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The Second Battle of Kraftier was part of The Dharug-Kraftier Rebellion/The Sudanese Rebellion.


The towns of Dharug and Kraftier, led by TheSuperGamer205 and kobikraft respectively, rebelled against Nubia and joined Ethiopia. After a few days, StarKiller1744 and ArcaPlays went into Kraftier.


After a few minutes, kobikraft toggled PvP in the Nile Tower chunk and managed to attack ArcaPlays first, starting the battle. Yoshigamer1298 let StarKiller1744 and ArcaPlays into nearby claims of Gizmo. Kobikraft, joined by Daniel10a, attempted to attack the opposite side with no avail. After about 30 minutes, Daniel10a retreated into Kraftier as kobikraft logged out. After everybody came into Kraftier and fighting was believed to end, Amphire, alexmcmonke, UghBraces, TheRealJewy, and MIHAXEL228 came to Kraftier, which caused the battle to restart. At one point, the Battle had 13 total players on all sides.


The Nubians managed to humiliate the people of Kraftier, considering it a win. The neutral side were there mainly to attempt to get gear, thus having no goal, however their mission was also a success, killing 1 soldier from Nubia, StarKiller1744, whilst he wasn't in armour.

Later, tensions caused by the battle furthered and the Battle of Gizmo happened.

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