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On the 17th of August 2020, Kraftier would have its permissions disabled, and be marched on by members of numerous nations. This was in association with The Dharug-Kraftier Rebellion.

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Kraftier-Ohio relations


After Kobikraft publicly insulted a member of government of the nation of Ohio, the nation which Tafffy was in at the time, things escalated. The people of Ohio had to do as little as talk in chat about anything, for Kobikraft to hurl insults and claims at them.


These verbal attacks quickly became physical, and allies of the nation of Ohio, who was associated with the Canadian Republic and Rio Grande, attacked. This included the 'Gayfish Mafia', an organization ran by the Ohio-based business of Gayfish.

Kobikraft knew he was not that good at PvP encounters, thus often would claimhide if fighting, however still hurling claims and insults at whatever nations were attacking him, even in some cases calling them claimhiders when they're out of claims.

News of Kobikraft's insults and more quickly spread around the 2 superpowers based in North America, and eventually worldwide.

Nubian Hatred

At first, the Nubians would help Kobikraft, unaware of what was causing the other nations to dislike him. He was helped by numerous Mersans, and others. However, things soon changed.

South Mersa War

Despite Nopnop100 previously helping in many raids/battles on Kobikraft's side, after a small disagreement Kobikraft, on behalf of Kraftier, declared war on South Mersa. Nopnop100 immediately launched an attack on Kraftier, it is unknown if any where killed.

This would be the start of rising tensions between the 3 Mersas and Kraftier, and Nopnop100 would no longer help Kobikraft in anyway, due to this and many other minor disagreements that led to Kobikraft threatening South Mersa, and even the main Mersa.

Soon after this, matters would be resolved but this would start many of the Nubian's hatreds towards them, and convince Turkana, South Mersa and West Mersa to attack Kraftier, and spread their opinions around the server and around Nubia.


Despite this, Kobikraft would go on to become the Minister of Trade and Commerce for Nubia, and as he did nothing in office, this furthered people's hatred for him even more.

Leaving Nubia

Kobikraft left Nubia officially on August 13th, 2020. They would stay nationless for a bit, before joining the nation of Ethiopia, capital being Addis Ababa. They would, despite Ethiopia having raided Kraftier before, grow a bond for a bit towards this nation.



On the 6th of August 2020, before Kobikraft had left Nubia, pressured by chat, Tafffy was given an invite to the town.


Taffy would quickly gain the rank of recruiter after claiming he would help Kobikraft recruit, which he did temporarily to gain more of his trust - during this time Kraftier would leave Nubia, who was working with Tafffy.

Then, Nubia's Operation Despot took place, taking 800g from Kraftier and Dharug. During this time, Tafffy tricked Kobikraft by appearing to work alongside him, and gained Kobikraft's trust quickly, despite their past as mentioned before. Tafffy even appeared pretended to help in the Second Battle of Kraftier, against the Nubians.

Noah and Tafffy

Taffy would also gain trust in Kobikraft's co-mayor, noahjc20082, as Tafffy knew noahjc20082 wasn't fully aware of the past of his in regards to Kobikraft. Tafffy became closely trusted by the co-mayor, and would later use this to inside Kraftier on behalf of Nubia and his own feelings.


Noahjc20082 gave Tafffy Councilor, without permission from Kobikraft. Tafffy told noahjc20082 said he needed the rank to defend from attackers/enemies. Noahjc20082, trusting Tafffy, gave the rank to them. Tafffy would wait until later that day, August 17th 2020, to disable all permissions and kick all residents other then Kobikraft and themself. Tafffy would then loot the town of all valuables, and tell chat about it, soon causing the raid of Kraftier, involving 11 people. A video of this can be seen here.

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