yoshigamer1298 Returned to Zambie as a dead nation and nothing to do being town less and giving everything away before calling a quit he knew he had to get away from the current situation in Africa. Knowing well he couldn't return to Nubia, he left Africa completely talking to the Nova Scotian emperor Tafffy, he was invited to the capital and hung out there for about a week getting re-settled and letting the drama die down before leaving and moving back to Africa after a long and drawn out conversation with emperor Twomoo1119.

Suna (Nubia)

Upon a new king of Nova Scotia coming into power, Yoshigamer1298 didn't like the idea of someone other then someone he trusted being in control he up and left again becoming townless, There was a bit of a conversation of Yoshigamer1298 returning to Nubian and after reassurance and talk about behaviour he rejoined Suna to help the mayor work on the town. His return to Nubia sparked a bit of outrage seeing as the previous month a lot happened involving him and a handful of mayors being concerned, with twomoo1119 later informing them as to what was happening. A few days after joining Suna Yoshigamer1298 was asked if he wanted to help strengthen the Arabia region of Nubia. later placing the town of Daswair.

Dawasir (Nubia)

This town was placed in the Arabia region of Nubian to strengthen the border in that part of claims, This town would stay small not growing between the time of creating the town a new opportunity had come up and Yoshigamer1298 handed it over to a citizen of Nubia, with it later going inactive and disbanding due to the towny timer.

Moba (Katanga)

Yoshigamer1298 had bought Moba and the nation of Zambie off its previous mayor, upon buying the town realizing how much work actually was needed seeing this town was inside of a mountain and the massive jungle. He started tearing down the old capital and revamping it to look modern and more like the region, Yoshigamer1298 had bought this town in November and held onto it until march of the following year later disbanding and leaving africa completely wanting a new adventure on EMC and being burned out of the political side of Africa.

Various towns (Yukon)

A week before leaving Katanga and Moba, Yoshigamer1298 had reached out to the king of Yukon about moving to a new region of the world. With the disbanding of Moba, Yoshigamer1298 was quickly invited to Yukon to help king KarlRaven06 with different jobs around the region and later becoming a recruiter for the capital city,

Kasegaluk (Yukon)

Kasegaluk was a town formed March 17th 2021, With the goal of Yoshi settling down and relaxing in Yukon. This town grew to be active. Down the line Yoshi would hand this town off to a town staff temporary to go work on another project in Yukon. currently this town has 50+ people.

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